World in the Hauts-de-France, Macron speaks of culture and denies any intrusion in the countryside

22:30  17 june  2021
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Hauts-de-France: the Regional Council defends its action for the ecological transition

 Hauts-de-France: the Regional Council defends its action for the ecological transition pointing from the finger by the environment of future generations, the Regional Council of the Hauts-de-France denounces a methodology that does not reflect the policies put in Work © Gilles Durand / 20 minutes The hemicycle of the Regional Council of Hauts-de-France.

Le troisième déplacement du président de la République dans le cadre de son tour de France est consacré à la culture et l'éducation. Dans les Hauts-de-France, il a célébré les 400 ans de La Fontaine et a répondu à ses détracteurs qui l'accusent d'être en campagne et d'interférer avec les régionales prévues dimanche. © Pascal Rossignol / Pool / AFP The third displacement of the President of the Republic as part of his Tour de France is devoted to the Culture and education. In the Hauts-de-France, he celebrated the 400 years of the Fontaine and responded to his detractors who accuse him of being in the field and to interfere with the regional planned on Sunday.

The President of the Republic continues his Tour de France from the regions. Emmanuel Macron was in Picardy this Thursday for his third trip, which focused on the theme of education and culture. In the morning, the president exchanged with students, before going to the afternoon, with the actor Fabrice Luchini, in the birthplace of Jean de La Fontaine to commemorate the fabulist. But this visit less than four days from regional arouses the criticism of its opponents who suspect the head of state to be in the field. Emmanuel Macron therefore assumed his presence in the Hauts-de-France, fief of Xavier Bertrand , and answered his detractors.

macron slapped in the Drôme: what we know of the two people arrested

 macron slapped in the Drôme: what we know of the two people arrested video: Emmanuel macron slapped in the Drôme, two people arrested (dailymotion) © Copyright 2021, the obs while Emmanuel Macron came out of a hotel high school in Tain-lahermitage (Drôme) this Tuesday, June 8 and greeted the crowd who was waiting for him, a man took advantage of it to slack him shouting "Montjoie Saint-Denis", a cry of Royalist War.

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"Intimate Pilgrimage"

If many to be removed the presidential movements a few days from the regional, it is Xavier Bertrand who attacks the most frontally Emmanuel Macron. In campaign for its re-election, the boss of the Hauts de France region denounced Thursday morning, "the confusion created by these displacements". By micro interposed, Emmanuel Macron was quick to answer only his mandate lasted five years. "I said it from the beginning, if the regionals like the departmental are maintained, it should not prevent the government and the President to continue working because the situation of the country requires being fully mobilized. We can not to be in abstention from work. "

Prime Macron: Members correct a hole in the

 Prime Macron: Members correct a hole in the racket © Nicolas Sandanassamy Prime Macron: MPs correct a hole in the racket An amendment to the PLFR 2021, adopted by the National Assembly this Friday, gives the possibility to certain Small businesses to pour up to 2,000 euros of prime macron to their employees. The macron premium soon improved.

Video: Emmanuel Macron on closures in culture: "As we put in a situation of surviving and we agreed to no longer see his parents, it was necessary to reduce things, and it was very painful" (Dailymotion)

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the president has also defended from interference in the elections. "They are everywhere in France and so it does not escape you, I touch anything about the subjects that are regional. So I do not interfere in this campaign, I just continue work for the nation and our compatriots." Evoking an "intimate pilgrimage", Emmanuel Macron also met former students of his maternal grandmother, Germaine Noguès, whom he nicknamed "league", and who was director of school for 23 years, from 1946 .

Celebration of the Fountain

The program of its displacement also included the celebration at Chateau-Thierry of the 400 years of La Fontaine, accompanied by Fabrice Luchini. The atmosphere was relaxed and there was a question of culture and not politics. Emmanuel Macron, however, defended the author, that some critics emphasize as being misogyne or gender. "I find that we have an ability to be, in a way, judges with the contemporary spirit of a story, which obviously made his own journey," said the head of state, adding that "L Anachronism never helps ".

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Moreover, in the morning, a child has arrested the president on the slap he received and asked him how he was going. "It's okay, it's not nice," answered the person. The head of state must finish the day in Villers-Cottets to "make a point on the progress of the Chateau de Francis I ', which must welcome the International Cité of the French language.

Is the face-to-face Macron-Le Pen still inevitable? .
© Copyright 2021, Obs No one can predict but everyone is employed. Thus, appointment had already been taken for the second round of the presidential election of 2022. The polls of voting intentions - simple instantaneous photos of opinion - were interpreted as the signs announcing an ineluctable duel: Emmanuel Macron against Marine Le Pen. The revenge of 2017, really? Other studies indicated that a majority of French rejected this scenario too expected.

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