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Creditors' Assembly of the Greensill Bank starts

 Creditors' Assembly of the Greensill Bank starts After the collapse of the Greensill Bank, the first creditor assembly started in Bremen on Tuesday. Two involved Lower Saxon municipalities as well as a spokesman for the insolvency administrator confirmed the Meeting the German Press Agency. © Sina Schult / DPA After the collapse of the Greensill Bank, the first creditor assembly started in Bremen. About the Assembly had first reported Radio Bremen.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to the UN General Assembly in New York. It is customary for the British Prime Minister to come to this United Nations and pledge to advance our values and defend our rules, the rules of a peaceful world. From protecting freedom of navigation in the Gulf.

[The General Assembly will also take note of the letter from the Secretary- General concerning 4 Member States in arrears in the payment of financial contributions to the United Nations within the terms of Article 19 of the Charter (A/75/344)]. Monday, 21 September 2020 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. - General Assembly Hall. 3rd plenary meeting: High-level meeting to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the United Nations .

  L'Assemblée générale de l'ONU en septembre envisagée en présence de dirigeants executive officers provided by the UN


members of the United Nations began this week to discuss the outfit from September 21 of their general meeting. Annual physically with leaders or ministers in ultra-restricted delegations, an option accepted by the United States, host country.

Because of the Pandemic of Covid-19, the 2020 session was organized around pre-recorded videos without a visit of leaders in New York.

Wednesday, during a debate of the 193 members supposed to be closed but followed by the AFP because of an error retransmission by the internal television of the United Nations, the United States, the key country for the organization of the Assembly, have given their assent to a physical summit, under strict conditions.

Iran Regains Right to Vote in UN Assembly After Repayment of $16 Million Debt

  Iran Regains Right to Vote in UN Assembly After Repayment of $16 Million Debt "Iran has paid the minimum amount due," U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq said on Friday, according to Reuters. Shortly after Haq's comments, Iran's U.N. Ambassador Majid Takht Ravanchi wrote in a tweet that "Illegal US sanctions have not just deprived our people of medicine; they have also prevented Iran from paying our dues in arrears to the UN."Illegal US sanctions have not just deprived our people of medicine; they have also prevented Iran from paying our dues in arrears to the UN. After more than 6 months of working on it, the UN today announced it has received the funds.

General Assembly Secretariat. Subsidiary Organs. Rules of Procedure. Arrears in the Payment of Contributions (Article 19). Meetings. 75th Session. If the Security Council recommends the applicant State for membership, the General Assembly shall consider whether the applicant is a peace-loving State and is able and willing to carry out the obligations contained in the Charter and shall decide, by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting, upon its application for membership.

26 September 2020 (Transcript of the speech, exactly as it was delivered). Watch the Prime Minister’s speech. Never in the history of our species – not since the Almighty felled the Tower of Babel – has the human race been so obsessed with one single topic of conversation. And here in the UK, the birthplace of Edward Jenner who pioneered the world’s first vaccine We are determined to do everything in our power to work with our friends across the UN , to heal those divisions and to heal the world. Published 26 September 2020. Related content. PM speech to the UN General Assembly : 24

"While welcoming the arrival of Heads of State or Government, we encourage all Member States to limit the size of their delegation here in the city" of New York, affirmed an American diplomat, Rodney Hunter.

"A successful summit with limited delegations is 100% feasible," he added, considering that "the use of a pre-registered video declaration of the Head of State or the Government should remain a Option for delegations this year ".

Like the United Nations, which discussed the option of a physical participation of subjecting leaders of reduced delegations, the United States listed a series of criteria for a high-level and successful high-level week.

video: "trust" in justice: the Assembly adopts the bill at first reading (AFP)

The World Health Organization broke its own rules to spend millions on BCG consultants

  The World Health Organization broke its own rules to spend millions on BCG consultants The agency paid the consultants a total of $11.7 million — enough to buy 600,000 Covid-19 vaccines.An unnamed consulting company, which Vox has identified as BCG, charged the World Health Organization $11.72 million since the start of the pandemic for contracts that were dubiously awarded, according to the audit.

Here, UN News gives you a front row seat to all the action. From your mobile phone or computer follow Heads of States and Governments as they define global responses to to the world's most pressing challenges, including the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, inequality, protracted conflicts, and extreme poverty and hunger. Volkan Bozkir, President of the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly , delivers closing remarks to the general debate of the General Assembly ’s seventy-fifth session.

The General Assembly is the main deliberative organ of the United Nations , composed of representatives of all Member States. The question of Palestine was first brought before the General Assembly in 1947. By resolution 181 (II), the Assembly decided to partition Palestine into two states, one Arab and one Jewish, with Jerusalem placed under a special international regime. On 29 November 2012 the Assembly granted Palestine non-member observer State status in the UN .

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as well, "all those traveling from abroad must be tested at later three days before leaving and having proof of negative result or certificate indicating that they are cuvid-19. All travelers should undergo three to five days after their arrival in the United States and those who do not Are not vaccinated should be quarantined for seven days on arrival, "he said, also evoking a temperature taking by entering the United Nations.

"bilateral off-site"

"We also recommend keeping the (current) format of two people per delegation for the general debate in the assembly's amphitheater, regardless of the level of participants," continued Rodney Hunter, evoking a maintenance of the mask and distancing between people.

"To access the UN headquarters as a whole, we propose to limit the delegations to six people," said the representative of the United States.

UN Assembly to vote on resolution condemning Myanmar military

  UN Assembly to vote on resolution condemning Myanmar military Myanmar’s UN envoy, Kyaw Moe Tun, calls for ‘effective collective measures’ including arms embargo against the country.The vote will come on the same day that the Security Council holds informal talks on the situation in the country, where the military overthrew elected civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi and seized power on February 1.

The General Assembly is the main deliberative, policymaking and representative organ of the United Nations . Comprising all 193 Member States of the UN , it provides a unique forum for multilateral discussion of international issues including peace and security. This would happen in the case where there appears to be a threat to the peace, breach of the peace or act of aggression. The General Assembly can consider the matter with a view to making recommendations to Members for collective measures to maintain or restore international peace and security.

The United Nations System consists of the United Nations ' six principal organs (the General Assembly , Security Council, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Trusteeship Council

On the other hand, "we support the maintenance of the current ban on the United Nations and propose to keep all the parallel events of this year in a virtual way". "We also recommend the delegations to hold bilateral meetings or off-site small groups," said Rodney Hunter.

Ordinary time, UN assemblies, the largest diplomatic gathering in the world, drain in New York several tens of thousands of people and are subject to hundreds of parallel events.

In addition to the option of a general meeting held in the presence of the leaders of the planet, the UN presented on Wednesday two other options to the 193 members of the Organization: that of a session to which only ministers and ministers would be invited. that of a repetition of the virtual edition of 2020.

X1 It is not to the administrative officials of the United Nations to decide on the level of representation, have highlighted several countries, while a majority seemed to reject the idea of A repetition of last year, judged frustrating by number of participants. X1X1 17/06/2021 23:12:13 - United Nations (United States) - © 2021 AFP X1

Turkey's Role in Afghanistan | Opinion .
Turkey continues its efforts to gain the support of Europe, the United States and NATO for a greater political and security presence in Afghanistan. Other influential actors such as India, China and Russia see the expansion of Turkey's comprehensive presence in the region as detrimental to their strategic interests.The future of Turkey's role in Afghanistan depends on a number of internal variables, most importantly the structure of Kabul's government. There are no common views on the expansion of Turkey's role in the country among the government and the Abdullah Abdullah and President Ashraf Ghani factions.

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