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14:35  18 june  2021
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She is in a leisurely surrounded by the large garden in Dresden, gives guests from one end of the park to the other and is far more than a means of transport: the park railroad train has been attracting her rounds for more than 70 years Through the Saxon capital. She is a true tourist magnet - and for long-distance fans and children also popular long after the end of the GDR.

Uwe Schneider, Mitarbeiter der Parkeisenbahn Dresden, hebt am Hauptbahnhof die grüne Kelle zur Abfahrt. © Sebastian Kahnert / dpa central picture / dpa Uwe Schneider, staff of the park railroad Dresden, lifts the green trowel at the main station.

The Dresdner Bahn is one of many in East Germany, which continues to continue after reunification. There are trains in Görlitz, Leipzig and Berlin-Wuhlheide. They are significantly smaller than the specimens of Deutsche Bahn, driving round with usually only a few kilometers by parks and therefore bear the name Parkeisenbahn.

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honorary forces ensure the preservation

that the lanes still exist today is mainly due to the use of volunteer forces and anything but a matter of course. "The tracks were founded in the GDR as leisure and training centers in Soviet model," says Stefan Ebenefeld from the DB Museum Nuremberg.

The parenting order was a double: children and adolescents learned here led by adults the railway technology and the professions of the locomotive and station board and acquisitions of railway operations - for example, check tickets, switch tracks and set signals. "At the same time, they were familiarized with socialist ideology," says just field.

The young Bahner also gave the plants their former name: pioneer railways - according to the children, which were mostly members in the pioneering organization in the GDR.

In Paris, thermal motorcycles and scooters will have to pay the parking lot from 2022

 In Paris, thermal motorcycles and scooters will have to pay the parking lot from 2022 © Copyright 2021, the Obs the drivers of motorcycles and thermal scooters will have to put the hand to the portfolio. Indeed, they will have to pay their parking space from 2022 in Paris, announced this Tuesday, June 15 David Belliard, assistant EELV of Anne Hidalgo at a press conference to present the great reform of parking in the capital . Motorized two-wheelers will continue to park on the car locations.

at Dresdner Bahn Children still wear uniform

Even today, about the Dresdner Bahn still children are in use. The funding club of the park railroad had operated with a lot of effort advertising for the hobby railway, says Uwe Schneider. He is not only a member of the association, but also regularly stands as one of the adult railroads on the Dresdner railway climbing.

As before, the children in Dresden still wear a uniform today - but civil-looking clothes instead of Reichsbahn uniforms. The division into brigades and the socialist educational ideals are history.

and something else is different: According to Schneider in the GDR, the pioneer railways were previously part of the working groups in which the children should participate in socialist interest as possible, the Bahner is today in competition to other hobbies.

The number of railway children had fallen to a third after reunification - of originally 60 children who had been in the GDR per vintage, says Schneider. "In recent years, we have succeeded in lifting the beginner numbers almost back on the measure of the GDR," says Schneider. Up to 50 children have been able to win the Förderverein in the best years.

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 USA: The first high-speed line in Texas is still on the rails provided by the Tribune Future trains will circulate on the section between Dallas and Houston (386 km) at an unprecedented speed in the United States of 320 km / h. The Gold Rush TGV is currently playing in Texas. after the Spanish railway company RENFE that signed a $ 6 billion contract in 2020 to develop the Houston-Dallas line, it is the turn of the Italian Webuild to reflect a mega-contract of 16 billion dollars on the project.

A shadow fell to youth work in 2016 after the sexual abuse of a young became public. The Förderverein and the State Business Schlösserland presented a protection concept in 2019.

up to 250,000 passengers annually in Dresden

in Görlitz is also a handful of small railroads with it today and holds the operation on run together with the adults. However, to find children, but becoming more difficult because the interest in technology cancel, says plant manager Daniel Schölzel. His train is currently celebrating its 45th anniversary.

The interest of passengers continues to be great. It is up to 250,000, according to the Lockserland Saxony in Dresden, the train in Görlitz is about 12,000 people.

«Some part are the nostalgic that used to be at the pioneer railway, but many want to spend a few hours in the park," says Schölzel. He himself was as a pioneer.

How it continues with the tracks depends on how many hobby wagons can inspire themselves for the historic trains. Even the pandemic is a factor, says the Dresdner Uwe Schneider. "Corona is just the greatest existence threat, bigger than the turning." For reasons of infection, children are currently not participating in railway operation. "The beginners of last year still have not been on the train in action."

to help children again, Uwe Schneider and his adult colleagues will ensure that the park railway continues to pull their rounds through the large garden.

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