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14:50  18 june  2021
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Macron slapped during trip to southeast France

  Macron slapped during trip to southeast France A bystander slapped French President Emmanuel Macron across the face during a trip to southeast France on Tuesday on the second stop of a nation-wide tour. Images on social media and broadcast on the BFM news channel showed Macron approach a barrier to greet a man who, instead of shaking hands, slapped the 43-year-old across the face. Macron's bodyguards quickly intervened and two people were arrested afterwards, local officials said. "The man who tried to slap the president and another individual are currently being questioned by the gendarmerie," the regional prefecture said in a statement.

Après un bain de foule avec une centaine de personnes, Emmanuel Macron a passé deux heures dans l'école élémentaire, où il a salué les enfants. © Jacques Witt / Pool / AFP After a crowd bath with a hundred people, Emmanuel Macron spent two hours in elementary school, where he greeted the children.

Emmanuel Macron has erected on Thursday reading to the rank of great national cause, of the summer of 2021 in the summer of 2022, during a long displacement in the Hauts-de-France. "By launching today this great national cause that is reading, what we want to do is truly mobilize teachers, all associations fighting on this subject, our librarians, our booksellers, our publishers, Our writers, our actors, our speakers, because read and especially aloud, must be put back at the heart of the commitment of the whole nation ", explained the head of state.

that the "Montjoie Saint-Denis! Launched by the alleged slair of Emmanuel Macron?

 that the © Copyright 2021, Obs "Montjoie Saint-Denis! Down with the macrony! It is the words pronounced by the man suspected of having slapped the President Emmanuel Macron , this Tuesday, June 8, in Tain-lathermitage, in the Drôme. Cree of arms of Capetians, as explained by the Encyclopedia Universalis , "Monjoie Saint-Denis" is also a cult replica of Godefroy de Montmirail in "Visitors".

For him, "The battle to know how to read, write, but also know how to count, behave, is essential» , explained the head of state during a visit to Château-Thierry (Aisne) . In the morning, the President of the Republic had visited the sum, Poix-de-Picardie, where he traded with students and parents.

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This trip is part of the head of state destined for " Take the pulse of the country " in full exit of crisis. He has already went to the Lot and last week in the Drôme, a visit disrupted by the slap given to him a young man.

After a crowd bath with a hundred people, Emmanuel Macron spent two hours in elementary school, where he praised children. A girl then questioned it as to "The slap" received ten days ago. "It's not nice and it's not good" , "said Emmanuel Macron, who then traded with parents of students on their family experience of the CVIV-19 crisis and their " expectations and Concerns for the period that opens ".

Emmanuel Macron Giflé: How the event is perceived abroad

 Emmanuel Macron Giflé: How the event is perceived abroad of the New York Times in Guardian, aggression against the head of state in Drôme Tuesday quickly made titles around the world. Newspaper. © Philippe Desmazes / Pool / AFP Emmanuel Macron received a slap on June 9, 2021 by a man during a trip to the Drôme. Indignation is general, and the political class as a whole immediately condemned the gesture.

Video: Macron: "We are launching today reading as great national cause" (Le Figaro)

The President of the Republic then went to Château-Thierry, in the house where It was born Jean de La Fontaine 400 years ago, with the comedian Fabrice Lucchini, one of his relatives. The head of state has defended the work of the fabulist, by deploring "an ability to be, in a way, the judges with the contemporary spirit of a story, which obviously made his own path" , While asked about litigious writings of the fountain, especially denounced by some feminists.

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" Anachronism never helps ", he still launched, feeling that " what is interesting It is first of all to rub at the genius, to rub the brain and understand how this journey is born, because they themselves had their minds of time with the stupidity of time. "

Emmanuel Macron Giflé: Isabelle Balkany tries a small joke on Twitter

 Emmanuel Macron Giflé: Isabelle Balkany tries a small joke on Twitter on Twitter, many users have reacted to the slap that Emmanuel Macron received on Tuesday, June 8, while he was traveling in the Drôme ... Via a tweet, Isabelle Balkany even dared a little joke! © Pierrot Patrice / Future Pictures / Abaca On Twitter, Internet users have reacted to slap that Emmanuel Macron received on Tuesday, June 8th, while it was traveling in the Drôme ...

"We have our own stupidity. And it interests me more to see where is the stupidity at home than the easy difference with people, 500 years ago, 400 years old for the fountain », he added. The comedian recited in front of the cameras several verses of the fountain, including the bear and the amateur of the gardens. "Nothing is so dangerous that a friend's ignorant" , "he recalled by reciting the conclusion of the fable and considering that it applied " to councilors of the President of the Republic " .

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pleasures" The most important thing is what the fountain represents, what he has given to his century, to the language ", for his part Considered Emmanuel Macron, who entrusted him with preferred fable the sick animals of the plague . Emmanuel Macron finished his journey by a new crowd bath and a visit, in Villers-Cottets, from the Castle of François 1st, "The 2nd in France after Notre-Dame" , "he said. The castle must become the international city of the French language.

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Justin, 27, posted a group photo to his 179m followers from the meeting, which showed the pop star do his best at smartening up with a suit for the occasionDoing his best to smarten up for the occasion, Justin, 27, was seen posing in a suit with an unbuttoned shirt, a chain around his neck, and a pair of blue Nike sneakers.

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