World Maas: Interference in Libya must finally end

22:27  23 june  2021
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Infamous human smuggler sentenced to 18 years in Ethiopian prison

  Infamous human smuggler sentenced to 18 years in Ethiopian prison Eritrean Tewelde Goitom, known as Welid, was in late April found guilty of five charges of trafficking individuals. Shishay Godefay Demoz, an accomplice who assisted Goitom in Libya and went on trial with him, was sentenced to 16 years and six months in prison, and ordered to pay 50,000 birrs ($1,152). He was also found guilty in late April of two trafficking charges. Lawyers for both defendants have said they will appeal against the verdict. Such a move needs to take place within 60 days of sentencing.

Clear words by Foreign Minister Heiko Maas: "Foreign Fighters" would have to leave Libya, her "mere presence" endanger the peace process, Maas at the Second International Libya Conference.

Kämpfer in der libyschen Hauptstadt Tripolis (Archivbild) © Getty Images / AFP / M. Turkia fighters in the Libyan capital Tripoli (archive image)

At the meeting in Berlin, the German Foreign Minister expressed the progress that since the first has also been reached by Germany and the UN-oriented Libya Conference in January 2020 . "Due to our history, we Germans know how difficult the reunification of state institutions is. But we also know that they can succeed," said the Foreign Minister.

Libya: Military movements banned after Haftar’s border takeover

  Libya: Military movements banned after Haftar’s border takeover The statement came after forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar said they have taken control of a border crossing with Algeria.“The Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army announces a complete ban on the movement of military units, regardless of the nature of their work, without his prior approval,” the media office of the Burkan al-Ghadab (Volcano of Rage) Operation, the government-led counteroffensive launched last April, said on Saturday in a statement on Twitter.

The choice must take place

In addition, the choice planned for December is "crucial for peace and stability" in the North African country. Maas demanded to comply with the appointment of the vote. "After decades of dictatorship and a long conflict, the people of Libya want to be heard."

Even UN Secretary-General António Gutres demanded the full implementation of the ceasefire agreement. In the near future, observers of the United Nations would be sent to Tripoli to check compliance, goodres announced.

grows and grows the number of aid and grows

the United Nations, that still around 20,000 foreign fighters and mercenaries could be at Libyan area and threatening elections. Gutres also became concerned about the worsening humanitarian situation in Libya. Currently around 1.3 million people need humanitarian aid - that's 400,000 more than last year.

Libya: The forces of Haftar close the border with Algeria

 Libya: The forces of Haftar close the border with Algeria Libya-Algeria: Libya: The forces of Haftar close the border with Algeria © Reuters / ESAM Omran Al-Fetori Libya: the forces of 'Hatar close the border with Algeria Tripoli (Reuters) - The forces loyal to Marshal Libyen Khalifa Hafta announced Sunday closed the borders with Algeria and declared "military zone" the panels of territories concerned.

Video: Libya Conference: Maas calls for the end of foreign interference (AFP)

next to the Libyan Transitional Government and its new Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Deinbah as well as representatives from France, Russia, Egypt and Turkey decreases with foreign ministers this time also a high-ranking representative the US government to the deliberations in Berlin.

In der Bildmitte der deutsche Außenminister (l.) und der libysche Premier Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh © Byan Prime Ministry Press Office / AA / Picture Alliance in the center of the German Foreign Ministers (l.) And the Libyan Premier Abdul Hamid Dbebeh

flashed at his meeting with Meuse before the beginning of the conference also to retreat all foreign forces from Libya. Since October there is a ceasefire in the North African country. Under the transitional government of Dbebehabe parliamentary elections are planned for the 24th of December.

The weapon embargo is broken

At the first Berlin Libya Conference in January 2020, the participants had committed to a stop of all arms deliveries to Libya and one end of foreign interference. But there are numerous evidence that this weapon embargo will undermine.

Libya: Reopening of the coastal road between Misrata and Syrt

 Libya: Reopening of the coastal road between Misrata and Syrt © Mahmud Turkia / AFP The road connecting the east and west of Libya passing through the coast has been reopened over a part of 300 kilometers. After two years of closure, the coastal road between East and West Libya was reopened this Sunday, June 20th. Reopening on the front line, some 370 kilometers from the Tripoli capital, in the presence of Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dbeibah and many of these ministers. The road connects the west of Libya, its border with Tunisia, to the east until Egypt.

Libya has been characterized by violent conflicts and power fights since the fall of the long-standing ruler Muammar Al-Gaddafi in 2011. The ceasefire existing since October in the longtime civil warland is a fragile.

Long was the country split into one of the UN-recognized unit government in Tripoli and a counter government in Tobruk. The counter government was supported by General Chalifa Haftar, whose troops controlled large areas in the east and south of Libya.

Despite the support from Russia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, Haftar 2019 did not succeed in taking Tripoli. Turkey stood on the part of the unit government. Haftar last informed about his speaker that he supports the plans for the elections in December. His troops would "fully support the retention of elections to the planned appointment, as the Libyan people would no shift, delay or change of the date tolerate".


Maas in Poland: Belarus Int, North Stream 2 and Hungary Columns .
Only when dealing with Europe's last dictatorship, the Federal Foreign Minister and his Warsaw Office College find a common line. For everything else they stay destroyed. © Piotr Merecki / EasternNews / Imago Images Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (left) and Poland Resortschef Zbigniew Rau at her press conference in Warsaw Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and his Polish colleague Zbigniew Rau became known for the close cooperation of their countries in dealing with Belarus.

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