World Thailand-Anger Grows on Epidemic Wave and Economics Morose

08:47  24 june  2021
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Bangkok slum gets Michelin-starred meals from Thai beauty queen

  Bangkok slum gets Michelin-starred meals from Thai beauty queen Surrounded by children in a Bangkok slum, Miss Universe Thailand handed out lunch boxes prepared by Michelin-starred chefs on Monday -- a project to help some of the capital's worst Covid-hit communities. The kingdom is currently battling a third wave of coronavirus -- an outbreak that authorities traced in April to a nightlife district frequented by Bangkok's uber-rich and politically connected. The government slapped restrictions on businesses and public spaces -- much to the chagrin of restaurants already battered by a year of on-off pandemic shutdowns.

Thailand has also introduced airport screening for all passengers travelling from China. It follows public anger at the government’s handling of the outbreak, including allegations that tourism profits were being prioritised over public health. Dr Clare Wenham, assistant professor of global health policy at the London School of Economics , said the risks of flying to and from Bangkok were unclear. “We’re still learning about this virus – it’s new,” she said, adding that even epidemiologists and virologists don’t know exactly how it spreads, how virulent it is or how many people the average person infects.

Like, Taiwan and Hong Kong and Malaysia and Thailand don't wanna go out with China. China could play it cool and just let it go but they constantly announce to the world that these countries don't want to go out with them by screaming at the top of their lungs that they're all definitely still dating and more in love than ever while HK, Malaysia, Thailand , etc. are all like "we're not dating and never.

Thailand - Politics / (Photo): Thailand-Anger Grows on Epidemic Wave and Economics Morose

Bangkok, June 23 (Reuters) - One year after the beginning of the demonstrations by students against the Thai government supported by the army, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha must face a growing anger in a context of rising coronavirus infections and gloomy economy, but This time, some of those who ask the Prime Minister to resign are his old allies.

Thursday, three distinct groups of protesters parade to ask for the resignation of Prayuth Chan-Ocha, who came to power for the first time in 2014 when, as a leader of the army, he led a coup d'etat military against an elected government.

How the next 5 years can buy us a decade to solve climate change

  How the next 5 years can buy us a decade to solve climate change Strip out the politics, and the climate change story is very different to the one we've been told.As decades go by and emissions rise, the politics has stayed the same.

The home- grown formula’s reputation has been further undermined by the sluggish review of its data by the EMA, which has given little sense of urgency in approving its use despite some EU members expressing disquiet over the pace of the bloc’s vaccination program. That dilemma is complicated further by the fact Russia is also using two other formulas that are less well-known on the international stage. EpiVacCorona and CoviVac, both also domestically developed vaccines, have also been approved for human use, with a growing body of evidence demonstrating their efficacy and safety.

Anger is arguably the most complex of human emotions. Even though it looks raw and brutally honest, it usually works as a cover-up mechanism for unrecognized or unwanted states of mind, such as fear, sadness, forgotten trauma, issues with self-esteem. There are various types of anger , each of which can show and hide different aspects of you. This one is the most avoidant type of anger and arguably the most irritating to those around such person. It indicates the person's unhealthy relationship with this emotion, believing that it's inherently wrong, punishable, or socially unacceptable.

Yet, with the army and the palace still behind him, it is difficult to see how the Thai Prime Minister could be dismissed. The 2017 Constitution, written by the military, stipulates that the Senate, appointed by the former junta, vote for the Prime Minister with the Chamber of Representatives elected, which makes it almost impossible for its dismissal.

This week, Parliament debates possible amendments to this Constitution.

with the opposition parties, two member parties of the coalition in power are in favor of changes that would remove the right of the Senate to vote for the Prime Minister.

But the amendments to the Constitution must also be approved by the Senate - and it is unlikely that the organ votes to reduce its own power.

The next general elections are planned for 2023. (Panu Wongcha-um; French version Camille Raynaud)

Covid-19 made America’s long-term care crisis impossible to ignore .
Seniors want to age at home. But the US makes it hard.The US long-term care system — such as it is — is broken. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are on waiting lists for home-based care. More than 40 million people report that they have cared for a loved one over 50 without any pay in the last year. The United States ranks near the bottom of developed economies in the number of older adults who receive long-term care at home. Meanwhile, America’s nursing homes are staffed by overwhelmed and underpaid workers, and for-profit takeovers of those facilities have led to worse care for patients.

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