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13:14  25 june  2021
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Voters want Australia to set a net zero 2050 emissions target, but no carbon tax

  Voters want Australia to set a net zero 2050 emissions target, but no carbon tax A majority of Australians want the federal government to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 but do not want a carbon price as part of the plan.Coalition voters are among those who back the goal, with a slim majority of 52 per cent in favour and only 12 per cent against, despite the government's internal fight over whether to do more to counter climate change.

with her band "Tokyo Hotel" managed Tom and Bill Kaulitz the breakthrough, the twins live in Los Angeles for several years, to the hustle and bustle for their person to escape. Whether you have ever believed to become successful?

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in the interview with "T-Online" speaks Bill Kaulitz , 31, now about his childhood and its very private love life. Recently, the artist published a photo of daycas on which he wears a pink swimsuit. "There were no secrets to come home or punishment. We grew up with a lot of trust and love and I was allowed to unfold freely. Singing, dancing, piercings, tattoos: my ma had me all that had me Cent on the bank account, but love there was an abundance, "betrieves Kaulitz in the interview. "I always had the best relationship with my mother and the rest of our rather small family has always been '' be ''."

Australians want nation to ‘stick to its values' in China dealings

  Australians want nation to ‘stick to its values' in China dealings Survey suggests a majority of Australians believe the country should call out Beijing over its approach to Hong Kong and Taiwan, retaliate against Chinese trade sanctions and speak out on human rights abuses against the Uighur people. But only 45 per cent support a stance that warns of armed conflict with China, with a new survey revealing strong objections on this point amid a vigorous political debate about the federal government's rhetoric.

"As a teenager, I was often overwhelmed with the responsibility and pressure"

For several years now, Bill Kaulitz is strong for the LGBTQI community, especially June is considered an international pride month. "I've already feeling the world becomes more open and tolerant, but of course that's not everywhere and with everyone, there is still a lot of reconnaissance requirement, rejection, fear, hatred and stupidity," says Kaulitz versus "T-Online" . "That's why it's important that we have this" pride month "and continue talking about it. For the future I wish a world where you do not need a" pride Month "more, but all free and honest all year round Life can, as you want it without any drawers. "

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Banks, miners lead ASX rebound

  Banks, miners lead ASX rebound The ASX higher by more than one per cent as investors recovered from their rate hike worries.The benchmark S&P/ASX200 index was higher by 96.7 points, or 1.33 per cent, to 7332.0 at 1200 AEST on Tuesday.

Today it is much easier today to talk about your own sexuality: "As a teenager I was Often overwhelmed with the responsibility and pressure that came with these questions. Today, with almost 32 years, I am calm and of course I have learned a lot about me in all the years. Besides, it's another time. "

Bill Kaulitz: "I am a hopeless romantic"

in his biography "Career Suicide: My first thirty years" has betrayed the 31-year-old for the first time, to have gained experience with both sexes, never "sorted" or touted have. The reason: "It's about love! For me that's why we are all here and the essence of life. Love comes in all colors and shapes. I myself never needed a label or a drawer. That's so boring "The musician explains. "I've been in love with the most unusual people and situations I never counted with, and that's the fascinating and beautiful at the love, we can not control them! So why do not try it!? I am a hopeless romantic how to notice. "

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Anthony Albanese says Australia's real wages have 'flatlined' for eight years. Is he correct? .
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