World The "Pride Marche" will take place for the first time in the suburbs, in Pantin, this Saturday

13:25  25 june  2021
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Lou Sullivan: The first open gay trans man

 Lou Sullivan: The first open gay trans man today, on 16 June, 70 years ago, Lou Sullivan was born in the US state of Wisconsin. He is considered one of the, if not the first open gay trans man. Louis Graydon Sullivan, so his full name, already felt as a child that he was born in the wrong body - and described this - unusually self-reflected for a teenager - already in his diaries. Nevertheless, he coveted men. Today we know that sexual orientation and gender identity are two things. Last but not least thanks to Sullivan's activism.

the march of pride will take place for the first time in the suburbs, a symbolic decision "which gives hope" to the activists and Activists of Seine-Saint-Denis

Image extraite du documentaire «La première marche» - Illustration © Outplay Movies Image extracted from the documentary "The first step" - Illustration Manif rainbow - The march of pride will take place for the first time in the suburbs, a symbolic decision "which gives of hope "to the activists and activists of Seine-Saint-Denis

for the first time since 1977, the famous" Marche des Prides ", organized by the Inter-LGBT, will take place this Saturday, June 26 at Pantin , not to Paris . That is, symbolically, in the suburbs, and in a popular suburbs, rather than in the capital become overpriced.

Deadly US Pride parade crash appears unintentional: Officials

  Deadly US Pride parade crash appears unintentional: Officials One person killed and another wounded as driver at Florida Pride parade slams vehicle into attendees.The incident happened at the start of the Wilton Manors Stonewall Pride Parade and festival, an LGBTQ celebration in a town near Fort Lauderdale.

A way for the organization to stick closer to the daily reality of its members and adherents. "Our members do not live in a triplex in Paris," Matthew Gatipon-Bachette, spokesman for the Inter-LGBT, who also sees "a way to highlight local initiatives". What rejoice Erwan Passy, ​​President of Queer Pantin, for which there was a "need for recognition of people who live in the suburbs". The city of Pantin, who had been eager to organize the event on his territory, financially accompanies the project.

Convergence of struggles

But why this sudden interest? What explains that a tradition old more than forty years changes trajectory? For Matthieu Gatipon-Bachette, the health crisis, which highlighted the flagrant disparities between the situation of people in Seine-Saint-Denis , for example, and in the capital, played. But not that: more deeply, this evolution is the sign of an increasing consideration of the other fighting - called intersectionalization - next to the traditional fight against homophobia: feminism, transident, migrants and anti-rocism , especially.

‘We Are a Family’: Gay Chorus President Says It Would Welcome Back Fatal Florida Pride Crash Driver

  ‘We Are a Family’: Gay Chorus President Says It Would Welcome Back Fatal Florida Pride Crash Driver Three days after its members were involved in a tragic accident at a Florida Pride event, the Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus remains “in shock,” its president Justin Knight has told The Daily Beast. On Saturday, members of the chorus were preparing to march in the Stonewall Pride Parade in Wilton Manors, FL. One of their number, Fred Johnson Jr. who had ailments preventing him from marching, was set to drive in the parade in a white pickup truck. But Johnson, 77, seemingly lost control of the vehicle, striking fellow chorus members James “Jim” Fahy, 75, Gerry Vroegh, 67, and chorus director Gary Keating, 69.

"Associations wanted us to be more present on racism, police place issues," confirms Matthieu Gatipon-Bachette. Issues that particularly affect people in the suburbs. Erwan Passy abounds: "This departure outside Paris is historic and creates a link between racised and gay life of Paris, following the evolution of the community towards more convergence of struggles.

A more political pride

It must be said that the inter-LGBT was likely to be doubled in its periphery by other competing initiatives, tired of not being represented. Thus, in June 2019, students from Paris 8, members of the association "Saint-Denis City at the heart", organized the first "pride march" in suburbs . This symbolic event is traced in the documentary The first step , directed by Hakim Atoui and Baptiste Etchegaray.

Coordinator of this first "Pride" of the suburbs, Youssef Belghmaidi sees the initiative of the Inter-LGBT in Pantin: "It seems to announce progress in a direction we like," she concedes . And in particular a more political aspect, does it judge: "The minorized people did not feel represented in the Pride of the Inter-LGBT, there the undocumented and sex workers are in the text of Call . »

Pride merch won’t save trans youth

  Pride merch won’t save trans youth If corporations want to support LGBTQ people, they should fight against the wave of anti-trans bills, advocates say.Walmart earned a perfect 100 percent rating on the Human Rights Campaign’s 2021 Corporate Equality Index, which scores companies based on their support of LGBTQ employees through HR policies, practices, and benefits, as well as their public advocacy. Earlier this year, when Arkansas — Walmart’s home state and the location of its global headquarters — banned both gender-affirming medical care for young people and the participation of trans girls and women in school sports, the CEO of the retail giant issued a statement calling the legislation “troubling.

Parcours de la marche des fiertés 2021 - Capture © Provided by 20 minutes Course of the pride march 2021 - Capture A" Nice symbolic "for some," a failed pledge "for others

Organizing a march of pride in the suburbs will suffice to Return the activists who had deserted the organization judged too "white" and "male"? Not really, according to this elected of Saint-Denis , who wanted to preserve anonymity: "From Pantin is a joke, Pantin is all but a popular city is clearly a nth district of Paris, it's more 11th than Barbès. If it's to give a pledge, it's missed.

either according to Youssef Belghmaidi, who hopes that a background work will be conducted. This member of Saint-Denis City in the heart is nevertheless optimistic: "I think the Inter-LGBT is ready to lead this work. In the meantime, it's a nice symbolism and gives hope. »

Departure: 13h30 from the Metro Station Church of Pantin (line 5), Arrival Place de la République in Paris around 6 pm More information on the Inter-LGBT website.

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