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19:16  30 june  2021
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West says Trump’s backing of Abbott ‘doesn’t hurt’ his primary challenge against Texas governor

  West says Trump’s backing of Abbott ‘doesn’t hurt’ his primary challenge against Texas governor Outgoing Texas GOP chair Allen West insists that former President Trump’s endorsement of Gov. Greg Abbott “doesn’t hurt” his 2022 primary challenge against the two-term Republican governor. "It has no relevance to me as I prepare to run for governor of Texas," West told Fox News ahead of his speech this weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas. WEST LAUNCHES GOP CHALLENGE AGAINST TEXAS GOV. ABBOTT Abbott is facing primary challenges from the right from West, former state Sen. Don Huffines, and political commentator Chad Prather.

Former President Trump returns to the nation’s southern border on Wednesday, as fellow Republicans continue to hammer President Biden over the increase in migrants illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump will team up with GOP Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas to visit an unfinished portion of the border wall that was begun during Trump’s presidency but halted as Biden took over in the White House in January. Abbott, a Trump ally, has pledged to finished construction of the wall in his state.


It’s the second public appearance in less than a week for the former president, following his first post-White House campaign style rally, in Ohio on Saturday.

Greg Abbott Tells Lawmakers to Restore Pay for Capitol Workers After Election Law Protest

  Greg Abbott Tells Lawmakers to Restore Pay for Capitol Workers After Election Law Protest Texas Governor Greg Abbott revived the thwarted efforts of GOP lawmakers trying to pass a new voting law that would restrict rights."These Special Session priority items put the people of Texas first and will keep the Lone Star State on a path to prosperity," Abbott said.

At the rally, Trump charged that his successor in the Oval Office "dismantled America's border defenses and incited a flood of illegal migrants like this country has never seen."

A political adviser close to Trump’s inner circle tells Fox News to expect more comments like that during the former president’s trip to the border.

Biden has ended many of the restrictive immigration polices implemented by Trump, who repeatedly pledged during his successful 2016 campaign for the White House to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for the construction. Trump made border security a top policy during his administration and in 2019 declared a state of emergency in order to divert federal funds heading to the military to pay for the border wall.

Gov. Abbott Should Respect the Religious Freedom of Texas' Foster Agencies | Opinion

  Gov. Abbott Should Respect the Religious Freedom of Texas' Foster Agencies | Opinion When we see vulnerable children, we have a responsibility to act. The children arriving at our border have already suffered the severe trauma of fleeing their homes.Governor Abbott has witnessed the damage that cartels, gang members, smugglers and other criminals have caused. Amid the highest levels of border apprehensions in decades, Border Patrol is overwhelmed by the number of migrants—and particularly of migrant children—it is required to handle. Our border agents need help, and so do the migrants who must be housed in safe and humane conditions while they are processed under the terms of U.S. law.


Besides halting construction of Trump’s wall, Biden also ended a program that forced migrants to wait in Mexico as they waited for resolution to their U.S. asylum cases, as he aims to follow through on his 2020 campaign pledge for a more humane immigration system.

Arrests along the southern border with Mexico have surged this year to their highest monthly averages in two decades, with Republicans blaming Biden’s immigration policies for the influx.

"We’ve seen so many people coming across the border who are harming Texans and as governor I cannot allow my fellow Texans to being harmed or endangered," Abbott declared two weeks ago in an interview on Fox News’ "Hannity."

And he pledged: "We’re going to arrest people and put them in jail for a long time so they will know they’re no longer going to be getting the Biden red carpet treatment."

Trump leaves Trump Tower with Gucci shopping bags and luggage

  Trump leaves Trump Tower with Gucci shopping bags and luggage Donald Trump on Tuesday was seen leaving Trump Tower in Manhattan, with aides carrying Louis Vuitton luggage and a Gucci bag. He is currently based in Bedminster, New Jersey.The former president called the report in The Daily Beast 'fake news.

"Texas is going to do what the Biden administration is refusing to do. Texas is going up step up and secure our border. We will be using every tool available to us under the law. And we will ensure that we build the wall, arrest people and make Texas safe, and send a message to Washington D.C. ‘stand up and do your job,’" Abbott told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Video: Gov. Abbott: Biden administration has a wanton disregard for border laws (FOX News)


Longtime Abbott political adviser David Carney told Fox News that the "conceptual part" of the trip with Trump to the border "has been in the works for months." Carney said that Trump "wanted to come down and see firsthand what was going on and what the governor’s plans are, and the governor invited him."

"The president’s going to get a briefing from the governor and his top Homeland Security people," Carney shared, adding that the two men – along with some House GOP members – will "tour part of the border along the wall where the president’s policies built it and where the Biden administration ended it abruptly on Jan. 20."  The trip is taking place near Weslaco, at the southern tip of Texas.

Harris, while finally visiting the border, touts 'extreme progress' in tackling migrant surge

  Harris, while finally visiting the border, touts 'extreme progress' in tackling migrant surge Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday finally made her long-awaited trip to the southern border, after months of criticism for not visiting since being tapped to lead the efforts to end the crisis, touting what she called "extreme progress" by the administration on tackling the migrant surge. Harris visited El Paso, Texas, nearly 100 days after being appointed by President Biden to lead the diplomatic efforts to tackle the root causes of the crisis at the southern border that has seen hundreds of thousands of migrants hitting the border in recent months.

The visit by Trump comes as the former president remains extremely popular with conservative voters and retains immensely clout of Republican politicians, as he continues to play a kingmaker’s role in GOP 2022 primaries and flirts with another White House run in 2024.

After their visit to the border, both Trump and Abbott will join Fox News’ Sean Hannity for a town hall, which will run on Fox News Channel at 9pm ET on "Hannity."

Republicans have signaled that they hope to make border security and the wider issue of immigration a key issue in next year’s midterms, as they aim to win back majorities in both the House and Senate.

Support for building the U.S.-Mexico border wall is up - and now matches a previous high, according to the results of a Fox News national poll conducted in May. While voters had mixed views on the wall, the 50 percent who favored it in May matched the record set in 2015 -- and the 46 percent opposed was a new low.  The results marked a reversal from a Fox News poll in December 2019, when 44% favored it and 52% were opposed.


Border security also appears to be an issue that the current president is struggling with when it comes to public opinion.

Biden stood at 56% approval and 42% disapproval in a Fox News poll released last week. But when it comes to the issue of immigration, the president’s underwater at 41% approval and 54% disapproval.

Tucker Carlson: Only Texas has the ability to stop Biden's disaster at the southern border

  Tucker Carlson: Only Texas has the ability to stop Biden's disaster at the southern border 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host slams the Biden administration's handling of the crisis at the southern border, and says only Texas Gov. Abbott can stop the influx of migrants."There have been some drop-offs in Nashville, some in Knoxville, some in Chattanooga, a couple in Atlanta," the driver said. "That’s just as far as I go, then the children continue on further.

The Democratic National Committee is blasting the trip, charging on the eve of the visit that "Donald Trump and Republicans are bringing their clown show on the road in a desperate attempt to try to spin their cruel border policies to mislead voters.

Abbott announced a couple of weeks ago steps to stem the flow of migrants illegally crossing the border into Texas — among them are temporary fencing along the border as he pledges to finish construction of the border wall, beefing up the presence of state police at the border and arresting and jailing people caught illegally trespassing on private property.

Abbott’s actions also come ahead of his 2022 reelection bid, as he runs for a third four-year term steering Texas, and ahead of a possible Republican presidential nomination bid in 2024.

Some Republicans in Texas say that Abbott’s muscular moves are an effort to protect his right flank, after taking plenty of incoming fire last year from furious Texas conservatives over his mask mandates and COVID-19 restrictions on businesses. And the governor was also dinged earlier this year for the state’s handling of a deadly winter storm, which triggered a electrical grid collapse that left millions of Texans freezing amid abnormally frigid temperatures.

Abbott is already facing a primary challenge from the right from former state Sen. Don Huffines. And outgoing state GOP chair Allen West – a controversial and outspoken former congressman from Florida – is also publicly mulling a bid against Abbott.


But Carney said that campaign politics was not a motivating factor behind the flurry of activity.

"We have zero focus on all the chatter," Carney insisted. "We are 100% confident we know where the Republican primary voters are. We’re not worried at all about the primary. It’s the silly season in Texas because the (legislative) session’s over and lots of people have lots of dreams."

GOP rep warns ‘no operational control’ of border after seeing migrants stream in, board flights .
Rep. Bob Good, R-Va., on Thursday warned that the U.S. has "no operational control" of the border after a trip to Texas in which he and a number of other Republicans saw migrants streaming into the U.S. and being put on flights to other states. "We have no operational control, no legal control, no law enforcement control of our border," Good said in an interview with Fox News. "We are not enforcing our laws, we are not preventing people.

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