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17:30  18 july  2021
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 G5 Sahel: a first summit since the announcement of the gradual end of Barkhane © AFP - Francois Mori Emmanuel Macron at a last vertex of the G5 Sahel by videoconference on February 16, 2021. A G5 Sahel summit takes place This Friday, July 9th in videoconference, it is the first since the announcement of the progressive end of Operation Barkhane. Emmanuel Macron will participate in the meeting. It should take advantage of it to specify the contours of this disengagement. The French president will take part in this summit since the Elysee.

More than a hundred thousand French people go against the Corona policy of the president on the street. But according to surveys, a majority of Macrons holds new measures right.

Mehr als hunderttausend Menschen haben gegen die von Präsident Emmanuel Macron angekündigte Verschärfung der Corona-Regeln demonstriert. © dpa more than one hundred thousand people have demonstrated against the tightening of the corona rules announced by President Emmanuel Macron.

The EMMANUEL MACRON -announced new restrictions in the Corona Crisis encounter on resistance. According to the French Ministry of the Interior, nearly 114,000 people went to the road on Saturday nationwide at more than 130 protests. In the capital Paris therefore demonstrated around 18,000 people. In particular,

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was directed in contrasts that people were only completely vaccinated or to participate in a negative test on wide parts of public life. Macron wants to increase the pressure on those, which are not yet vaccinated. His critics see the country on the way to a "health dictatorship".

Macron had announced last week that in cinemas or cultural events a vaccination, test or certificate of recovery must be presented. Anyone who wants to visit bars, restaurants or shopping centers in France from August, must also submit the so-called health pass. Even aircraft, remote trains and long-distance buses may only be entered with the Corona passport ticket from the coming month.

So far, around 44 percent of the French are completely vaccinated. Macron had revealed many compatriots with his plans, which so far did not care about vaccination.

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in the days after the President's address, more than two million citizens booked a vaccine appointment. But part of the population remains skeptical - and wears his dissatisfaction on the street.

Anyone who participates in the protests

The critics of French Corona policy can not be classified as in Germany in a simple political scheme. At the demonstrations at the weekend, vaccinations attended parties, conspiracy theorists, remnants of the beschest movement - but also citizens who are concerned about their freedoms in view of the far-reaching state intervention.

The right edge also marches with the Corona protests in France. One of the spokesman is Florian Philippot, once more familiar by Marine Le Pen at the "Front National" and now party feet of cleavage "The Patriots". Philippot called the health pass a "pass of shame" and a "tool of apartheid".

The Linkspopulist Jean-Luc Mélenchon also criticized the health pass and warned against a "society of permanent control". At the same time, Mélenchon called up his followers to pay attention to the choice of words when they reject measures. Comparisons with dictatorships or the Holocaust are not appropriate.

France’s Macron among potential Pegasus spyware targets: Report

  France’s Macron among potential Pegasus spyware targets: Report Phone number of French president was identified as potential target for surveillance on behalf of Morocco, report says.The French presidency said that if the revelations about Macron’s phone were true, they would be very serious.

Video: Protests throughout France against new corona measures (AFP)

Macron had frustrated with his speech to the nation in particular the restaurateurs hard-made in the corona crisis. Inspired hosts, as they are supposed to maintain the operation, if even in the outdoor areas of restaurants or pubs all employees and guests must be vaccinated from the beginning of August.

Time period for the vaccine

Macron's government improved over the past week. The employees in the gastronomy now have time to vaccinate until the end of August. Even young people are excluded from the health pass until 30 August, so that families can go into the restaurant in summer vacation.

In addition, in France, one is now already seven days after the second dose as fully vaccinated - so far the deadline as in Germany and other EU states was 14 days.

according to surveys is a majority of the French behind the President's policy. In a survey for the BFM news channel, 58 percent of respondents spoke out to make the health pass to the prerequisite for visits to restaurants. Even 66 percent consider proof of leisure and cultural events.

France launches vaccine pass for cultural venues

  France launches vaccine pass for cultural venues People wanting to go to cinemas, museums, sporting matches and other cultural venues in France will have to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination or a negative test starting Wednesday, as the country braces for a feared spike in cases from the highly transmissible Delta variant. The so-called "health pass" will be required for all events or places with more than 50 people, before being extended to restaurants, cafes and shopping centres in August, President Emmanuel Macron announced in a televised address last week.

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