World Spionage Scandal: Cyber ​​Security has its price. Let's pay him!

22:05  20 july  2021
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The Pentagon Tried to Take Down These Hackers. They’re Back.

  The Pentagon Tried to Take Down These Hackers. They’re Back. Last fall, on the eve of the elections, the U.S. Department of Defense tried to throttle a transnational cybercrime group. But the hackers have rebuilt much of their operations. It’s become clear in recent months that the gang is very much alive and well. The Russian-speaking hacking group, sometimes referred to by the name of the malware it uses, Trickbot, has gone after millions of victims around the globe, stealing victims’ banking credentials and facilitating ransomware attacks that have left businesses scrambling to pay hefty extortion demands for years. And now, even though the Pentagon’s U.S.

The scandal about the PEGASUS spy software discloses gaping gaps in the digital network: Reaper highly specialized software deficiencies only on louder customers? The EU must act. A guest contribution.

Die Pegasus-Spyware kann unbemerkt und aus der Ferne auf fremden Smartphones installiert werden. © dpa The PEGASUS spyware can be unnoticed and remotely installed on foreign smartphones.

This virus could develop a similar incidence as the Corona pathogen. Pegasus, the espionage software, whose illegal international distribution was known this week, has now even called the EU Commission on the plan. "Completely unacceptable" is what's going on, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Monday - from the diplomats into the everyday language translated as much as: Alarm stage red!

Australian organisations are quietly paying hackers millions in a 'tsunami of cyber crime'

  Australian organisations are quietly paying hackers millions in a 'tsunami of cyber crime' The frequency of attacks and the size of ransoms being demanded increases significantly, with estimates of over $55 million paid last year in Australia alone.For years, Australian organisations have been quietly paying millions in ransoms to hackers who have stolen or encrypted their data.

Unlike the SARS COV 2 virus, the electronic pandemic has no accident as a cause. The spyware software of the Israeli high-tech blacksmith NSO - officially classified as a weapon by the local government - was apparently used specifically: of more or less well-loved states and authorities in order to control misrepresenting dissidents and opposition. For our constitutional understanding - Ursula is to be agreed by the Leyen - is that completely unacceptable!

Whether no German journalists or politicians are actually concerned (which is unlikely) or the Pegasus software has helped to deliver the Saudi dissidents Jamal Khashoggi to the Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi in 2018 (which is likely): The now known scandal illuminates a problem which we have to ask ourselves in Germany.

Pro-Trump Sheriff's 'Ludicrous' Voting Probe Denounced as Private Investigators Question Clerks

  Pro-Trump Sheriff's 'Ludicrous' Voting Probe Denounced as Private Investigators Question Clerks Michigan's Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf launched the investigation despite Trump winning there by double digits.Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf has claimed, as has Trump, that there was voter fraud leading to President Joe Biden's win in the 2020 election. This claim has led the sheriff to open an investigation into voting machines in Barry County, as officials there have denounced the probe as "absolutely ridiculous and ludicrous," CBS local affiliate News Channel 3 reported on Friday.

security authorities, including those in democratic states, require suitable instruments for hazard and prosecution, which today also includes spyware software. Especially only the Bundestag has approved the strict control of the use of Trojans. You can argue about that for and contradictory. But not about the principle that police and constitutional protection must be able to be prepared for times of increasing cybercrime. This applies to terrorist defense as well as for the fight against computer crime or international crime.

So far, so good. Now the development of highly specialized reconnaissance software is expensive and expensive. And: State authorities need to ensure that companies that develop such programs are exclusively to provide customers who submit a strict control system.

exactly there is currently the vulnerability. The incentive, also in dubious clientele - be it totalitarian states or twilight authorities - is true. In addition, you can rightly ask the question of whether highly sensitive data collected in the framework of the rule of law should be stored or may be stored on servers in non-EU countries. There, where their further use is not controllable by German law.

Queen Elizabeth takes measures to protect family against cyber criminals

  Queen Elizabeth takes measures to protect family against cyber criminals Queen Elizabeth is said to have taken steps to protect the royal family against cyber criminals after being warned of increasing threats. Sir Michael Stevens, Keeper of the Privy Purse, which is the British Sovereign's private income, has reportedly sent a report to Her Majesty outlining the possible threats posed to the royal family if cyber criminals targeted them. Sir Stevens warned against "reputational damage, penalties and/or legal action against the Household or members of staff", according to The Daily Star. © Getty The Queen was advised to improve cyber security.

This is what leads to a simple conclusion: those EU states, which as Germany profess strict legislative principles, must develop their own infrastructure in which research, development and trade in reconnaissance software are bundled. And under transparent parliamentary control. Only companies that meet these criteria can be granted access to this highly sensitive market.

Because the know-how is available in Germany as well as in Austria. However, the expensive development for highly specialized software boutiques pays off only on the condition that the state clientele is ready to pay for exclusive goods.

There is no alternative to a rule of law controlled framework for the development and distribution of spyware software. Otherwise the next digital pandemic is just a matter of time!

More about: Analyzes of security experts show that German companies are hardly affected by the most recent heavy cyberattack against the IT company Kaseya. Why this is still no reason for the all-clear.

Biden Warns a ‘Real Shooting War’ Could Come From Cyber Breach .
President Joe Biden told U.S. intelligence officials on Tuesday that he thinks a cyber breach could lead to a “shooting war” with a major global power. “I think it’s more likely we’re going to end up—if we end up in a war, a real shooting war, with a major power—it's going to be as a consequence of a cyber breach of great consequence,” Biden said during a visit to the Office of the Direct of National Intelligence, according to a recording of his visit. Biden did not clarify how the U.S. measures a breach “of great consequence,” but his remarks come after a series of Russian ransomware attacks and other cyberattacks have hit U.S. government and private sector entities.

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