World Oregon's Bootleg Fire is generating its own weather

22:16  20 july  2021
22:16  20 july  2021 Source:   foxnews.com

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The super-heated air and smoke from Oregon's Bootleg wildfire have reportedly impacted the weather.

A pyrocumulus cloud from the fire – also known as a "fire cloud" – has formed over the blaze, bringing lightning and other threats and extending upward to 30,000 feet.


The fire, located 15 miles northwest of Beatty, has already scorched more than 364,000 acres in two weeks and has been contained to 30% by the more than 2,200 personnel working to fight the flames – some of which had hopscotched over fire-retardant containment lines.

Skies in New York City and across the East Coast were hazy against a bright orange sun on Tuesday as the smoke from Bootleg and other Western wildfires was blown eastward.

Above Oregon, top clouds of ten kilometers high

 Above Oregon, top clouds of ten kilometers high © a pyrocumulus not far from Bly, in Oregon, July 16, 2021. | Payton Bruni / AFP A pyrocululus not far from Bly, in Oregon, July 16, 2021. | Payton Bruni / AFP that says summer, says Forest Fire Season in the United States. While it is just beginning, the most important fire of the country already covers 976 square kilometers, a wider area than the entire city of New York. This fire nicknamed "Bootleg Fire" ravage right now southern Oregon, state of the northwest coast of the United States.

Meteorologists have also spotted bigger forms of fire clouds over the past couple of weeks – including "terrifying" pyrocumulonimbus clouds that can form "fire tornadoes," dangerous wind gusts and hail.

The same types of clouds were seen over California fires in 2020, Australian bush fires in 2019 and 2020, and the wildfire in British Columbia that leveled the village of Lytton last month following a killer heat wave.

Video: Oregon community helps evacuees of Bootleg Fire (Reuters)


On Friday, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory said the agency has observed a "record number" of these fire-induced clouds in North America this summer as the impact of climate change continues to exacerbate fire and drought conditions.

‘Out of Control’: Wildfire Ravaging Oregon Is Now the Size of Los Angeles

  ‘Out of Control’: Wildfire Ravaging Oregon Is Now the Size of Los Angeles The Bootleg Fire in Oregon, which erupted in early July and is still only 25 percent contained, has now charred an area the size of Los Angeles, destroying at least 67 homes and 100 buildings. Smoke and heat from the out-of-control blaze have created “fire clouds” that can be seen from more than 100 miles away. One of the clouds threw embers onto fire crews working below, leading to an emergency evacuation of personnel off the fire line. Numerous “slop fires” have jumped fire lines, with one growing to about four miles in size as of Monday afternoon.

At least 2,000 homes have been evacuated and another 5,000 have been threatened.

In addition, 70 homes and more than 100 outbuildings have been destroyed, though no one died thanks in part due to the Bootleg Fire's rural location.

However, the threat of thunderstorms through Monday could fan the fire and bring even more lightning as winds from the southwest push the fire to the north and east.

Oregon officials have called for help outside of the Pacific Northwest to prepare for additional fires.


The Bootleg Fire is around the fourth largest the state has ever experienced.

There are currently fires burning across the U.S. in 12 states, including 16 in Oregon and Washington state alone.

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