World Forest Fires: The evacuations continue in the American West

06:25  22 july  2021
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What is the 'dragon of clouds' that forms above wildfires?

  What is the 'dragon of clouds' that forms above wildfires? As wildfires rage across the western US, scientists report the "most extreme" fire clouds they have seen.These pyrocumulonimbus clouds - dubbed "fire clouds" - can produce hurricanes and lightning, which can generate even more fires.

OSOYOOS (NEWS 1130) – A 2,000 acre wildfire burns uncontrollably just outside Osoyoos, continuing to force locals and tourists to evacuate areas of the southern Okanagan on Tuesday. The Nk’Mip Creek wildfire started on Monday, the fire spreading quickly forcing hundreds of out of their homes, and the evacuation of tourists from a wine estate and a camper van park. The crews fight the flames from the ground and from the air – with tank planes dropping fire retardants on the western flank of the flames closest to homes.

Evacuations continue at east-side First Nations as Manitoba boreal forest burns. Evacuations are complete or underway at four Indigenous communities most heavily affected by the forest fires consuming tracts of boreal forest in eastern Manitoba. The community of Bloodvein First Nation, which sits on the east side of the Lake Winnipeg narrows, was in the process of being entirely evacuated Tuesday evening, the Canadian Red Cross said in a statement.

  Feux de forêts: les évacuations se poursuivent dans l'Ouest américain © provided by the point

D thousands of residents flee Wednesday the flames in western Canada where a few hundred military will be deployed to fight These particularly violent and early fires this year.

"My new house is my holiday trailer", tells the head of a district of this West Province, Margo Wagner, herself evacuated.

This is the second time in four years that its residence of Canim Lake, a rural area in the center of the Columbia -British, is threatened by a fire.

The province has decreed on Monday the state of emergency before the advance of the forest fires and more than 5,700 people are targeted by an evacuation order.

Canada: Several hundred forest fires ravage western Canada

 Canada: Several hundred forest fires ravage western Canada © AFP - - Aerial view of the lights, British Columbia, July 1, 2021. Forest fires continue to ravage part of the British Columbia, Western Canada. Since the spring, more than 200,000 hectares of land have been burned by the flames. The province, usually known for its temperate and humid climate, faces a drought and persistent heat. With our correspondent in Montreal, Justine Cohendet anxiety wins the authorities in British Columbia where forest fires continue to multiply.

For most people, forest fire is synonymous with disaster. But there are some kinds of forest fires that actually benefit the environment. A controlled burn is a wildfire that people set intentionally for a specific purpose. Well-thought out and well-managed controlled burns can be incredibly The same method is one of WWF’s strategies for maintaining grassland habitats in the Northern Great Plains. Working with partners such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, WWF has intentionally burned hundreds of acres of prairie land to revitalize these key habitats. The fire burns off tall, aggressive vegetation that isn’t as

As fire season increasingly has become a year-round event in the American West , each has taken on a character of its own. Three years ago, wine country and this county burned, the first in a series of mega- fire years. Two years ago was California’s deadliest wildfire season, when the Camp Fire Story continues below advertisement. Many of the fires burning now are far from major cities, and as of Tuesday, no deaths had been attributed to any of them, although more than 42,000 people remain under mandatory evacuation orders. Weather forecasts suggest that flames heading east in recent

"We did it in 2017 and we will redo it. Is it stressful? Is it scaling? Absolutely," she says, in a calm tone.

Other neighboring communities are preparing for the worst since the weather conditions (wind and hot weather) will not give any respite to the 3,180 firefighters deployed.

"I live in Ashcroft for almost 25 years now and I have never seen anything like this," said Mayor Barbara Roden, whose municipality in the center of the province has been alert since July 14th .

"This is an obvious reminder that climate change keeps us constantly now, whether it's a hardy forest season, floods or the heat dome we've known," Supported the Prime Minister of British Columbia, John Horgan.

The Canadian Armed Forces are preparing for 350 additional soldiers in British Columbia and 120 in Manitoba, a province of the center of the country also struggling with major homes, according to the spokesperson for National Defense, John Nethercott. In Ontario, some 75 soldiers lend local hand to local firefighters.

Major US wildfire grows, forcing new evacuations

  Major US wildfire grows, forcing new evacuations With oppressively hot, dry weather looming over much of the Western US and Canada on Sunday, the enormous Bootleg Fire in Oregon grew again and authorities ordered new evacuations. Some 2,000 people have had to evacuate, with more following on Sunday. Satellite imagery from the National Weather service showed a huge plume of smoke soaring from Bootleg, in southern Oregon, to the Canadian border, hundreds of miles to the northeast.

Wildfires in the American West , including one burning in Oregon that's currently the largest in the U.S., are creating hazy skies as far away as New York as the massive infernos spew smoke and ash into the air in columns up to 6 miles (10 kilometers) high. Skies over New York City were hazy Tuesday as strong winds blew smoke east from California, Oregon, Montana and other states. In Alpine County, the so-called California Alps, the Tamarack Fire caused evacuations of several communities and grew to 61 square miles (158 square kilometers) with no containment.

The military said those evacuation efforts would continue Saturday, with one flight en route to Sioux Lookout and the second airlift inbound to Pikangikum as of noon. Our first priority is to deal with and evacuate high-risk populations which include elders, children and families,” Chief Amanda Sainnawap wrote. Sainnawap also warned residents that while roads remain open, smoke from the fire has led to reduced visibility. Alvin Fiddler, grand chief of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation, which represents 49 First Nation communities across northern Ontario, has said the forest fire has damaged the broadband

The fire created its own climate

on the other side of the border, the United States , the firefighters fight braziers so big that they now generate their "own climate", according to experts. Nearly 80 immense lights ravage at the moment hundreds of thousands of hectares in several states of the West.

The most impressive is always the "Bootleg Fire", in Oregon, which burned in two weeks the equivalent of the city of Los Angeles in vegetation and forests.

"The fire is so big and it creates so much energy that it has begun to generate its own climate," explained to the AFP Marcus Kauffman of the State Forest Management Service. "He created his own lightning" and "self-feed".

But the some 2,300 firefighters deployed are "at the height" and "undoubtedly allowed to protect hundreds of homes" in the area, assured Wednesday Ian Yocum, responsible for fire management.

In the neighboring state of California, several villages had to be evacuated to the progression of the Flames of Dixie Fire, a fire that could have been caused by the fall of a tree on electric lines of a large supplier of Electricity Pacific Gas and Electric ( PG & E).

This company had already pleaded guilty of causing the most murderer fire in the recent history of California, because of defective lines, close to where the Dixie Fire is wreaking havoc.

and reported on Wednesday of its intention to bury thousands of miles of power lines, starting with those located in areas conducive to fire departures to avoid other disasters.

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"We need people": Russian firefighters facing the Siberian fires .
© AFP F Ace with the vast fires ravaging the forests of the Siberian Republic of Iakoutie, Egor Zakharov and his team struggle tirelessly, but men are missing To cope with one of the worst seasons that the region experienced. At the head of a forest protection brigade, Egor Zakharov and her men spent the evening patrolling a five-kilometer long trench they dug near the village of Bias-Kiouïol, to stop A fire that approached dangerously the area.

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