World after deduction of the Bundeswehr: Taliban drive thousands of Afghans in the escape

19:51  22 july  2021
19:51  22 july  2021 Source:   ksta.de

Taliban see battlefield dominance as path to political, diplomatic power

  Taliban see battlefield dominance as path to political, diplomatic power With US forces largely gone from the battlefield, the Taliban have conducted a staggering, land-grabbing offensive that appears aimed at forcing the Afghan government to sue for peace on the insurgents' terms or suffer complete military defeat. The strategy appears to be aimed at achieving multiple goals -- exhausting the country's overstretched air force and commando units, and depriving Kabul of much needed revenue. It has also cut the central government off from the traditionally anti-Taliban strongholds it relies on for backing. "The most surprising thing about the Taliban's offensive is its focus on the north and west.

Wieglos pull the Bundeswehr and other NATO armies after almost 20 years from Afghanistan. Now many Afghans flee in front of the Taliban. Turkish security forces have taken up 1456 refugees last week at the border with Iran. Even eleven lockers were arrested. They had taken people from the area around Ghazni in Afghanistan over Iran to Turkey.

Ein Lichtermeer für einen getöteten Fotografen der Agentur Reuters, der in Afghanistan zwischen die Fronten der Taliban und der afghanischen Regierung geriet. © AFP A Light Sea for a killed photographer of the Agency Reuters, who founded between the fronts of the Taliban and the Afghan government in Afghanistan.

Thousand kilometers are from Ghazni to the Iranian border, once again 2000 kilometers Turkey is removed. Tugs cash per capita several thousand dollars for transport. Despite costs and straps, more and more Afghans are now taking the long journey, because they fear their future under a Taliban regime or even around their lives. Militant Islamists now control a good half of the country.

Great Tap Streich planned to be planned

 Great Tap Streich planned to be planned Berlin. The use in Afghanistan was one of the longest in the history of the Bundeswehr. Now your commitment should be appreciated with the highest military ceremonial - right in front of the Reichstag building. © Bernd von Jutrczenka numerous soldiers are at a large tap panty in front of the Reichstag building in Berlin (archive photo). The Afghanistan mission of the Bundeswehr, finished after almost 20 years, will now be appreciated with a large tap patch before the Reichstag in Berlin.

According to estimates in Turkish media, at least 1000 people from Afghanistan come across Iran every day in Turkey. There already live over four million refugees, including 500 000 Afghans. Your number should soon rise greatly. According to a report by the UN refugee agency UNHCR, since January, the fighting between government troops and the advancing Taliban valued 270,000 people from their homes.

Turkey is only a stopover for most Afghan refugees. You want to continue to the EU, especially to Germany. The way there leads about Greece. A main route is the Aegean Sea, where tractors bring people with hose boats from the Turkish coast to one of the Greek islands. Another escape route leads via the river Evros (Turkish: Meric).

refugees from Afghanistan now face the largest group of protective seekers who create it to Greece. Last year it was 11 514, followed by 7768 Syrians. In the first four months 2021, Afghans and 1217 Syrians were taken up on the Aegean Islands and Evros 1224. However,

Afghan refugees can no longer count in Greece with asylum. Anyone who comes from Turkey can be deported there again. However, Turkey has not been migrants from Greece since March 2020 since March 2020, even though they had committed themselves to the EU's refugee pact in 2016. Therefore, many refugees hope to reach other EU countries from Greece.

Taliban doesn’t want fighting inside Afghan cities: Senior leader .
Group says ‘fighting from mountains and deserts has reached the doors of cities’, but it does not want to fight there.“Now that the fighting from mountains and deserts has reached the doors of the cities, Mujahiddin don’t want fighting inside the city,” Amir Khan Muttaqi said in a message tweeted by a Taliban spokesman on Tuesday.

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