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20:25  22 july  2021
20:25  22 july  2021 Source:   francetvinfo.fr

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The Start-up Stendhal organized a giant treasure hunt in the streets of Paris on July 20 and 21. Candidates had to solve puzzles to find works by Street Art. With the key, a cryptoactive reward.

  Dans les rues de Paris, une étrange chasse au trésor pour les amateurs de street art © Supplied by FranceInfo

It is a curious language that was talking about the "Paris Decrypt The Street (H) event" organized by the Start-up Stendhal in the streets of Paris, July 20 and 21. More than 300 participants went through the districts of the capital to find 13 works of Street Art, made especially on this occasion by as many street artists, including Ernesto Novo, Cannibal Letters or Dante.

The gain was a treasure of cryptoactive. You do not know what it is? According to the Ministry of the Economy , the cryptoactives represent virtual assets stored on an electronic medium allowing a community of users accepting them to make transactions without having to resort to the legal money. The most famous is Bitcoin, a cryptomonnaie who has seen his class Flamber in recent months.

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The winner found (too) quickly the Treasury

for "Paris Decrypt The Street (H)", the Start-up Stendhal proposed a series of challenges to find this very special treasure. You had to resolve a series of puzzles, which it was possible to do online on the event site. Then the candidates had to find the works of Street Art thanks to words delivered by the answers to puzzles on the model of the technology blockchain, whose security is based on codes composed of twelve words.

"There was for example a duet with a person who resolved riddles from her to Los Angeles and another who was on the ground in Paris to find the artworks of Art," says Florent Thurin, CEO of Stendhal .

Petit Caillou in the organizers' shoe: the winner A (too) quickly found the treasure. "In Bordeaux, on the first event of the genre that we had organized in May, there is still no winner. So we dropped the level of the puzzles in Paris. The winner is also a big treasure fan And he had already participated in the operation of Bordeaux, so he knew the logic of the puzzles ", continues Florent Thurin.

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A reward of two Ethereums, ie 3500 euros

we were able to join Adrien, 19, the big winner of the contest. "I found the treasure in 6:30 with Antoine with whom I was teaming up. I'm used to treasure hunts. I know the mechanics, it helped me. It was much easier than in Bordeaux" . The duo starts with two eth (Ethureums), a cryptomonnaie among the most popular behind the bitcoin. These two eth are already worth around 3500 euros. The two winners will also share the 13 non-Fundible Token (NFT) from the 13 works of Street-Art drawn in Paris.

An NFT (or non-fungible token in French) is a unique and indivisible asset that exists thanks to the technology of Blockchain. This technology is actually a public register that allows you to create digital scarcity. For the first time in the internet history, it is now possible to create traceable, infaldable assets that can not simply be copied-pasted.

"I think I'm going to sell half and keep the rest, because these still unknown assets will take value," Adrien bet.

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