World Former DC resident speaks up about crime spike in city since COVID-19: 'Why I left as a single woman'

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San Francisco see increase in shootings, assaults

  San Francisco see increase in shootings, assaults San Francisco saw an increase in shootings and assaults in the first six months of this year compared to the same time frame in 2020 as the police department struggles with a shortage of 400 police officers.Police Chief Bill Scott said the city reported 119 shootings – fatal and nonfatal – compared to 58 in the first half of last year. The data follows a national trend many cities are experiencing. Shootings are up in Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, Ore., Baltimore and Houston, to name a few.

Washington, D . C ., residents , police and city leaders are voicing concerns with local crime incidents over the past year as the city approaches the end of COVID - 19 . Beverly Hallberg is one such resident . Hallberg, who lived between H Street and Union Station near the Capitol, described "pockets" of D . C . that seem relatively unchanged since the worst of the pandemic while other areas on the outskirts of the city and in certain areas downtown are facing more crime and what some locals have described as a homeless emergency after COVID - 19 led the city to temporarily.

The narcissistic pencil-pushers Covid - 19 thrust into undeserved positions of power will never freely accept the loss of that attention, adoration, and control. It’s not in their nature. The pandemic is the finest event of their adult lives, and they will mourn for these days when they finally pass. As a result, the Western world is witnessing a tragically predictable retreat from the virus once again, despite the clear decline of Covid - 19 in the face of massively successful vaccines. Like every other living thing on this planet, a virus fights to survive, and it’s doing so now by attacking the willfully unvaccinated or the

Washington, D.C., residents, police and city leaders are voicing concerns with local crime incidents over the past year as the city approaches the end of COVID-19.

Beverly Hallberg is one such resident. She lived in or around D.C. for about 20 years before moving to South Carolina last October, though she frequently visits the District for work.

"I'm very blessed and fortunate, and I was able to move, but who it's impacting the most are people who can't move – people who are struggling day to day to make ends meet, and I've thought often about what it means for their neighborhoods," Hallberg told Fox News after describing a "decline" in the city's safety after it appeared to become less violent in the years that she lived there since 2000.

‘Did it from the heart’: Netherlands mourns after journalist dies

  ‘Did it from the heart’: Netherlands mourns after journalist dies Peter R De Vries was shot several times after he finished recording a TV show at RTL Boulevard in Amsterdam.De Vries’s family announced his death after he was shot several times last week. He had just finished recording a television show at RTL Boulevard in Amsterdam and was left fighting for his life in hospital since.

This is not a question of whether one supports or rejects the Covid - 19 vaccine campaign, or what one thinks about vaccines at all; this is the curtain being yanked back on the police state the US has long insisted it isn’t (but that all its enemies are). Ultimately, the issue goes far beyond the pandemic to how much power Americans are willing to cede to a government that – based on statistics, at least – less than a quarter actually supported in the last election, a result framed as an accomplishment that speaks more to apathy. This is why the narrative managers don’t replace Fauci.

That’s why it is essential to ensure access to Covid - 19 vaccines to countries worldwide.” EU countries have so far donated just a tiny portion of excess Covid - 19 vaccines to poor nations, mostly out-of-favour AstraZeneca shots, less than 3% of the 160m doses they plan to give away in total to help The New York Times reports that the conclusions of the paper appear to contradict smaller studies published by the drugmaker which suggest a single dose of the jab is indeed effective against the Delta variant. While the new study has not been peer-reviewed and has been published as a pre-print, it


Hallberg, who lived between H Street and Union Station near the Capitol, described "pockets" of D.C. that seem relatively unchanged since the worst of the pandemic while other areas on the outskirts of the city and in certain areas downtown are facing more crime and what some locals have described as a homeless emergency after COVID-19 led the city to temporarily shut down.

Between Monday and early Thursday alone, the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) responded to six shootings, including one double shooting; four stabbings; five robberies; and one knife assault, according to the department's social media accounts.

Those incidents follow a bloody weekend in which a 6-year-old girl was killed by gunfire and shots were fired outside a Major League Baseball stadium.

Spike Lee Accidentally Announces Top Cannes Film Festival Winner

  Spike Lee Accidentally Announces Top Cannes Film Festival Winner The director was supposed to announce a different award winner."I have no excuses. I messed up," Lee said during a press conference, per Variety. "I'm a big sports fan. It's like the guy at the end of the game in the foul line, he misses a free throw, or a guy misses a kick.

‘ Covid - 19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. In the USA a documentary called PLANDEMIC, which exposes COVID - 19 as a criminal operation, is supported by over 27 In a leaked government video (10) we see a conversation between former American president Bill Clinton and

The presidents of three different nations have ended up dead shortly after denying distribution of the experimental COVID - 19 shot. After their deaths, all three countries are now distributing COVID jabs to their citizens. The latest was Haitian President Jovenel Moise, who was assassinated at his home in Port-au-Prince last week by a group of mercenaries. Burundi’s health minister declined the vaccines in February, claiming that “ since more than 95% of patients are recovering, we estimate that the vaccines are not yet necessary” in the African nation.


The Washington, D.C., police department on Tuesday announced a new Community-Focused Patrol Unit as police and residents raise concerns about rising crime in the area.

The patrol unit will initially deploy police officers on mountain bikes and scooters in Columbia Heights, Washington Highlands and Bloomingdale, according to a press release.


"We know crime isn't tied to geographical boundaries of wards, districts, PSAs or ANCs," MPD Chief Robert Contee said during a Wednesday press briefing. "Having officers on mountain bikes and scooters maximizes the opportunity for community engagement and communication with residents in our neighborhoods."

Hallberg decided to move in August 2020 because, in that month alone, she and her neighbor experienced three collective car break-ins.

DC police chief says there's been 'intentional efforts' to not provide full resources to cops

  DC police chief says there's been 'intentional efforts' to not provide full resources to cops Washington D.C., police chief Robert Contee said law enforcement officials have issued warnings over the years that the loss of police officers would be problematic for the city, which has seen a spike in gunplay following "intentional efforts" to defund his department."This is something that we’ve been warning about for years," Contee told Fox News on Friday, following a news conference where he gave an update on a brazen double shooting in D.C.'s popular Logan Circle a day earlier that sent bystanders running for their lives. "We don't really have the ability to hire officers right now. We have a defined amount of resources to deal with a very large city that continues to grow.

The reason why Sobyanin has had to issue this order is clear. Residents of his city simply aren’t getting vaccinated. Russia is believed to have administered about 33 million vaccine doses to its 145 million population, a rate of only 23 doses per 100 people. This now lags far behind much of the rest of Europe. The UK, for instance, has administered over 100 doses for every 100 inhabitants (most Covid - 19 vaccines require two doses, so a complete vaccination program would require 200 doses).

FILE PHOTO: A new mass Covid - 19 vaccination hub opens at Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia, May 10, 2021. © James Gourley / Pool via Reuters. New South Wales' premier has warned residents to brace for a lockdown extension as the state struggles to contain a growing outbreak of Covid - 19 . A woman in her 90s died as the state recorded another daily record of 77 cases. “Tragically, we’ve seen one older person die and I want to extend my deepest condolences to their families and loved ones,” NSW State Premier Gladys Berejiklian told a daily press conference on Sunday.

"H Street has been a transitional area, and once COVID hit… the progress it had, had receded," she said.

The media strategist, who was living in D.C. as a single woman at the time, went on to describe instances in which scammers would come up to her front door and pretend they were selling a product while looking inside her house and asking her personal questions about everything from her job to her nail polish. One scammer told her, "I bet you're a lawyer or something," while looking inside her house, she said.


One day during the pandemic, she went for a run without a mask, and a man followed her "for a while, yelling the F-word" at her for "not wearing a mask." She also detailed an incident in which she was walking around her neighborhood at 10 a.m. when a man nearby "dropped his pants" and began to urinate on the sidewalk.

These instances that made Hallberg uncomfortable started becoming more frequent amid the pandemic, and as local businesses boarded up to prevent break-ins and the Capitol was closed off after the Jan. 6 riot, her neighborhood felt eerier than usual, she said.

As the pandemic wears on, some Americans could need booster shots

  As the pandemic wears on, some Americans could need booster shots Some health officials now think a third shot could help older and immunocompromised people. Israel is already offering a third Pfizer shot for immunocompromised residents — though millions of Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have yet to be vaccinated — and Pfizer has previously suggested that a booster shot could be needed in the US. Regulatory questions abound Though the US currently has tens of millions of surplus Covid-19 vaccine doses on hand, making a third Pfizer or Moderna shot available to millions of immunocompromised or elderly Americans likely won’t be a quick process.

"Yes, Capitol Hill changed, and yes, there's more violence, and it's a problem, and it's concerning and why I left as a single woman, but it's not nearly the experience some neighborhoods are facing," Hallberg explained.

Marinos Marinos, treasurer and office of police complaints representative for the D.C. Police Union, echoed Hallberg's concerns in a Wednesday interview with Fox News.

"I think everybody is [concerned with crime]," Marinos said. "I think the mayor's concerned with the crime rate. I think management with MPD is concerned about the crime rate. And I can speak for the rank-and-file of the [MPD], and we are very concerned about the crime rate."

He added that " there is a very small minority of very vocal activists who have other plans."

"…The City Council is being moved by [the activists], and that is causing this horrible legislation, which, in turn, is harming the police department, which, in turn, is making the… city less safe," he explained.


Mayor Muriel Bowser voiced concerns when the City Council voted in July of 2020 to reduce police department funding by $15 million and freeze hiring. The mayor's office told The Washington Post that the hiring freeze would leave the department with an estimated 3,460 sworn-in officers compared to the department's 3,800 officers that were employed before the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

In her 2022 fiscal year budget released in May, however, Bowser increased funding for public safety initiatives by $45 million but did not include any additional funding for the police department. She also plans to hire just 135 new officers next year compared to the 280 new officers the department typically hires each year, according to the Post.

Police are facing staffing shortages and low morale. Legislation that has been passed since around June of 2020 has led some officers to leave the department and is making it difficult to recruit "quality individuals," Marinos said.

Year-over-year, the city's violent crime rate is down, but motor vehicle thefts and robberies are up, according to citywide crime statistics.

While the District's homicide rate has seen only a 1% increase compared to the same time period in 2020, as of Tuesday, the MPD has reported 106 killings compared to the 198 total killings for all of 2020.

Atlanta police ID woman, dog stabbed to death in park; manhunt continues for suspect in ‘gruesome’ murder .
Atlanta police have released the names of the woman and dog found brutally stabbed to death in Piedmont Park on Wednesday as the manhunt for a suspect in the killings continues. Katherine Janness, 40, and her dog Bowie were both killed inside Piedmont Park, Atlanta police said. The midtown Atlanta park is popular with joggers and dog walkers. ATLANTA WOMAN, DOG FOUND STABBED TO DEATH IN PARK, $10G REWARD BEING OFFERED Officers responded to the park entrance just after 1 a.m. to reports of a person stabbed. Authorities released an image taken from a security camera showing Janness with Bowie shortly before the killings.

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