World Surfside Rescue Crews Saluted as Mission Ends 29 Days After Condo Collapse

06:01  24 july  2021
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Surfside condo collapse: Who is Cassie Stratton?

  Surfside condo collapse: Who is Cassie Stratton? Cassondra ‘Cassie’ Stratton was on the phone with her husband, Colorado Democratic strategist Michael Stratton, when the Champlain Towers South high rise in Surfside, Fla., collapsed around her in the early morning hours of June 24. "She described that the building was shaking and then … the phone went dead," the 66-year-old told the Denver-based FOX 31 Monday. His wife, a 40-year-old model who frequently captioned her images with blurbs about astrology and positive thinking, was found Saturday and identified Sunday.

The site of the deadly Surfside condo collapse has been almost completely cleared, less than a month after the disaster which killed at least 97 people. Photos released Tuesday of the site of the deadly condo collapse in Surfside , Florida showed it largely cleared of debris nearly four weeks on from the disaster. A judge ruled Wednesday that victims of the collapse and their families were eligible for at least 0million initially.

‘Frantic effort’ to find condo collapse survivors continues, even as hope dwindles. Mourners visit a memorial wall dedicated to the residents of Champlain Towers South. The death toll from the condominium collapse last week in Surfside , Fla., rose to 11 on Monday, and 150 people remain missing. SURFSIDE , Fla. — Hundreds of would-be rescuers dug painstakingly through a mountain of crushed concrete, mangled steel and smashed belongings on Monday as officials vowed to continue the desperate search for survivors of last week's condominium collapse .

a group of palm trees on the side of a building: On Friday, search and rescue officials concluded their work at the site of the condo collapse in Surfside, Florida. The collapse killed at least 97 people. © Felix Mizioznikov/Getty Images On Friday, search and rescue officials concluded their work at the site of the condo collapse in Surfside, Florida. The collapse killed at least 97 people.

After they spent 29 days searching for victims and recovering remains at the site of the condo collapse in Surfside, Florida, rescue crews concluded their work on Friday.

Search and rescue workers departed the Surfside site Friday afternoon in a procession of vehicles that led to the City of Miami Fire Rescue Headquarters. There, they were greeted by family and friends, according to local news station WPLG.

Members of two rescue task forces have worked 12-hour shifts in the month following the collapse that killed at least 97 people.

Hacker Is Stealing Identities of People Killed in Surfside Collapse, Officials Say

  Hacker Is Stealing Identities of People Killed in Surfside Collapse, Officials Say "I'm looking forward to our police department apprehending them," the Florida town's mayor said.More than 90 people are confirmed dead in the June 24 partial collapse of the 12-story Champlain Towers South in the Miami suburb. As family members of the victims continue to mourn in the wake of the tragedy, a hacker has tried to exploit the victims for personal gain. WPLG reported that officials said the hacker appears to have monitored news reports to find the names of victims, then worked to steal their identities.

At least 99 people are unaccounted for after a building partially collapsed in Surfside , Florida. At least one person was killed and at least 11 were injured. The Miami-Dade mayor said at least 102 people have been accounted for as rescue efforts continue.

Search and rescue efforts continue after a building in Surfside , Florida, partially collapsed . Follow here for the latest updates. Six cases of Covid-19 have developed among the search and rescue operations at Surfside , Florida, according to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Chief Alan Cominsky. At a news conference Friday evening, Cominsky said that the outbreak was among one of the teams from Florida. "So we do have our medical procedures in place, you know, unfortunately, this is another challenge but something that we've been dealing with for over the past year," Cominsky said.

"It was extremely grueling,"said Nicole Notte, a member of one of the rescue task forces.

"Especially having a baby at home and seeing the things that we have seen, it's hard. It's harder. It's personal," she added.

On Wednesday, Miami-Dade County officials said they had identified 97 victims of the June 24 condo collapse. They believe only one victim has yet to be identified.

While the rescue crews departed the site of the collapse Friday, police and forensic specialists remain there as they continue to identify remains, WPLG reported.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said Wednesday that the rescue crews and "debris handling teams" had "mostly cleared" the site of the collapse.

Video: Rescue turns to recovery in Surfside condo collapse (Reuters)

Surfside condo collapse: Additional victim identified as Live Nation executive

  Surfside condo collapse: Additional victim identified as Live Nation executive The Miami-Dade Police Department announced Saturday afternoon that an additional victim in the tragic Surfside building collapse has been identified, bringing the total to 95 identified victims out of 97 people who lost their lives.Theresa Velasquez, 36, was identified Saturday after her remains were found in the rubble on July 8, authorities said.

Rescuers search for victims at a collapsed South Florida condo building Monday, July 5, in Surfside , after demolition crews set off a string of explosives that brought down the last of the Champlain Towers South building in a plume of dust on Sunday. Search and rescue efforts have continued for days , but at least 118 people remain unaccounted for. Here's what we know about the building, the collapse and the race to find the missing: Search is back on after overnight demolition: The rest of the Champlain Towers South building was demolished Sunday night in hopes it could help rescue teams to expand

Officials Will End Search Efforts After Condominium Collapse . Officials in Florida said after two weeks of searching for victims they would shift their focus to recovery efforts after assessing that no survivors would be found. It is with deep, profound sadness that this afternoon, I’m able to share that Rescue teams had come from all over Florida, as well as Texas, Israel and Mexico, driven on by the anguish of onlooking family members who yelled out the names of their missing loved ones and stories of unlikely survivals from disasters past. As impatience and frustration grew among family members of

The mayor added that officials were continuing"to search as thoroughly as possible for any remains to bring closure to families."

"In collapses like this one it is unfortunately very difficult to recover all the remains. Some of the factors that impeded the search work against us, like fire and water," Levine Cava said in a statement.

"The enormous pressure of the weight of the collapse and the passage of time also make it more challenging. Our teams are committed to doing everything possible to bring closure to the families, and that's why they continue to search the debris," she continued.

Officials have yet to identify a cause of the collapse that brought down the Champlain Towers South in Surfside.

However, a report from an engineer in 2018 concluded that there was structural damage throughout the building. CNN reported Wednesday that when the search for victims ends, experts believe it will be easier for the investigation into the cause of the disaster to pick up.

Florida condo collapse: Rescue workers thanked in touching ceremony after return to headquarters

  Florida condo collapse: Rescue workers thanked in touching ceremony after return to headquarters Florida firefighters have concluded the month-long search for bodies in the wreckage of the Surfside condo collapse. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue remained on-site since the June 24 collapse, assisting efforts to search and rescue – and later, recover – the victims of the collapse. Miami-Dade Assistant Fire Chief Raide Jadallah said the fire department’s role in recovering remains at the collapsed Surfside building has finished as of Friday. They left the site in a convoy of fire engines and other vehicles and drove slowly to their headquarters.

Search and rescue efforts at the partially collapsed South Florida condo will temporarily pause as officials prepare for the demolition of the building's remaining units, officials said Saturday.

Rescue crews have been at the rubble for weeks searching for victims -- a mission that changed from rescue to recovery last week. On Tuesday, the death toll in the condo collapse stood at 95 after crews recovered another body in the debris overnight, and another 14 people remain unaccounted for. Surfside -- a small, eclectic town of about 6,000 people -- is also home to a large population of Orthodox Jews. Following the collapse when families were reuniting, it was common to hear a mix of conversations in Hebrew, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Florida State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle told CNN that there have been "multiple requests by engineers and attorneys" who want to go to the site.

"Engineers from the federal agency National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) were deployed to Surfside with Congressional authority to gather evidence and determine how and why the Champlain South Tower collapsed," Fernandez Rundle said.

"It is my understanding that once NIST, the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and Miami-Dade Police Departments determine that it is safe and appropriate for others to gain access to the site, they will be permitted to do so under guidelines set forth by those agencies," she added.

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