World Nuclear, Climate ... The challenges of the first displacement of Macron in French Polynesia

20:25  24 july  2021
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How climate change fueled the devastating floods in Germany and northwest Europe

  How climate change fueled the devastating floods in Germany and northwest Europe “These are the harbingers of climate change that have now arrived in Germany.” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called the flooding “a clear indication of climate change” and “something that really, really shows the urgency to act.

  Nucléaire, climat… Les enjeux du premier déplacement de Macron en Polynésie française © Copyright 2021, Obs

after Tokyo , President Emmanuel Macron begins this Saturday, July 24 his first trip to French Polynesia. During these 4 days, it should evoke the strategic importance of this Pacific archipelago, but also the climate challenges it encounters. The Polynesians, on their side, also expect ads for nuclear test victims.

Emmanuel Macron had to postpone a trip to French Polynesia scheduled for mid-April 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, and made no trip in the overseas territories since the beginning of the COVID health crisis -19. The last presidential displacement in the archipelago was François Hollande in February 2016.

The Infrastructure Bill Won’t Cut It on Climate

  The Infrastructure Bill Won’t Cut It on Climate Washington cannot address a small sliver of our carbon pollution and call it a victory. We have to tackle this problem at scale. The last chance we had for a federal climate bill was 12 years ago. I’m afraid that Congress will again fail to pass climate legislation that invests at the necessary level. I’m worried that we’ll keep burning time we no longer have.But we must not abandon hope. “Despair is paralysis,” the ecologist Robin Wall Kimmerer writes in Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants. “It robs us of agency.

The Head of State booked his first visit to the French Polynesia Hospital where he will "meet the caregivers," said the Elysium. In parallel, a demonstration against the sanitary pass is planned Saturday morning in Papeete, on the island of Tahiti.

on the island of Rapa Iti, with the Robinson at the end of the world

The French state provided more than 224,000 doses of vaccine at French Polynesia, 226,000 in New Caledonia and 18,000 in Wallis and Futuna.

The Elysee ensures that the President "will of course have a look" on these two other French Pacific territories, who each live an important moment, with the third self-determination consultation scheduled for December 12, 2021 in New Caledonia and The celebration on July 29th of the 60th anniversary of the Overseas Territory Status in Wallis and Futuna. These two communities are currently "Covid Free", and visit them would imply forty who is "not compatible with presidential displacement," said the Elysee.

Carbon Tax, Beloved Policy to Fix Climate Change, Is Dead at 47

  Carbon Tax, Beloved Policy to Fix Climate Change, Is Dead at 47 It reshaped how the world thought about climate change. But its prized trait—bloodless economic efficiency—won it few friends on the right or left.The death was confirmed by President Joe Biden’s utter lack of interest in passing it.

Strategic importance

The Head of State can not respond to the invitation launched by the authorities of Wallis and Futuna, a delegation will meet him in Polynesia to have a "special interview" on Tuesday.

Video: Crisis exit: good or bad news for the climate? (France 24)

The South Pacific has indeed a strategic importance for France, and Emmanuel Macron "will have the opportunity to evoke the indo -acific strategy and the positioning that France wants to hold in this space that pollares ", according to the Elysée.

"Overseas Islands, Climate Sentinels", Faced with the challenges of

warming at the end of June, the French Air Force has deployed three gusting aircraft, two phenix MRTT A330 tankers and two devices. Transport A400M in Tahiti, demonstrating its ability to deploy aircraft to the other end of the world in less than 48 hours.

Climate cataclysms set stage for key UN science report

  Climate cataclysms set stage for key UN science report On the heels of jaw-dropping heat and flooding across three continents, nearly 200 nations gather Monday to validate a critical UN climate science report 100 days ahead of a political summit charged with keeping Earth liveable. The world is a different place than in 2014, when the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its fifth comprehensive assessment of global heating, past and future. Lingering doubts that warming was gathering pace or almost entirely human in origin, along with the falsely reassuring notion that climate impacts are tomorrow's problem, have since evaporated in the haze of record heat, wildfires and crippling droughts.

Climate risks and nuclear tests

Emmanuel Macron also relies on the risk of evokeing the risks of climate change for the archipelago, vulnerable to the rise of oceans, and cyclones.

The President will visit the island of Hiva OA to support the Nominations of the Unesco World Herquitations Registration, and on the Manihi Atoll in the Tuamotu where he will visit a hybrid power plant (photovoltaic / Diesel) that facilitated the electrification of the Atoll.

The displacement was preceded in early July of a round table on the consequences of nuclear tests in Polynesia which brought together a Polynesian delegation conducted by President Edouard Fricch, and the ministers of health, armies and overseas.

in Polynesia, the real level of radioactivity during nuclear tests has been underestimated

"French Polynesia has greatly contributed to the construction of our deterrent and it is necessary to assume all the consequences, human, societal, sanitary , environmental and economic, "said Geneviève Darrieussecq, Minister Delegate to Memory and Veterans Affairs.

"The President of the Republic will be at heart, during this displacement, to promote this close and transparent dialogue by encouraging the rapid and concrete implementation of several actions, both on the issue of memory with the opening of the archives. on individual compensation issues ", according to the Elysée.

Portland's roads melted during last month's heatwave. So what does this extreme weather event tell us about climate change? .
American cities that usually experience moderate summers broke records in June, literally melting through hottest days. Now scientists are trying to answer whether climate change is making these kinds of extremes more frequent. "There are really two considerations here when it comes to events like that," he said."The first one is, how will climate change affect the weather patterns? So, the specific pattern that produces that type of warmth."The other question is the background warming that climate change produces, which is on the order of maybe two or three and perhaps even four degrees Fahrenheit.

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