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21:31  26 july  2021
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How climate change fueled the devastating floods in Germany and northwest Europe

  How climate change fueled the devastating floods in Germany and northwest Europe “These are the harbingers of climate change that have now arrived in Germany.” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called the flooding “a clear indication of climate change” and “something that really, really shows the urgency to act.

If both the test as well as the seriousness goes wrong, the policy in dealing with disaster warnings must not remain in keeping further. The consequences from the most recent flood must not end in the technique, but must also question structures.

 Ein Feuerwehrmann steht im Dorf Meyschoß vor einem von der Flutwelle völlig zerstörten Haus. © Boris Roessler A firefighter is located in the village of Moyshoot in front of a house completely destroyed by the tidal wave.

should coincide with the next devastating flood with the defense case, the federal government would be in the obligation to warn the citizens in the affected regions in good time. But as long as Germany lives in peacetime, the countries are the responsibility that they have largely passed to the cities, circles and communities. This principle belongs to the test bench. If people are finally safe and the chaos in NRW and Rhineland-Palatinate is set aside, the responsible other consequences will have to pull as it is currently after the motto "has always been like this and has been proven."

floods in Europe: more than 150 deaths, research continues to find the missing

 floods in Europe: more than 150 deaths, research continues to find the missing © John Thys residents are held near a damaged and flooded road in Trooz, near Liège, July 16, 2021. AFP / John Thys devastated regions, more than a hundred victims and research that continues to find the ever more missing missing. The ethnic floods in Europe has steadily evolved by the latter 48 hours, making at least 157 deaths, mostly . The country thus deplores the worst natural disaster for more than half a century. Back to the latest developments of these devastating floods.

It is obvious that one like Horst Seehofer, who dragged a decade as a Bavarian Prime Minister of any pure government of the federal vehemently, in his office as a Federal Interior Minister now not the opposite and yet he was forced to be more responsibility for the before the flood catastrophe Cooperation between the levels to his Federal Office for Population Protection and Disaster Assistance. Because beforehand had been shown to be a dry exercise, a nationwide warning day, that there is a lot going wrong if it is to be warned uniform and then the regional bodies do not hold on the agreement. Due to acute overload, the test run became the fiasco and Seehofer exchanged the governor to underline how necessary is a rebuilding of the system.

Floods: Berlin wants to improve its alert system

 Floods: Berlin wants to improve its alert system © Christof Stache Destruction scene in the small town of Dernau, in Rhineland-Palatinate, in western Germany, July 18, 2021 The Government of Angela Merkel promised Monday to improve the National Disaster Alert System, implicated as a result of the devastating floods that hit Germany, with a balance sheet that stopped at least 165 dead.

Video: Demand for storm drama: Civil protection must be better (Sat.1)

But when it was not about a simulation ten months later, but to save Humbles through timely alerting of the affected population, several regions were again overwhelmed and worried to warn of the rapidly threatening water masses. If something fails first in an exercise and then in case of emergency, the responsible persons urgently have to part with the conviction that everything could continue as so far.

Seehofer has right with the consequence that there must be a mix of analog and digital warning systems. Who familiarizes only on his app, does not get along what colles together as he sleeps. Who puts only on the siren, will not know what to do. The technically possible alerting of all cell phone users in a vulnerable region must now be launched beyond all jurisdictions. Because together, all reputable forecasts is that the frequency of extremely breadters will increase. Everyone is well advised to optimize warnings and processes. The faster the better.

Mother dies after saving baby from China floods

  Mother dies after saving baby from China floods Rescuers believe she had flung her daughter to safety just as their home in Henan was buried.The baby girl was pulled out alive on Wednesday after more than 24 hours buried under rubble.

The Confederation finances the reintroduction and the contest of sirens, because he is responsible for war times for it and, oncoming the infrastructure for use also leaves the countries and municipalities. "As in the war" came the residents and helpers in the disaster areas as the name of destruction in the sense. This should be based on the warning and delay a potential prevention or delay instance.

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When cynical influencers try to enjoy the floods in China .
© a hell is added to another. | Weibo via Supchina A hell is added to another. | Weibo Via Supchina The scenes are apocalyptic and the balance sheet is heavy: in the Henan, the province of central east of China, the recent floods did according to the last counts more than 300 dead , have ravaged the Region and ruined its inhabitants.

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