World 'Massive Revolts': GOP Rep. Warns Against Mask Mandates After Being Fined for Not Wearing One

02:30  27 july  2021
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Clarence Thomas rejects appeal to halt federal mask mandate on public transportation

  Clarence Thomas rejects appeal to halt federal mask mandate on public transportation Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas rejected an appeal late Tuesday to remove the federal mask mandate for public transportation, according to reports. The emergency request was brought by a man who said a generalized anxiety disorder prevented him from wearing a mask and he was unable to board a flight leaving Orlando, Florida, last month, the Washington Examiner reported. Lucas Wall, a frequent flier from Washington, D.C., called Thomas’s decision "disappointing" while acknowledging the Monday request had been a "long shot.

The demonstration came after a group of GOP members sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier Tuesday urging her to rescind a decision to extend proxy voting in the House through July 3 and requesting the resumption of full in-person committee hearings. The letter also called for an end to virtual committee hearings, claiming that "Ineffective remote Later, however, Scott came back for the next round of votes with a mask . He told CNN that he had checked and realized that he would be fined for not wearing a mask on the House floor. " I wasn't trying to be belligerent," Scott explained.

U.S. health officials are almost universally in agreement that wearing a mask can slow the virus’s spread. If everyone in the United States wore a mask in public, the virus could be under control in one to two months, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head Robert Redfield recently said, describing masks as “ one of the most powerful weapons we have” to slow the virus. Kemp issued an executive order banning municipalities from mask mandates just hours after he met with a maskless Trump in Atlanta. Kemp’s office declined to comment on whether the two discussed masks .

Republican U.S. House member Ralph Norman is speaking out regarding potential mask mandates that may be administered due to rising COVID-19 numbers.

Ralph Norman sitting on a table: Representative Ralph Norman lost an appeal against a fine issued for not wearing a face covering in the House. © Greg Nash/Getty Images Representative Ralph Norman lost an appeal against a fine issued for not wearing a face covering in the House.

The South Carolina congressman spoke to NewsMax on Monday about certain consequences that might occur if Americans are required to wear masks in public places by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.

"I don't think they're going to take it well," Norman said to NewsMax. "I think you can see massive revolts against doing this, particularly with this administration and being so hypocritical in other areas. I think they'll revolt against it."

America’s Mask Dilemma

  America’s Mask Dilemma Depending on where you live and your risk tolerance, vaccinated people are justified in either masking or unmasking indoors.For some Americans, this is no longer a choice. Buffeted by rising COVID-19 case counts resulting from the hyper-transmissible Delta variant, Los Angeles County re-implemented an indoor mask mandate a few days ago. Unlike mask guidelines elsewhere, the new rule applies to everyone, regardless of vaccination status. Other localities might soon follow.

Tony Evers implemented a new statewide mask mandate on Thursday, shortly after the Republican-controlled Legislature voted to revoke his previous order requiring face coverings in public places. Evers said in a video posted to Twitter that his priority is keeping Wisconsinites safe and that wearing a “If the Legislature keeps playing politics and we don’t keep wearing masks , we ’ re going to see more preventable deaths, and it’s going to take even longer to get our state and our economy back on track,” the Democratic governor said. Republicans in the state Assembly voted to repeal Evers’ mandate

The CDC recommends wearing masks after their study showed that related to COVID, the results of wearing masks were statistically the same as the results when not wearing masks . Joe's reporting is often months ahead of the Mainstream media as was observed in his reporting on the Mueller sham investigation, the origins of the China coronavirus, and 2020 Election fraud. Joe was a corporate executive in Hong Kong for a decade and has years of experience in finance, IT, operations and auditing around the world.

"What will be interesting is when you board an airplane, whether people are gonna decide they want to do it or not, or risk being thrown off the plane," Norman continued. "But it's going to be massive. This is part of their strategy to do this."

"Where is the commission to find out where it [COVID-19] really came from? Does anybody believe it was from a bat in a wet market? No, this is from a foreign country, China, which we think, a lot of us think, they're putting this out on America because they despise America, they're a communist country."

In May, Norman, along with U.S. Representatives Majorie Taylor Greene, of Georgia, and Thomas Massie, of Kentucky, were fined $500 for not wearing a face-covering on the House floor. He lost an appeal on July 20 regarding the specified fine.

Hospitals Hit With Protests After Saying Employees Must Be Vaccinated: 'Stop Vax Bullying'

  Hospitals Hit With Protests After Saying Employees Must Be Vaccinated: 'Stop Vax Bullying' More than 100 people gathered in rallies across Iowa and Michigan on Saturday to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates.More than 100 people gathered in rallies across Iowa and Michigan on Saturday to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates, chanting slogans such as "stop vax bullying," "my body, my choice, the land of the free," and "mandates belong in socialist countries," among others.

Democrat lawmakers in Texas are promoting the idea of vaccine mandates as public health officials continue to beg Americans to get vaccinated, seemingly dismissing the concerns of millions of Americans who have chosen not to receive the jab for personal reasons and concerns. “‘Along w/ renewed restrictions it’s clear gentle persuasion did not achieve vax rate we need to defeat Covid. Yes the politics are hard but dying is worse as is re-tanking the economy. It’s time for vaccine mandates –nothing else gets us where we need to go,'” she quoted

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “Sources are telling CNN that top health officials are weighing whether to revise mask guidelines for vaccinated Americans. Are you part of those conversations? If so, what are you advising? Do you think masks should be brought back for vaccinated Americans? Yes, I am part of the discussion. But I think what you are seeing, even though as of our conversation at this moment, the CDC still says and recommends that if you are vaccinated fully, that you do not need to wear a mask indoors.

Video: WH supports call for COVID vaccine mandate for U.S. medical staff (Reuters)

Afterward, Norman pushed back on Twitter stating the House missed an opportunity to uphold its orders to allow vaccinated individuals to be without face coverings in public places.

"Americans ought to push back on petty rules that are neither rational nor rooted in science," Norman said on Twitter. "Especially those that are politically motivated. That's exactly what I did on the House floor."

Norman also spoke to NewsMax about a potential vaccine mandate if the FDA approves the COVID-19 vaccine.

"What I'm hearing is they'll probably try it," Norman said. "You know, we've got freedom in this country to choose whether we get vaccinated or not. I got vaccinated. But the same thing on the mask. Most of the doctors I talked with say masks do no good.

"This is another scare tactic that I think this administration is using, and I think they probably will [require vaccines] at some point."

Mandate the vaccine, not masks

  Mandate the vaccine, not masks Vaccines are the solution to Covid-19. Let’s make the most of them.With the rise of the delta variant and a rapid increase in Covid-19 cases, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is calling on vaccinated people to wear masks indoors again in places where the virus is quickly spreading. At least some school districts will likely require masks this fall. Local governments, from Massachusetts to California, are reviving mask mandates.

My guess is the people you see wearing masks are overwhelmingly vaccinated people who are still concerned about spreading the virus. I live in the SF Bay Area and it's still very common to see masks inside. My wife and I both wear masks and we have both been vaccinated for months. Speaking as someone who works in a large hospital chain that hasn’t required vaccinations, I cannot upvote this enough. I can’t wrap my head around not mandating it in healthcare.

Two GOP members joined Democrats in the Wisconsin senate in an unsuccessful effort to strike down the anti - mask resolution. About two dozen health groups had lobbied against scrapping the mask - wearing order, including the Wisconsin Medical Society. They argued that masks were a necessity until such time the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine is widely administered. If Wisconsin passes the anti - mask resolution, it would join nine other states without statewide mask mandates . Three states near Wisconsin have no mask mandate – North Dakota, South Dakota and Missouri.

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in the United States, "specifically amongst unvaccinated populations," according to the CDC. Also, "Delta has caused over 75 percent of recent COVID-19 cases in the United States, and will likely cause more."

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Conservative reaction pours in after Dem mayors, governors impose new mask mandates: 'Kiss my mask' .
Democratic leaders around the country are facing criticism and blowback after they rushed to reimpose unpopular mask mandates following updated coronavirus guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC said this week that even vaccinated individuals in areas deemed as high-risk should return to wearing masks indoors – prompting the new wave in face-covering requirements. But the mandates are unpopular for numerous reasons. Some say the masks irritate them or hinder their breathing.

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