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10:38  29 july  2021
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Facing Turkey, Greece receives burship of Dassault Aviation

 Facing Turkey, Greece receives burship of Dassault Aviation © Pixabay Faced with Turkey, Greece receives gust of Dassault Aviation Greece receives from Dassault Aviation Rafale, responsible for ensuring its "territorial integrity "In a context of" potential instability "including Turkey, explained the Greek Minister of Defense Nikolaos Panayotopoulos. Great First for Dassault Aviation. The French aircraft manufacturer delivered his first burst to a European country.

Firefighters fight against fires that declared themselves on Wednesday afternoon in southern Turkey, near the tourist area of ​​Antalya, and in Greece, in Peloponnese. View on Euronews

Officiers de police et habitants observant l'avancée d'un incendie près de Manavgat, Antalya, Turquie, 28 juillet 2021 © Arif Kaplan / IHA police officers and inhabitants observing the advance of a fire near Manavgat, Antalya, Turkey, July 28, 2021

The south of Turkey has been prey to the flames since yesterday. Wednesday afternoon, a fire expressed himself in a forest of Manavgat, about 80 kilometers east of the tourist town of Antalya. And he quickly reached inhabited areas. Attached by violent winds, he ravaged houses in Kalemler District.

"We need people": Russian firefighters facing the Siberian fires

 © AFP F Ace with the vast fires ravaging the forests of the Siberian Republic of Iakoutie, Egor Zakharov and his team struggle tirelessly, but men are missing To cope with one of the worst seasons that the region experienced. At the head of a forest protection brigade, Egor Zakharov and her men spent the evening patrolling a five-kilometer long trench they dug near the village of Bias-Kiouïol, to stop A fire that approached dangerously the area.

62 people, mostly people, have been affected by fumes. Three of them were hospitalized for burns.

Faced with the progression of the fires, the Turkish authorities had to evacuate the houses of four parts of Manavgat.

A total of 19 water bomber helicopters and more than 30 fire-fighting vehicles have been mobilized. 400 firefighters still fight against several firebanks.

There were four fire departures in an area of ​​about 1,500 hectares, but we do not know the cause.

Fires Ravage Forests in Siberia Several fires ravage southern Europe

Video: Turkey: The Province of Artvin struck by significant floods, at least 6 dead (dailymotion)

in Greece Also, fires mobilize the authorities, especially in the region of Peloponnese.

in pictures. Turkey struck in turn by murderers

 in pictures. Turkey struck in turn by murderers Turkey was swept away by several fires triggered throughout the country. If they have been controlled on Friday, the damage is numerous. © AFP This aerial photograph shows houses surrounded by a forest fire which engulfed a Mediterranean seaside resort on the south coast of Turkey, near the city of Manavgat, July 30, 2021. after the Fires in California , the bad weather that swept China and part of Europe, it's Turkey's turn to kiss.

After the forest fire on Mont Penteli near Athens, the village of Drosia had to be evacuated by the firefighters. The fire had also declared yesterday, in the afternoon.

According to some sources, the firefront is in a ravine, but the winds that blow in the region attract the flames and complicate the task of firefighters.

16 fire trucks, and a hundred fire soldiers are assisted by five aircraft and two water bomber helicopters to fight the fire.

A beekeeper charged for the fire of Mount Penteli

A 64-year-old beekeeper was charged this Wednesday in Athens for "Voluntary Fire by Neglect", in the aftermath of a forest fire that damaged several homes on Mount Penteli, in The northern suburbs of Athens.

It is accused of burning foliage near its hives in Stamata, from which the fire left, according to the Greek Ministry of Civil Protection.

Four other people had been arrested on Tuesday as part of the investigation, before being quickly released by the Greek police.

The fire was triggered on Tuesday in the locality of Stamata, about thirty kilometers from Athens, before spreading to the municipalities of Dionysos and Rodopoli, in a pine forest of Mont Penteli, without a victim.

The fire was "under control" Wednesday, according to Greek firefighters.

Mediterranean: Greece still prey to the flames .
© Reuters - Nikolas Economy Evacuation of the village of Limni, on the island of Eube, in Greece, August 6, 2021. Violent fires continued this Saturday, for the 11th consecutive day, gaining ground in Greece, devouring forests and homes, after making two dead the day before and caused massive evacuations. In Turkey, on the other hand, providential rains help relief.

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