World Brown: Sponsors are not detected by loud motors

11:15  29 july  2021
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Shoulder surgery for second Brown at Pies

  Shoulder surgery for second Brown at Pies Callum Brown will join brother Tyler in Collingwood's rehabilitation group after undergoing shoulder surgery this week.Brown suffered a dislocated left shoulder during the dying stages of Sunday's 29-point defeat to traditional rivals Carlton at the MCG.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner thinks that the formula would tick F1’s green credentials on the fuel front, and be more exciting for fans thanks to engines that thrill again. Not everyone is convinced, though, with Mercedes boss Toto Wolff fearing that major sponsors may not be happy to be Brown , who had a long involvement in the sport as a sponsor guru before joining McLaren, is not so sure though that sponsors would be unhappy at what Red Bull has proposed. “What’s most important is that Formula 1 is sustainable,” said Brown . “You can get there a variety of different ways and I do not

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Zak Brown macht sich Gedanken um die Zukunft der Formel 1 © Motorsport Images Zak Brown is thinking about the future of Formula 1

McLaren Managing Director Zak Brown does not believe that potential sponsors would be deterred when Formula 1 will be back in the future would put on loud engines. This had feared Mercedes MotorsportChef Toto Wolff with regard to the new Regulations 2025. Currently there are still talks in which direction the formula 1 will then go.

Red Bull had for a return to loud and exciting motors were pronounced, which would like many fans. The sustainable component should be there the fuel. However, Wolff does not go far enough: "We can not be an old gasoline with screaming engines if each of us expects us to drive," he says.

AOC Stumps for 'Squad' Hopeful Nina Turner in Ohio, Says It's About 'People vs. Big Money'

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A classic internal combustion engine is "the wrong orientation, if we remember where the world moves. Even if we like loud internal combustion engines," says Wolff. "Let's stay, then we probably chas away every single business partner from Formula 1." However,

Brown does not believe that sponsors would expend to the proposal of Red Bull - and the McLaren man has a lot of experience with the acquisition of donors. "Most importantly, that Formula 1 is sustainable," he says. "This can be achieved about different ways. As long as the formula 1 is sustainable, it does not matter to the sponsors as you reach them."

"Whether it is an internal combustion engine with sustainable fuels or an electrical or hybrid drive is important that formula 1 is a cutting-edge technology and that sustainability for the sport and the world is crucial," said Brown.

Democratic-led cities efforting for defunding police spent millions on private security

  Democratic-led cities efforting for defunding police spent millions on private security Democratic-led cities efforting for defunding police spent millions on private security for mayorsAs crime surges across the nation, Democratic mayors in approximately 20 U.S. cities that have called for defunding the police have received millions in taxpayer funds towards their own personal security details, according to a new report. New data compiled by Forbes auditor Open the Books through Freedom of Information Act requests reveals that the city of Chicago, for example, spent $17.3 million between 2015 and 2020 to guard "unnamed city officials.

The blackbird can be detected by radars of the 60s era. Stealth never meant it was undetectable, the anti radar design features meant the radar cross section area is smaller, that means it takes longer to be detectable , and by the time it is detectable , the bird already got the pictures it needed, and it was on their way home. I would wager yes. The Skunk Works admits that the Soviets were tracking the U-2 on radar — that is not normally disputed. The SR-71 flew through the same airspace, with the IR signature of the Towering Inferno.

Conversely, a very loud exhaust noise coming from a clunker is just … noise. Though it’s impossible to explain to someone who doesn’t understand and like engines and how they work, the enjoyment of a great “exhaust note” can be compared to listening to an orchestra. If the musicians are just very loud , but not very good, it’s terrible. In my humble opinion this is utter nonsense. The plain truth: A loud bike appears to be stronger and faster than a quiet one (I have passed by enough loud Harleys to tell you it is not so).

With regard to Wolff's statements, Brown believes that it speaks from a workteam's point of view, whose manufacturer has its own agenda in the streetcar area and stands in front of other challenges as a Formula 1 team: "What you have heard there was more the point of view Manufacturer who wants the sustainable element to match the market. "

"Do I believe that the fans and business partners would be averse to the formula 1 would take a sustainable technological direction, which may differ from the automotive industry?", Brown. "I do not think the company partners and fans had something against it."

But of course you need to consider the views of the manufacturers: "They are a big part of the sport," says the McLaren man. "We need them."

West HQ allegedly gave cash to its own pet projects while ignoring needy local charities .
An ABC investigation reveals a multi-million-dollar western Sydney club did not follow recommendations from an advisory group and awarded funds allocated to community causes into other projects.In 2019, the manager of the disability service Community Access Western Sydney (CAWS) put in an application to the NSW ClubGrants scheme to help fund her organisation's Soul Food Café, which provides free food and coffee for some of Sydney's most vulnerable people.

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