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02:25  30 july  2021
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New York pollution alert amid smoke from wildfires in west and Canada

  New York pollution alert amid smoke from wildfires in west and Canada New York and parts of the eastern United States and Canada were shrouded in a gray smoky haze Tuesday from fires burning in the western United States and Canada. Several large fires have ravaged the western United States in recent days -- notably in California, Nevada and Oregon, where the dangerous Bootleg Fire is still raging, even though the fire season has only just begun. In Canada, more than 2,000 people have been evacuated in recent days in the province of Ontario, the most populous in the country, and more than 200 fires were active in the province and neighboring Manitoba, according to official figures Tuesday.

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F Ace with the vast fires ravaging the forests of the Siberian Republic of Iakoutie, Egor Zakharov and his team struggle tirelessly, but men are missing To cope with one of the worst seasons that the region experienced.

At the head of a forest protection brigade, Egor Zakharov and her men spent the evening patrolling a five-kilometer long trench they dug near the village of Bias-Kiouïol, to stop A fire that approached dangerously the area.

with masks against pensible smoke, men lit up rubber tires they suspended to sticks, then fixed on the arid floor of the forest on the other side of the trench, to start a controlled fire.

Why did the air quality in these states plummet on Tuesday?

  Why did the air quality in these states plummet on Tuesday? Skies across major U.S. cities were a murky grey on Tuesday against a blood orange sun as smoke choked the East Coast. New York City saw its worst air quality in more than 14 years, with the Air Quality Index reaching into the 160s on Wednesday morning. OREGON'S BOOTLEG FIRE IS GENERATING ITS OWN WEATHER The conditions are attributable to the giant western wildfires almost 3,000 miles away. And this is not the first time this has happened either. In September 2020, NASA's Earth Observatory satellites tracked smoke plumes as they were swept from west to east, spreading over much of the continental U.S.

The team does not even have more against how many fires they had to fight since the end of May - sometimes successfully and sometimes non - in Iakoutie, a sparsely populated region located in the extreme north of Eastern Siberia, facing a Very serious fire season.

"we held a zone for eight days but it burned in the end because the tractors have never been able to come to us," says Zakharov, adding that in this kind of situation they have More than digging trenches with shovels.

more than equipment, "We need people," he says, however.

aggravated by a heat wave, the forest fires have so far ravaged more than 1.5 million hectares of Taiga Iakoute. And the fire season still has to extend for more than a month in Siberia.

Limited manpower

In recent years, vast areas of Russia have been facing cafines and droughts caused by climate change, with numerous beaten temperature records in Moscow and elsewhere.

California's Dixie Fire rages as temperatures expected to rise across US

  California's Dixie Fire rages as temperatures expected to rise across US California's Dixie Fire, the largest wildfire burning in the western state, has jumped to 167,430 acres. The fire, which is just 18% contained, was started 10 days ago, though the cause is still under investigation by Cal Fire. As firefighters worked to battle the Dixie Fire's flames in Butte and Plumas counties, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency on Friday for Plumas, Butte, Lassen and Alpine counties -- where fires have collectively destroyed homes, forced evacuations and damaged critical infrastructure.

video: Russian rescuers go looking for the plane disappeared in the Kamchatka (AFP)

in Iakoutie, the coldest region of Russia along the Arctic Ocean, the fires of Forests have reached a level as they have almost broke the protection air service.

with 250 full-time employees and 150 seasonal, who monitor fires from the air or who descend on the spot in parachute or truck, he is responsible for a territory representing almost five times the size of the France .

The objective, recognizes the Chief Pilot Sviatoslav Kolessov, is to turn off the fires entirely. But with limited workforce, which has suffered from budget cuts since the end of the USSR when the service had about 1,600 people, the task is often impossible to achieve.

Often, because of this lack of men, firefighters only intervene when the fires reach a size deemed sufficient, letting burn smaller fires.

As Russia Talks Nuclear Weapons with U.S., It Forges Closer Military Ties with China

  As Russia Talks Nuclear Weapons with U.S., It Forges Closer Military Ties with China Russia's military chief said Moscow and Beijing have found "new ways of interaction and continued fruitful collaboration," while his Chinese counterpart said the two have "maintained strong and unwavering bilateral relations, becoming an important stabilizing force of the world today."The State Department announced Wednesday that a delegation headed by Deputy Secretary Wendy Sherman met with a Russian team led by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in Geneva to mark the beginning of the U.S.-Russia Strategic Stability Dialogue, which was outlined in last month's summit between U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"And if the fire spreads rapidly and reaches a large area, then we are trying to save inhabited regions and strategic infrastructures," says Kolessov at AFP .

"Everything Burns"

Ecologists call into question the Russian Forest Fire Policy, including a Government Decree of 2015 authorizing local authorities to ignore fires if the cost to extinguish them exceeds the estimated damage.

"We have been saying for years that Russia has to multiply by at least three budget to fight forest fires," explains to GREENPEACE AFP Grigori KOUKSINE.

In early July, Moscow mobilized his rescuers and his army to help the Iakutie faced with the fires, while dozens of volunteers also joined the fight.

The lack of funds for the Air Protection Air Service, the only body fully responsible for combating such fires, is nevertheless obvious in the field.

"I lent most of my equipment to a team on a surrounding fire," says Egor Zakharov, who said he could not get a patrol quad only after multiple requests and criticisms of the authorities on the authorities slowness of his team.

"Our men have been working in the forest for a non-stop month. Anyone would be tired. From what right do they criticize?", He picks up, promising to continue despite everything.

After Bias-Kiouïol, his men will fight against the next fire, without any rest. "If we were not there, everything would burn," he says.

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China Hosts Russia Troops to Hold Strategic Military Drills for First Time .
Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin "noted that Russian-Chinese military cooperation is characterized by high dynamics of development, consistent expansion of areas of interaction and a great intensity of contacts."Russian personnel were met with a warm reception over the weekend as Chinese People's Liberation Army Lieutenant General Liu Xiaowu, deputy commander of the Western Theater Command and commanding officer of Chinese forces in the upcoming exercise, presented a bouquet of flowers to members of the Russian military delegation visiting ahead of the Zapad-Interaction, or West-Interaction, drills set to play out from August 9 to 13.

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