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03:40  30 july  2021
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  Are we turning Australian history into Australian mythology? Crikey readers on the rise of the military in Australian leadership, a fraught school curriculum, the woes of Katie Hopkins, and other hot topics.Margaret Donald writes: Thank you, Kishor. But of course it has been happening for years. Note our governors-general since (I think) Tony Abbott. It’s extremely frightening. And what is with the ads for getting vaccinated when it remains the case that those who wish to cannot? (Standard: blame the victim, not the perpetrator — here it’s blame the public and not the government.) Lots of smoke and mirrors (costing huge amounts) to remove the heat from where it really belongs.

That ugly moment when a soldier realizes that he is an instrument of politics, not a champion of freedom. All that struggle and pain and sacrifice you endured, not just invalid, but used for purpose without your knowledge, for which you would not have agreed. The USA didn’t clearly understand the situation there and we committed so many atrocities. There are many good documentaries on the Vietnam War that go into great detail about the history of Vietnam and everyone should watch them.

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A public inquiry committee has given the government of Malta a complicity at the murder of the revelation journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. The state did not take steps to protect.

Für viele in Malta ist Daphne Caruana Galizia eine Heldin - hier eine Demonstration im Dezember 2019, zwei Jahre nach ihrer Ermordung © dw / t. Tosidis For many in Malta, Daphne Caruana Galizia is a heroine - here a demonstration in December 2019, two years after her murder

The government failed to protect the journalist from dangers for her life, it is said in the report of the Investigation Committee. It has a "atmosphere of the impunity" prevailed, which went out of the highest ranks of the government and reached to the police. Ultimately, this has led "to a collapse of the rule of law", it continues to say.

COVID-19: United States borders remain closed

 COVID-19: United States borders remain closed © Saul Loeb "We maintain at this stage existing travel restrictions," said the spokesman for the White House Jen Psaki no matter what They are tested or vaccinated: the US borders remain closed at the moment for international travelers, announced Monday the White House by invoking the rapid spread of the Variant Delta, despite calls for the reciprocity of Europeans in particular.

An ugly moment in a Berlin bar knocks Yasmina from her usual path and launches us into a series of encounters in a precarious world, beyond the neon and the billboards. Inspired by Schnitzler's scandalous 19th century play, Reigen, Atomen is a story set in 2020, exploring the longing for love and connection, and the alienation of modern life. Using the structure of Schnitzler's play, we explore the inadequacy of language, the devastation of our societies, and the epic in the everyday.

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Although had been found during the two-year examination no evidence for a government's involvement in fact in 2017, the leadership of Joseph Muscat and his cabinet should be taken into account. "The state should take responsibility for the murder."

The journalist family explained the study confirmed what they had already believed since the murder. The act had a direct consequence of impunity, which the state offered the corrupt network, reported the Caruana Galizia. "We hope that the results lead to restoring the rule of law in Malta and become an effective protection of journalists."

Sorry on behalf of the country

At a press conference, Prime Minister Robert Abela apologized in the name of Malta in the family. With a view of the murder he spoke of a "ugly moment" in the story of Malta. Abelas predecessor Joseph Muscat reacted with restraint to the results of the report. He explained on Facebook, the rapid arrest of the alleged murderers have refuted "every impression of impunity". He himself had responsibility in the case and paid the "highest political price". Muscat had set his office at the beginning of last year because of his dealings with the investigation .

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Weeping beauty: Ugly moment runner-up pageant queen snatches crown from winner's head and places it on her own before storming off stage. The city of Neiva, in Colombia, holds the popular competition annually. But this year it ended with one contestant protesting the judge's decision. This runner-up beauty queen was so angry about losing the crown that she snatched it right off the winner's head. The embarrassing incident was captured on camera at an annual beauty and folk dance contest in the city of Neiva, in the south-western Colombian department of Huila.

The Sunday Times story about the death of Emmanuel Sithole rang out like funeral bell in the tense silence of the past few weeks. The account of his death, short and almost terse, finally broke us. In the wake of that moment we have had arrests, marches and even an imbizo held by a reluctant King Goodwill Zwelithini, who most agree sparked the latest flare up of violence with his comments that foreigners should go home. At the time of writing, Zwelithini had not yet spoken at the event, but his uncle Mangosuthu Buthelezi was delivering a long rant mostly aimed at Mondli Makhanya’s excellent

Offenbar kein Schuldbewusstsein - Joseph Muscat kurz vor seinem Rücktritt © Getty Images / AFP / M. Mirabelli obviously no guilty awareness - Joseph Muscat shortly before his resignation

A case with worldwide sensation

The 53-year-old Caruana Galizia was killed on October 16, 2017 on Malta in a bomb attack on her car. She had regularly reported corruption, money laundering and other illegal shops in her home. In it were involved in their research also members of the government.

In February, an first suspect was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murder. An influential businessman is suspected of being client's murder. The murder of the journalist in an EU country caused a sensation worldwide and led to a number of returns at the highest political level in Malta.

Fab / MAK (AFP, DPA)

The Project hosts GRILL Anthony Albanese over his $300 jab plan .
Under Anthony Albanese's scheme any Australian who is fully vaccinated by December 1 would be eligible to receive the generous tax-payer funded handout of $300.The Labor leader said the country needs to do everything in its power to boost vaccination rates and encourage vaccine-hesitant Australians to get the jab.

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