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22:51  30 july  2021
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Carbon Tax, Beloved Policy to Fix Climate Change, Is Dead at 47

  Carbon Tax, Beloved Policy to Fix Climate Change, Is Dead at 47 It reshaped how the world thought about climate change. But its prized trait—bloodless economic efficiency—won it few friends on the right or left.The death was confirmed by President Joe Biden’s utter lack of interest in passing it.

climate for murderers

The murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has shocked the world - a committee now charged on the Maltese authorities difficult.

Der Tod von Daphne Caruana Galizia im Jahr 2017 löste nicht nur in Malta, sondern weltweit Trauer und Bestürzung aus. Sie war 53 Jahre alt, als sie ermordet wurde. © MATTHEW MIRABELLI / AFP The death of Daphne Caruana Galizia in 2017 sparked not only in Malta but worldwide grief and dismay. She was 53 years old when she was murdered.

It is a late and sad realization. But at least, she is in black and white in a report of 437 pages. In Malta, a public inquiry committee has come to the conclusion that the Maltese government is partly responsible for the death of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia - and that he had failed. "It would have been obviously necessary to protect Daphne Caruana Galizia, just after the release of Panama papers. But the chief of police, the security services and other state authorities are not opened up this obviousness apparently."

Climate cataclysms set stage for key UN science report

  Climate cataclysms set stage for key UN science report On the heels of jaw-dropping heat and flooding across three continents, nearly 200 nations gather Monday to validate a critical UN climate science report 100 days ahead of a political summit charged with keeping Earth liveable. The world is a different place than in 2014, when the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its fifth comprehensive assessment of global heating, past and future. Lingering doubts that warming was gathering pace or almost entirely human in origin, along with the falsely reassuring notion that climate impacts are tomorrow's problem, have since evaporated in the haze of record heat, wildfires and crippling droughts.

Caruana Galizia was 53 years old when a remotely ignited bomb blew up on 16 October 2017 Bidnija her car into the air and killed them. She had just made the last post in her popular blog "Running Commentary" into the net. It went again to corruption in the government. "Daphne," as they all called, was a constant thorn in the shoe of the powerful. She had attacked hard Keith Schembri, the former head of cabinet of the Maltese Prime Minister: a "liar" they called him, who all consider a fool. Schembri and Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi had offshore accounts opened in tax havens, no sooner had they come to power. "Rogue wherever you look. It's desperate." The last entry ended.

Her death traces the recent history of the country like no other incident - and he shocked the world. Until then, Malta had commonly the image of a cute, sleepy island in the Mediterranean.

Frontrunner to succeed Merkel on back foot after floods

  Frontrunner to succeed Merkel on back foot after floods From criticism of his climate policy to a woefully ill-timed bout of laughter, the deadly floods in western Germany have exposed weaknesses of frontrunner Armin Laschet in his bid to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel. "The floods have shown the urgent need for climate policies," wrote Der Tagesspiegel, while Merkel herself called for "speeding up" the fight against climate change as she leaves the stage. "Laschet needs to set clear goals and go beyond what is in the conservatives' manifesto," Vorlaender said, as natural disasters become more frequent due to global warming.

For two years, three well-known judges have researched the backgrounds of murder, as had called the family and the European Union. 120 witnesses they listened to for many prominent personalities were present. About former Premier Joseph Muscat of the Labor Party. Muscat had resigned the murder because of the confusion surrounding the work-up of 2019. To understand the role of enlightened Caruana Galizia in Malta, a quote Muscat is led from the year 2013 again. "It is the only opposition in this country," he said, because he had just won the elections - a young Premier with a liberal and business-friendly course. The report states, Muscat's government had the "big business" confessed unacceptably close. And they have generally taken care of and "at the highest level" for a "climate of impunity". The

Premier apologizes to the family - on behalf of Malta

In this climate, the robbers also felt clearly protected. One of three men to whom the execution of the murder is accused, has been declared guilty and is now serving a 15-year sentence from. Two other still waiting for the verdict. But who were the real masterminds, the principals in the background?

Malta's incumbent Prime Minister Robert Abela as Muscat of the Labor Party, now apologized on behalf of the country at Daphne's family, her husband and their three sons, all fighting for the legacy of the mother. He spoke of "mistakes" that had been committed, and by a "dark chapter" in the history of Malta. The report is "a step in the healing process." Elections he rule out in his government finally were sitting no persons who had played a role in the investigation.

also Daphne's family speaks of the hope for a new beginning. "May these findings lead to the fact that the rule of law in Malta is restored," she writes in a statement.

Portland's roads melted during last month's heatwave. So what does this extreme weather event tell us about climate change? .
American cities that usually experience moderate summers broke records in June, literally melting through hottest days. Now scientists are trying to answer whether climate change is making these kinds of extremes more frequent. "There are really two considerations here when it comes to events like that," he said."The first one is, how will climate change affect the weather patterns? So, the specific pattern that produces that type of warmth."The other question is the background warming that climate change produces, which is on the order of maybe two or three and perhaps even four degrees Fahrenheit.

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