World 21 of 29 People Test Positive for COVID-19 After Oregon Family Reunion—13 Fully Vaccinated

03:18  01 august  2021
03:18  01 august  2021 Source:   newsweek.com

As the pandemic wears on, some Americans could need booster shots

  As the pandemic wears on, some Americans could need booster shots Some health officials now think a third shot could help older and immunocompromised people. Israel is already offering a third Pfizer shot for immunocompromised residents — though millions of Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have yet to be vaccinated — and Pfizer has previously suggested that a booster shot could be needed in the US. Regulatory questions abound Though the US currently has tens of millions of surplus Covid-19 vaccine doses on hand, making a third Pfizer or Moderna shot available to millions of immunocompromised or elderly Americans likely won’t be a quick process.

Study shows 29 % of the 42 people who have died after catching the new strain had BOTH vaccinations as cases soar another 40%. New report by Public Health England reveals vaccine efficiency against variant. Almost a third of the 42 Britons who have so far died from the Indian (Delta) Covid had been double jabbed, a new report has revealed. With the Prime Minister on the verge of delaying 'Freedom Day' by up to four weeks, new analysis by Public Health England (PHE) has revealed that 29 per cent of Covid deaths from the B.1.617.2 strain had received two injections.

A Covid - 19 vaccination center in Paris, France, July 7, 2021. © Sarah Meyssonnier/Reuters. Follow RT on. “He is gaining in groups of [the] population, whose vaccination [level] is above average,” IFOP general director, Frederic Dabi, told JDD. The paper noted that only 29 % of people aged 18-24 are fully vaccinated , as opposed to 79% of those aged over 65. Dabi said the survey uncovered “polarization, even an extremization of discontent” over the country’s vaccination program.

A woman from Portland, Oregon has said 21 out of 29 people—13 of whom were vaccinated—who attended a family reunion have tested positive for COVID-19.

a person sitting on a table: Healthcare workers at the Portland Veteran Affairs Medical Center receive COVID-19 vaccinations on December 16 in Portland, Oregon. A family reunion in Central Oregon resulted in 21 out of 29 attendees testing positive for COVID-19. © Nathan Howard/Getty Images Healthcare workers at the Portland Veteran Affairs Medical Center receive COVID-19 vaccinations on December 16 in Portland, Oregon. A family reunion in Central Oregon resulted in 21 out of 29 attendees testing positive for COVID-19.

Niki Marienburg told KGW-TV, a Portland-based television news station, that family members from across the country attended the reunion at Sunriver Resort, a luxury resort in Central Oregon, for 10 days in June. She said most of her family was vaccinated, and no one wore masks throughout the reunion.

Mandate the vaccine, not masks

  Mandate the vaccine, not masks Vaccines are the solution to Covid-19. Let’s make the most of them.With the rise of the delta variant and a rapid increase in Covid-19 cases, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is calling on vaccinated people to wear masks indoors again in places where the virus is quickly spreading. At least some school districts will likely require masks this fall. Local governments, from Massachusetts to California, are reviving mask mandates.

Javid, who is fully vaccinated , has been self-isolating since Saturday after testing positive for Covid . He said he had mild symptoms and confirmed the result of a lateral flow test with a positive PCR test . The government announced on Monday that children over 12 and extremely vulnerable, or live with someone at risk, will get a vaccine . Chief executive Richard Kramer said: “Many of the disabled children we support have underlying health conditions and they and their families have been shielding for over a year now, forgotten during the pandemic and as part of the UK vaccination programme.

Our vaccination dataset uses the most recent official numbers from governments and health ministries worldwide. The population estimates we use to calculate per-capita metrics are all based on the last revision of the United Nations World Population Prospects. A full list of our country-specific sources is available at the bottom of this page, and we also answer frequently-asked questions there. Country-by-country data on COVID - 19 vaccinations . What share of the population has been partly or fully vaccinated against COVID - 19 ? How many COVID - 19 vaccine doses are administered daily?

She told the station her family "had a great time" after not being able to see each other due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But two days after the reunion, one of Marienburg's cousin texted family members that she felt sick, before testing positive for COVID-19, KGW reported.

"It sort of snowballed and we got text messages from other people in the family who actually tested positive," Marienburg told the news station. "It was like one of those stories you hear on the news—like, it just seemed not real. It didn't seem true."

Marienburg told the station that people need to be taking the virus seriously.

"People need to be masking up and people need to take our safety seriously," she said.

Newsweek reached out to Marienburg for further comment. This story will be updated with any response.

National Cabinet is about to receive the COVID-19 modelling that could chart the path out of the pandemic

  National Cabinet is about to receive the COVID-19 modelling that could chart the path out of the pandemic The "magic number" of COVID-19 vaccinations needed for the country to safely reopen will be considered by National Cabinet today, but we won't know its decision just yet.And National Cabinet will today get its first glimpse of what they might look like.

Covid - 19 Freedom Index. 01: 21 GMT, Jul 29 , 2021. “They now find themselves not able to travel, as they cannot get a vaccine certificate and their vaccines are not recognised in the EU,” the lawmaker said. Zahawi repeated his previous position on the matter. “We are working with other countries to make sure that that is recognised, but as far as the UK is concerned, they will be considered fully vaccinated , whether they have had the placebo or the vaccine ,” he reassured the MP.

Obese people have less room for error on stressors for their body. Covids primary issue is it cripples your lungs ability to oxygenate your blood. Morbidly obese people have a lot more tissue pulling O2 out along with a heart that is likely already strained. If covid hits you hard every little bit of oxygen is precious. I currently have Covid . I've been fully vaccinated since March and masked in public. But I live in SW Missouri, land of the idiots and the Delta variant is going crazy. This is kicking my ass.

Across the country, COVID-19 cases continue to rise due to the Delta variant, which is as transmissible as Chickenpox, according to the CDC. Cases in Oregon have steadily increased over the past month. 999 new cases were reported Friday, compared to 194 a month earlier on June 30, according to data from John Hopkins University.

The state has a relatively high vaccination rate, according to the data. More than 57 percent of the population is fully vaccinated against the virus, higher than that of the nation overall, which is just over 50 percent.

Vaccinated people contracting the virus, known as breakthrough cases, are expected, but not common, according to the CDC. The vaccine remains effective, and may make illness less severe for people who do become infected.

"COVID-19 vaccines are effective and are a critical tool to bring the pandemic under control. However, no vaccines are 100% effective at preventing illness in vaccinated people. There will be a small percentage of fully vaccinated people who still get sick, are hospitalized, or die from COVID-19," the CDC's website reads.

37 Percent of Meade County, Site of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Vaccinated Before Event

  37 Percent of Meade County, Site of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Vaccinated Before Event Dr. Doug Lehmann said that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is "sort of the perfect storm for pandemic spread."Health experts called the Sturgis rally a "superspreader" after it was held last year, leading to 463 COVID-19 infections among attendees.

Just over 49% of Germans were fully vaccinated as of July 23, according to the Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s government agency responsible for disease control and prevention. More than 60% of Germans have received at least one vaccine dose. However, German media reports that People who have recovered from Covid - 19 in the last six months or have a recent negative PCR test can also receive the passes. The measure, which was introduced along with a vaccination mandate for healthcare workers, has sparked massive public uproar and prompted tens of thousands of people to

Tracking Covid - 19 vaccinations worldwide. By Henrik Pettersson, Byron Manley, Sergio Hernandez, Deidre McPhillips and Tatiana Arias, CNN. Last updated: July 28, 2021 at 8:49 p.m. ET. At least 214 countries and territories have administered more than 3 billion doses of a Covid - 19 vaccine , barely Source: Our World in Data. In December 2020, the first dose of a fully tested vaccine — manufactured by Pfizer/BioNTech — was administered in the United Kingdom. Now, multiple vaccines have been authorized for use around the world and dozens of countries and territories have joined the race to

Symptomatic breakthrough infections appear to be happening among .0098 percent of fully vaccinated people, according to an ABC News story of cases reported by the CDC.

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Why Did the CDC Stop Counting Mild and Asymptomatic 'Breakthrough' COVID Cases? .
On May 1, the CDC decided to start tracking only the most severe COVID-19 cases. Two months later, the Delta variant started causing outbreaks amongst vaccinated people.On May 1, the CDC announced it would transition "from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only hospitalized or fatal cases due to any cause.

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