World The Ghost of the Second World War threatens the existence of a Swiss village

22:50  01 august  2021
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murderous monsoon in India: the balance sheet rises to 124 dead, dozens of missing fans

 murderous monsoon in India: the balance sheet rises to 124 dead, dozens of missing fans © - Indian resorts help inhabitants blocked by floods in the village of Balinge, in the state of Maharashtra, In the south-west of the country, on July 25, 2021 the balance sheet of floods and landslides caused by the heavy rains of monsoon in India ran from 124 dead Sunday, according to the authorities, the rescuers still seeking dozens of disappeared.

  Le fantôme de la Seconde Guerre mondiale menace l’existence d’un village suisse © Fabrice Cuffrini / AFP

M lifts, green plains, majestic mountains? At first glance, Mitholz looks like any peaceful Swiss village. But several details put the chip in the ear of the most observers. For example, they can surprise registration claims that adorn many houses: "Out of horror, I am rebuilt," "what has been destroyed in a moment can not come back. From now on, we look to the future with hope. In reality, this alpine municipality of the canton of Bern was the scene of a known drama of all the helvots. In December 1947, a gigantic deposit of the Swiss army ammunition having served during the

World War II

, hidden in the surrounding mountains, exploded. Deflagration that has been qualified at the time of largest non-nuclear explosion in the world. Nine people had perished, while forty houses were smoke, crushed by stones that stole from the sky. Consequences: All the buildings of the municipality date from 1948. And today, a new tragedy threat Mitholz.

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and for cause, if 3,000 tons of ammunition exploded in 1947, there would be still 3,500 in the mountains overlooking Mitholz. The authorities "tell us they must remove them from the mountain. We must all leave, "revealed a village of 170 souls at the BBC

, Saturday, July 31. After a new geological study, the Ministry of Defense Switzerland has served on the villagers than the presence of these ammunition presented a risk for the population. The authorities therefore intend to demilitarize the places. A job that could take more than ten years, making Mitholz a ghost village. For the time being, each house is evaluated as part of an expropriation procedure and the authorities try to find new safe plots to accommodate future housing, indicates the


. But no inhabitant has yet received an estimate of the value of its good or relocation proposal. The Ministry of Defense struggles to reassure and calm the anger of the inhabitants of Mitholz, which should theoretically bend baggage from 2025. For if some cling to their dream of coming back in ten years, the oldest inhabitants of the village, them, might never see their land again.

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