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16:50  13 september  2021
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Where America Can Push Back Against China

  Where America Can Push Back Against China Beijing’s forays in the Middle East present Washington with a test—and an opportunity.But the competition between the United States and China does not exist in a vacuum, nor is it fenced off within Asia; it is global. In the Middle East, whether it be over China’s infrastructure spending via the Belt and Road Initiative, its thirst for oil, or its cozying up to autocracies and foes of America, the battle between Washington and Beijing is fast playing out. Biden should consider how his foreign-policy priorities—China and democracy—connect in the Middle East, and why pulling too far away from the region could undermine his work on the international stage.

CHINE: MANIFESTATION D'INVESTISSEURS AU SIÈGE D'EVERGRANDE © Reuters / David Kirton China: Event of Investors at Headquarters Evergrand by David Kirton Shenzhen (Reuters) - A hundred angry investors have invaded Monday the lobby of the headquarters of the Chinese real estate group China Evergrande to claim the repayment of loans and financial products threatened to lose 'essential of their value.

At mid-day, about sixty uniform vigils barred access to the main entrances of the building in Shenzhen, southern China, while protesters shouted at the Group's leaders.

"In a company as big as yours, how much money has been diverted from ordinary people?", Said a woman to Liang, Director General and Legal Representative of the Evergrande Heritage Management Division.

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Liang had presented a few hours earlier a reimbursement offer to the financial products holders issued by the group according to the Caixin Financial Information Agency, offers that the protesters seem to have already rejected.

"They said that the refund would take two years but there is not really guarantee and I'm afraid the company to be liquidated before the end of the year," said one of them, Explaining working itself for Evergrand and have invested 100,000 yuan (just over 13,000 euros) in the company or its financial products.

The protesters tried in vain to cross the safety device preventing access to the elevators of the Evergrand building.

Three representatives of the group present on the premises refused to answer Reuters' questions. The Group's press relations service and Shenzhen Police did not respond immediately to requests for comments.

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Several videos broadcast on the Internet Monday show what is presented as events aimed at Evergrand in other cities in China but Reuters could not check their authenticity.

number two real estate in China, Evergrande has a debt of about 1,970 billion yuan and many fear to see it compelled to declare itself in cessation of payment, which could have repercussions on the whole Chinese financial system .

The group affirmed Monday that the "rumors" on its bankruptcy and its restructuring were totally unfounded, ensuring that it would do everything that would be in its power to defend the interests and rights of its customers.

in the markets, the value of certain obligations issued by the Group fell by more than 75%, the quotation of several titles had to be temporarily suspended and the market capitalization of Evergrand has been divided by four since the beginning of the year.

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The Evergrande Crisis, Chinese Real Estate Giant, makes the World Markets Febriles .
© Peter Parks AFP Investors wait to see if Evergrand has the ability to pay a portion of interest this week. On Tuesday, September 21, the President of the Chinese Real Estate Group assured the staff that the company would soon be out of its darkest period. " A statement that intervenes in the aftermath of a day of nervousness of global markets, concerned with a possible lack of payment of the Chinese real estate giant.

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