World Climate: The promises of reducing very insufficient emissions, says the UN

21:35  17 september  2021
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Climate science report 'critical for success' of COP26: UN

  Climate science report 'critical for success' of COP26: UN Nearly 200 nations started online negotiations Monday to validate a UN science report that will anchor autumn summits charged with preventing climate catastrophe on a planetary scale. - 'Transformational change' - From Monday, representatives from 195 nations, with lead scientists at their elbow, will vet a 20 to 30-page "summary for policymakers" line by line, word by word."The report that you are going to finalise is going to be very important worldwide," World Meteorological Organization head Petteri Taalas told some 700 delegates by Zoom.

Climate-Change-UN: Climate: The promises of reducing very insufficient emissions, says UN

CLIMAT: LES PROMESSES DE RÉDUCTION DES ÉMISSIONS TRÈS INSUFFISANTES, DIT L'ONU © Reuters / Siphiwe Sibeko Climate: Promises To reduce the very insufficient emissions, says the United Nations

by Kate Abnett

Brussels (Reuters) - the last promises of reducing CO2 emissions done by states will not be enough to avoid catastrophic climate change, said the United Nations Friday While international pressure is growing on large polluters like China and India.

UN hopes that COP26, to be held in November in Scotland, will significantly address the ambitions of states that signed in 2015 the Paris Agreement on the climate, to try to limit global warming. Human origin Below 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial period.

The Green New Deal Does Not, Strictly Speaking, Exist

  The Green New Deal Does Not, Strictly Speaking, Exist The idea has reshaped global climate policy, but is far less concrete than its supporters have been led to believe.Since its ascension in 2018, the Green New Deal has defined the terms of the global climate debate. Perhaps no other climate policy in history has been as successful. Democrats and Republicans alike have been judged by how closely they seem to hew to it. The Sunrise Movement, the highest-profile American climate-activism group, rallies for it. Abroad, the European Union has dubbed its 1-trillion-euro attempt to decarbonize its economy “the European Green Deal.

but according to the UN experts, this objective is totally out of reach since the current pledges, carbon emissions will be 16% higher in 2030 than in 2010, while scientists consider that they should fall 45% to avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change.

If states do not see their ambitions upwards, the average temperature should exceed 2.7 degrees pre-industrial levels by the end of the century, let them begin.

Such a scenario would result in natural disasters of a much greater extent to those which today affect the planet, hurricane floods to forest fires.

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"Global greenhouse gas emissions evolve in the wrong direction," said Friday Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). "The promises we have on the table are not enough."

Canada election: Experts urge ‘bolder’ action amid climate crisis

  Canada election: Experts urge ‘bolder’ action amid climate crisis Nearly a fifth of Canadians say climate change is top election issue. Are political parties taking it seriously enough?They were embedded in a collection of baskets that belonged to him and to his mother, Nlaka’pamux people and members of Lytton First Nation, a community that stretches across 56 reserves near the confluence of the powerful Fraser and Thompson rivers in British Columbia.

Aid to poor countries does not arrive

According to Patricia Espinosa, countries sent "very positive signals" that they will revisit their ambitions by COP26 in Glasgow, but it has not wanted to specify which ones.

The United States and the European Union, second and third world issuers after China, have already set higher goals this year.

This is not the case for largest global polluters, such as China, India and Saudi Arabia.

As for Brazil and Mexico, they made promises that according to experts will lead to an increase in their CO2 emissions instead of a reduction.

"Without action of all countries, especially the greatest economies, efforts will remain in vain," said COP26 President, the British Alok Sharma.

Some countries like India have warned that they could not reduce their emissions faster without aid from rich countries to be able to invest in industry and decarbonate energy.

Gold, the promised aids are struggling to materialize. The OECD has found likely Friday that rich countries fail to fulfill the goal of 2020 to mobilize $ 100 billion to help developing countries cope with climate change.

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