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19:10  19 september  2021
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How bad will climate change get?

  How bad will climate change get? These five climate scenarios show us what the future of the planet could look like.Humans have already warmed the planet by at least 1 degree Celsius by burning fossil fuels that spew heat-trapping gases into the sky. The oceans are rising, and deadly disasters like wildfires, heat waves, and flooding are becoming more destructive. Almost every part of the world is experiencing the effects of climate change.

after an election campaign with many depths meet the Greens for the little party congress in Berlin. To lick the wounds and get momentum for the last days before the election.

Hat in den letzten Wochen viel Zustimmung eingebüßt: Grünen-Kanzlerkandidatein Annalena Baerbock © Michele Tantussi / Reuters has lost much approval in the last few weeks: Green Chancellor's candidate an Annalena Baerbock

maybe it should purposely act as if the future Chancellor of the country would appear to the photo date: over half an hour was the Chancellor candidate of the Greens The photographers and camera people are waiting. Then Annalena Baerbock appeared together with the co-chairman Robert Habeck and other party friends to the opening picture.

SPD builds ahead of Union from

 SPD builds ahead of Union from Berlin. In a new survey two weeks before the federal election, the SPD can further expand its lead to the Union and is now 26 percent. The Greens are therefore only two points in front of the FDP. © Arne Dedert A cyclist passes to large election posters with the top candidates Olaf Scholz (SPD, L-R), Armin Lashet (CDU) and Annalena Baerbock (Alliance 90 / the Greens).

Exactly one week before the federal election, the Council's council of the Greens with around 100 delegates to the so-called "little party congress" in Berlin has taken to set a "strong sign for the final spurt" as it is called by the Greens.

new momentum after difficult weeks

Difficult weeks are behind the party and their 40-year-old Chancellor candidate and co-party feet. The headlines were determined by false information in Baerbocks official CVs in the network and plagiarism allegations : For several quotations in Baerbock's book, the sources are missing.

Aufruf zum Endspurt im Wahlkampf: Die beiden Co-Vorsitzenden der Grünen Annalena Baerbock und Robert Habeck © Kay Nietfeld / DPA / Picture Alliance Call for the final spurt in the election campaign: The two co-chairmen of the green Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck

only late, she succeeded again about their central theme, climate protection. But the Greens were already slipped in the surveys - from about 25 percent in spring to currently 15 to 17 percent.

Baerbock draws the ability to govern the left in doubt

 Baerbock draws the ability to govern the left in doubt Berlin. Green Chancellor Candidate Annalena Baerbock has clearly distant from a possible coalition with the left and whose government is in doubt. "If you can not ensure foreign policy capacity of a government, there is no government base," says the green boss. © Fabian Strap Annalena Baerbock, Chancellor candidate and Federal Chairman of Alliance 90 / The Greens.

Chancellor hardly in Range

A baerbock chancellery is now very unlikely, the environmental protection party is located behind the SPD and the Union of CDU and CSU in the surveys in third place. Right at the beginning of your speech, Baerbock went on: "Yes, the last few weeks were turbulent. But now we feel confidence and departure again," she said. "Every third is still a draw, these are 20 million people, that's a lot." Once again a week fight for every voice, should that be called.

The nervousness with the Greens is great, and one feels unfairly treated. The illustrated federal managing director Michael Kellner, when he said in his congress opening speech, in the election campaign, "75 percent of all lies spread in the network" directed against us.

fears take climate protection

Now the Greens now want to put the topic of climate protection at the center - and taking their fears of prosperity losses and too many restriction in everyday life. In the six-sided draft of the "Social Pact for Climatic Privacy", which the small party congestion has decided, the party goes clearer than before. The way to a climate-neutral society is "accompanied by the fear of falling behind, worrying, losing what you have built up and what you are proud of," says it.

Crucial debate for Merkel party to turn race around

  Crucial debate for Merkel party to turn race around With a week to go until election day, Germany's top parties will face off in a televised debate on Sunday with the race to succeed Angela Merkel in a dead heat. The frontrunner by a hair, Finance Minister and Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz of the Social Democrats turned in solid if low-key performances in the previous two debates and came out on top in post-broadcast viewer surveys. Armin Laschet of Merkel's conservatives attempted unsuccessfully in both of the previous confrontations to claw back a poll lead he enjoyed until July when a series of gaffes sent his approval rating into free fall.

The Green Promises, people do not abandon people if gasoline prices continue to rise because of climate protection policy. In addition, it must be one of the first actions of a new government to raise the minimum wage to twelve euros. Baerbock called to the delegates: "Now, at this moment, in which a majority of the German economy says to protect the climate, then it must be chief now."

clear commitment to an alliance with the SPD

The mood among the delegates was defiantly optimistic. Claudia Roth, Green Virgin and Vice President of the Bundestag, called the DW on the edge of the meeting, a reason: With an election event with Annalena Baerbock in the Bavarian Augsburg, more than 2000 people were published, the performances by CDU Chancellor's Candidate Armin Lashet had only Around 400 people visited.

different speakers made it clear that the green ones prefer to rule together with the SPD. Baerbock himself had said before the party congress in an interview with the "Handelsblatt", the Union of CDU and CSU stand for "standstill in our country" and be "without guidance and planning". In the party meeting, she also establishes that with her opinion "little human rights-led foreign policy of recent years", which has shown about the troop deduction from Afghanistan, as DAGAG in the interview with the DW said.

An alliance with the SPD alone would have no majority after current surveys . The Greens and the SPD would need to need another coalition partner. And for that, after only FDP and LINKE were heard. In any case, it looks like the parties there would be a difficult coalition formation.

Nach dem jüngsten © Provided by Deutsche Wave after the most recent

author: Jens Thurau

Greens face dashed hopes, new leverage with German vote .
With growing fears about global warming, deadly floods linked to climate change and a new political landscape as Angela Merkel leaves the stage, it should have been the German Greens' year. After launching their campaign for Sunday's general election in the spring with a youthful, energetic candidate in Annalena Baerbock, the sky seemed to be the limit -- perhaps even taking the chancellery. But although Germany has never seen an election campaign so focused on the climate crisis, the party looks set to turn in a third-place finish behind the centre-left Social Democrats and the outgoing Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats.

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