World Dispute over Razzia in the Federal Ministry of Finance: Bundestag is not allowed to read a search decision - but who was allowed to do it?

11:20  20 september  2021
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Bundestag election: Green call your followers to choose SPD counter candidate of Maaßen

 Bundestag election: Green call your followers to choose SPD counter candidate of Maaßen In the general election, every party is fighting for every voice. The Greens now turn off in a case of it. They call to support a SPD candidate. The reason: he runs against CDU right outside Hans-Georg Maaßen. © AFP / Jens Schlüter Greens Supporting promising SPD candidates in his Thuringian constituency: CDU right outside Hans-Georg Maaßen The Greens have called their followers to support the candidates of the SPD in the Bundestag election in 196.

The Ministry rejects the sending to Parliament because it could be punishable. It is unclear who got the document so far. The SPD tip does not mean

Finanzminister Olaf Scholz (l.) mit seinem Staatssekretär Wolfgang Schmidt, der Beschluss-Auszüge bei Twitter teilte. © Photo: Thomas Koehler / Imago / Photothek Financial Minister Olaf Scholz (l.) With his Secretary of State Wolfgang Schmidt, the decision excerpts to Twitter shared.

in the dispute over the searches of two ministries in Berlin rejects the Federal Ministry of Finance of Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) to submit the court order for the measure in the Bundestag. This is from a letter from the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Ministry of Sarah Ryglewski (SPD) to the Bundestag Financial Committee presented to the Tagesspiegel. Reason is a possible criminal liability of the sending of the criminal law paragraph 353D, which prohibits the publication of documents from current preliminary investigations.

SPD chancellor candidate under pressure: Scholz defends his action at customs special unit FIU

 SPD chancellor candidate under pressure: Scholz defends his action at customs special unit FIU The public prosecutor's office is suspected of penalization in office by the FIU. Even OLAF Scholz device under pressure. He defends his action. © Photo: Imago Images / Photothek Federal Finance Minister and Chancellor's Candidate Olaf Scholz, SPD, in an election campaign on the market square in Worms. Against the background of investigations against the customs special unit FIU has emphasized SPD Chancellor Candidate Olaf Scholz , as Finance Minister expanded and builds the authority.

The question of the legality of a sending is "not conclusive and legally safe" to evaluate it. Therefore, "in the result for understanding will be asked if the search arrangements will be transferred. At the same time "we are at full transparency (...) to be able to meet false reports and insights".

Today, the Financial Committee interviewed Minister Scholz

This Monday wants to ask the Committee Scholz to the matter . Financial Secretary Wolfgang Schmidt (SPD) had published a few lines long extract of the four-sided order last Sunday at Twitter and declares that it is necessary that the public itself can make a picture of the facts ". Nevertheless, the public prosecutor's office Osnabrück has initiated a preliminary investigation against him and delivered to Berlin.

TV Triple: Olaf Scholz and Armin Laschet are kearten because of Razzia in the Ministry of Finance

 TV Triple: Olaf Scholz and Armin Laschet are kearten because of Razzia in the Ministry of Finance in the second TV triple of Chancellor's candidates was heated early. Armin Laschet threw OLAF Scholz responsibility and sludge as ministers. Scholz countered: Lashing rotates the facts. © Daniel Lakomski / Imago Images / Jan Huebner Union Chancellor Candidate Armin Lashet accuses his SPD competitor Olaf Scholz , as Finance Minister not perceived his supervisory obligations in terms of money laundering.

The SPD chairman Saskia Esken has also criticized the searches and expressed Scholz 'Secretary of State Wolfgang Schmidt explicitly into protection. His twitter publication was "necessary because the press release of the prosecutor's office was grossly negligent," said the politician in SWR radio. If the decision has been sent, the ministry has not yet been answered, the ministry has not yet been answered

, which the other state-of-the-term states or private third parties the Ministry of Finance has sent the court order so far to make his criticism of the prosecutor's office plausible. Inquiries do not answer the ministry. The SPD explained on request on Sunday, Esken personally and its co-chairman Norbert Walter-Borjans, the decision does not exist. "Also otherwise it is not known that he is present somewhere else". Inquiries to representatives of the SPD faction in the Bundestag were initially unanswered.

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Taliban morality police replace women's ministry

  Taliban morality police replace women's ministry The Taliban appear to have shut the women's affairs ministry and brought back a feared morality unit.On Friday, the sign at the ministry was removed, and a sign for the ministry of virtue and vice put in its place.

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as reported, the Prosecutor's Office for

investigations in the "Financial Intelligence Unit" (FIU) of the Customs search decisions for the judicial and the Ministry of Finance, which leads to the legal supervision of the FIU. The Ministry and SPD party circles provide the investigators who have covered written inquiries. An evidence of this is that the press release of the prosecutor's office arise the impression that the management of the Ministry is co-inflicted. However, the suspicion is just against unknowns in the FIU. Prosecutor's Office doubt "Cooperation willingness of the authorities"

The prosecutor's office rejected the accusation. The formulations clearly set "that the prosecutor's office determines in all directions". A court decision does not have to take off to this point. The searches were not covered. Rather, due to previous communication, it was estimated that "in the event of a written request may not be expected to be expected with a short-term, voluntary and unfiltered publication of all required data".

Bundestag election: Many prominent faces from NRW in the new Bundestag .
among the 155 deputies from North Rhine-Westphalia, which move into the new Bundestag, are also many prominent politicians and some famous newcomers. Some have won their constituency, others come across the national lists of their parties to how the country's electoral manager announced on Monday in Düsseldorf for a preliminary official result. © AFP Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) brought the direct mandate in the district of Steinfurt I - Borken I.

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