World Kazuare: The deadliest birds of the world

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The land we came from: The green hills of Kaltungo

  The land we came from: The green hills of Kaltungo I grew up in the city, with concrete sidewalks and tarred roads, and for me, the village was an endless adventure. I had no idea nature, with its colourful birds, strange insects and darting wild animals could be so magical. We would spend hours on a nearby hill, foraging for wild berries and watching the distant sleepy huts and the ant-like people seated under trees killing the time of day. At night, there was no electric light to dilute the inky, almost tactile blackness; above, the tapestry of stars in the sky was indescribable.

Kazuares are man-high, Zentnerschhpr, can not fly, but with 50 km kilometers through the jungle and have a potentially fatal claw every foot.

Kasuare, der tödlichste Vogel der Welt © birdimages / iStock Casuar, the most deadly bird of the World The most deadly birds of the world

Kazuare can be enjoyed with caution. Three full-grown men in full protection suits press the 70-kilo animal to the ground and try to fix his always after them legs. " The legs are like living chain saws because of the knife-sharp claws. If we keep them tight to his body and away from us, we are reasonably safe," says Scott Sullivan from Queensland Park and Wildlife Team in Australia.

International: Ajax had to change Bob-Marley's jersey

 International: Ajax had to change Bob-Marley's jersey The Dutch record champion Ajax Amsterdam has had to easily change its sensational alternating emicorot in Bob Marley style after a call for UEFA. So the originally provided three birds are no longer visible below the collar on the back of the jersey. © Provided by Spox The new third jersey of Ajax was sold out in the wind parts.

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Kazuare: From extinction

threatens mind: the defensive game that his men and he buggling under the highest effort into a transport box was previously Several times with stunning arrows was shoted: one bounced off the bone, the others show little effect - the thus affected is noticeably, but he does not fall. An excessive dose of the anesthesia could damage him. After all, men have to do it with one of the most dangerous birds in the world - but also with a threatened.

2011 destroys the hurricane "Yasi" wide parts of the rainforest of Queensland - and with him the food base of the rungs, which look for alternative feed sources towards housing estates, where well-behaved inhabitants of the Kazuar always scan a treat.

UEFA to jerseys from Ajax: Birds are not a team symbol

 UEFA to jerseys from Ajax: Birds are not a team symbol Ajax Amsterdam may not depict three small birds and three crosses in the colors red, yellow and green on his Black Jerse legend Bob Marley. © Marius Becker / DPA Ajax Amsterdam must renounce the popular "Marley jerseys" that were not approved by UEFA. The actually in red and white Dutch football masters uses the jerseys as an alternative clothing, the shirt is considered very popular among the fans.

and then the problem begins to express in numbers: from 150 known Kazuar attacks on people, a study is 73 percent motivated by the fact that the bird expects to be fed. Documented examples of deaths by Kazuare are rare - certainly, however, is that the birds are able to cause dangerous injuries with their claws.

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Kazuare as a means of payment

But what is that for a bird who really wants to fruit his peace and every day five kilos? His habitat is limited to the rainforests Queensland and the adjacent New Guinea . On the Pacific Island, the Kazuar is the largest landing animal and serves as a means of payment as a means of payment: For an Kazuar you get eight pigs at the Papua peoples.

Birds of Tokyo to headline the AFL Grand Final with John Butler

  Birds of Tokyo to headline the AFL Grand Final with John Butler An all-Australian lineup has been revealed for the 2021 AFL Grand Final at Optus Stadium in Western Australia. Birds of Tokyo, John Butler, Eskimo Joe and Stella Donnelly are just some of the bands and artists taking to the stage as the Melbourne Demons clash with the Western Bulldogs for Premiership glory.Unlike previous grand finals, the AFL has selected their lineup from a pool of WA-based musicians.

As soon as the low-frequency tucks of the Balzpearing Cazuar female sounds, the male approaches rather hesitant, the Holde is well two heads larger, accordingly awesome - and stubborn: after she has placed up to five eggs, she turns out of the dust forever. If you returned your family back to your family, you will not find any mother feelings on - every Kazuar , which is not exactly there is a competition for you.

The consequence: F 40 days sits Vatern Nonstop on the bright blue eggs. In this way, the otherwise notoriously hungry bird is just a third of his body weight loss. And there is that the Kazuar is just much more than a dangerous kickboxer in the spring dress: uncompromisingly ready for sacrifice and passful when it comes to the well-being of the brood. Well, at least the male part of the Kazuare ...

We stand on records and are constantly looking for the biggest and longest, but also the smallest and shortest. All our finds are available on our superlative overview page .

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