World Clear Coalition Fault, Merkel could stay at the Chancery until Christmas

23:15  20 september  2021
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EU's queen with a tarnished crown

  EU's queen with a tarnished crown Germany's outgoing leader has steered the EU through several crises but her European legacy is mixed.True: Angela Merkel is, by far, the longest-serving amongst current EU leaders. She's participated in an estimated 100 EU summits, not infrequently being described as "the only grown-up in the room".

Angela Merkel en décembre 2016. © DPA / Photononstop Angela Merkel in December 2016.

The Germans do not elate, this Sunday, the successor of Merkel but their members of the Bundestag ( equivalent of the National Assembly). The result of this ballot voting will not allow the name of the next Chancellor or the next Chancellor immediately, which will depend on the coalition negotiations. The vote is for proportional and majority part. German voters give a voice for the member for their choice in their riding (majority) and a path for a political party (list).

The first estimates will be known at 6 pm, just after the closing of polling stations. In general, they are sufficiently precise to designate the winner, but the race seems so tightly that it will probably have to wait for the end of the counting to obtain a ranking. The work of the surveyors is all the more difficult as, at a week of polling, 40% of voters are still undecided.

The Merkel rhombus: How a hand gesture became a brand

  The Merkel rhombus: How a hand gesture became a brand Hands clasped in front of the stomach, thumbs and fingertips touching to form a diamond shape -- Angela Merkel's "rhombus" hand gesture has become almost as famous as the German chancellor herself. It has its own Wikipedia page and even its own emoticon, "", and the German leader has been immortalised adopting the pose at London's famous Madame Tussauds waxworks museum. And with Merkel about to bow out of politics following an election this month closing the door on her 16 years in power, the hand gesture has been catapulted to the spotlight once again after a candidate from a rival party adopted it on a magazine cover.

The campaign experienced a situation , at the end of August, when Olaf Scholz, the Social Democratic candidate (SPD), has been at the top of the polls. Donated early in the race, the Minister of Finance took advantage of the mistakes of his two main opponents. The Conservative Armin Leschet, first, who probably imagined to arrive in Berlin by train-berths. In addition to a disastrous campaign in terms of content, he committed a series of odds, including a laugh at a tribute to the victims of the July floods in the Rhineland. The Conservatives were 36% in the surveys in early January, they fell below the 20% mark in early September. As for the ecologist Annalena Baerbock, she demonstrated that she had not yet the body of a Chancellor . By forgetting to declare ancillary revenue, embellishing its CV and recognizing plagies in its campaign book, it has also ruined the credit of the Greens in this campaign.

What Merkel, the belated feminist, did for women

  What Merkel, the belated feminist, did for women As Germany's first female chancellor, Angela Merkel smashed the glass ceiling and became a leading player in global politics. Merkel, who is bowing out of politics after Germany's September 26 election, admitted she had been "shy" about the label but said her thinking on the issue had evolved. "Essentially, it's about the fact that men and women are equal," the 67-year-old said. Ines Kappert, head of the Gunda Werner Institute for Feminism and Gender Democracy in Berlin, called Merkel's belated realisation "a slap in the face" for women.

Complicated Coalition

According to the latest polls, The SPD currently benefits from a slight advance (between 25 and 27%) on the cu-CSU (between 20 and 25%) preservatives. Ecologists, victors, winners after the appointment of their candidate, are credited from 15 to 17% (compared to 27% at the end of April). The other three courses that should enter Parliament are the Liberals of the FDP (credited from 10 to 13%), the extreme right (AFD, 11 to 12%) and the radical left (Die Linke, 6 to 8%) . They must imperatively pass the mark of 5% to access the assembly.

According to Nico A. Siegel, Director of the Infratest Survey Institute DIMAP, participation should be at least as important as in 2017 (76.2%). As for the vote by correspondence, the 50% mark - a record - could be exceeded on this poll. The procedure generally benefits ecologists and the Conservatives. In this context, the game of coalitions may be very complicated. Apart from the extreme right, with which no one wants to discuss, all parties intend to participate in the next government.

'Eternal' chancellor: Germany's Merkel prepares to leave the stage

  'Eternal' chancellor: Germany's Merkel prepares to leave the stage She was called "the leader of the free world" as authoritarian populists were on the march in Europe and the United States, but Angela Merkel is wrapping up a historic 16 years in power with an uncertain legacy at home and abroad. However, the last days of her tenure have also been marred by what Merkel called the "bitter, dramatic and terrible" return to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan -- a debacle in which she shares the blame as Germany completed its evacuation.

"The CDU is the symbol of the marasm"

Social Democrats and Ecologists (Die Grünen), whose programs converge, have confirmed their willingness to govern together. Even though the games are far from being made, this alliance - that of change - currently seems most likely. "It's a secret for anyone, my preference goes to a government with the Greens", said Olaf Scholz at the last big TV debate on Sunday. An advance that the green candidate, Annalena Baerbock, did not push back: "I think it is important for the Conservatives to join the opposition benches. The CDU is the symbol of the marasm for our country. " At the beginning of the year, ecologists, however, thought they could form a government with the Conservatives.

But the two left-hand formations will probably be too weak to govern alone. They will need a third ally to get a majority in the Bundestag (three parties in the federal government, a first in Germany). They will have the choice between the Liberals or the radical left. Whether with the first, opposed to tax increases for the rich, or the latter, favorable to an exit of NATO, the next government may be much more unstable than the four precedents of Angela Merkel.

In the meantime, the outgoing chancellor will satisfy the current business until the election of his successor to the Bundestag. If it remained in office until December 17, Angela Merkel could then beat the Longevity record of Helmut Kohl.

Germany heads into unknown as rivals scramble to lead next government .
Germany headed into a period of unpredictability Monday after a close election saw both main parties claim the right to lead Europe's biggest economy, leaving the question of who will succeed Angela Merkel wide open. And no party will team up with the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), whose score fell to 10.5 percent from nearly 13 percent at the last election in 2017 as its pet topic, immigration, fell off the agenda. The far-left Linke party also lost support and was teetering on the edge of the five-percent threshold needed to enter parliament.Until the complex negotiations are settled, Merkel will remain in her role in a caretaker capacity.

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