World Taliban provide schooling for girls from 7th grade in view

16:30  21 september  2021
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How life has changed for women living in Kabul

  How life has changed for women living in Kabul Lima should be at work, instead she is sitting inside her family's home in Kabul not knowing how to fill her days. Single and well-educated, the 27-year-old holds a masters degree in IT.Until a few weeks ago, she was a teacher at a local university.But all that changed on August 15 when the Taliban took control of Kabul."It started off as a normal day like any other," Lima told 9news.com.au.Lima arrived at the university and took her usual class in the morning.But, by the time the lesson had ended, word had spread among Lima's colleagues that the Taliban takeover would happen that day.

Kabul. The Taliban have announced the reopening of schools for girls in Afghanistan. "It will happen as soon as possible," said a Taliban spokesman.

 Taliban-Sprecher Sabihulla Mudschahid gibt eine Pressekonferenz. © Bernat Armangue Taliban spokesman Mujahid Sabihulla give a press conference.

The militant Islamist Taliban have provided a reopening of secondary schools for girls in grade 7 in view. The Ministry of Education working on a new method to allow students to continue their education, said Taliban spokesman Mujahid Sabiullah on Tuesday to journalists in Kabul.

Since coming to power of the Islamists in mid-August to attend school for girls in grade 7 is prohibited. The future rules aim of his presentation to hedge the educational environment for girls and women as well as their daily commute to class. The government hope to devote this "important matter" as soon as possible.

Afghanistan, its future, and why China matters

  Afghanistan, its future, and why China matters John Simpson reports from the Torkham border where Taliban and Pakistani guards stand face to face.For three thousand years, armies have struggled through these rocky defiles and camped in its valleys. You can still see the insignia of regiments from the British and British Indian armies, which continue to be carefully maintained, along the sides of the road, overlooked by the forts they once built and guarded. From the rocks above, Pashtun tribesmen armed with ancient jezails, or flintlock rifles, would snipe at passing soldiers with amazing accuracy.

When exactly this will happen Mujahid, however, did not say, "We can not name a date, but this matter will be resolved in the near future, God willing."

The Taliban had further schools last week called upon to re-open for boys. All public, private and official religious schools and other educational institutions in the country should start a school again. Students had not been mentioned in the statement.

For universities new rules apply since the takeover by the Taliban. It was said that women could continue their education, but only in separate classes for men and obfuscation. Prior to that, students were taught in joint classes, there was no dress code. The new measures came internationally and in the country itself to harsh criticism.

The world should not yet engage with the new Taliban government

  The world should not yet engage with the new Taliban government The Taliban must guarantee that it will respect our human rights before gaining widespread international recognition.I did not want to leave, but I had no choice. Soon after the Taliban assumed control of the capital city, its fighters started to look for me. They showed up at my house (which I had already left in fear of my safety) and harassed my family members and people working for me. They beat up my security guards and violently interrogated people who know me in an effort to find me.

The Taliban have taken no women in the government and in the expansion of its transitional Cabinet in Afghanistan. When naming deputy ministers they had also members of ethnic minorities such as the Shiite Hazaris considered, the Taliban spokesman said. Women would possibly later included in the government.

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