World Hagen: Planned Synagogue Stop - Further propaganda discovered in terror-suspicious Syrians

16:30  21 september  2021
16:30  21 september  2021 Source:   spiegel.de

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discovered in the terrorist suspect of Hagen, the investigators found extensive Islamist propaganda material. The 16-year-old, who should have planned a stop on the synagogue, requested adhesion test.

  Hagen: Geplanter Synagogen-Anschlag – Weitere Propaganda bei terrorverdächtigem Syrer entdeckt © Roberto Arrow / DPA

at the 16-year-old suspected of having planned an attack on the synagogue in Hagen , the investigators have discovered Islamist propaganda material. In addition to a chat with a suspected terrorist of the " Islamic State " (IS) has now been discovered significantly more Islamistic material, including cruel representations, it was also of the security authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia .

How did 9/11 and the War on Terror change Kenya’s trajectory?

  How did 9/11 and the War on Terror change Kenya’s trajectory? From deadly terror attacks to a disastrous invasion, 9/11 had many grave consequences for Kenya.International terrorism was nothing new to Kenyans at the dawn of the 21st century. In 1976, the country quietly aided the audacious Israeli mission, known as Operation Entebbe, to rescue 260 passengers and crew after members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the German Revolutionary Cells hijacked an Air France plane and flew it to neighbouring Uganda. Five years later, the bombing of the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi, which killed 20 people and injured close to 100, was linked to the PFLP – apparent payback for Kenya’s role in Operation Entebbe.

The authorities see in the case a known approach of IS, which had already been observed in attacks in Ansbach and Würzburg. Hünmouth of IS talked on the net specifically teens and young men, where they suspected an ideological closeness. Then they spoke to attacks and sent them the necessary knowledge such as bomb building instructions.

Laschet praises security authorities

In this case, according to authorities, a suspected IS designer with the fight name Abu Harb ("Father of War") had contacted the young Syrian in Hagen online. Last week, a large-scale bid was disengaged to guard the synagogue in Hagen. A little later, the teenagers had been arrested, he came in in the examination . He himself played to have planned a stop.

NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet thanked the authorities in the Düsseldorf Landescriminal Police Office for their »Fast and Consistent Talking«. They would have prevented a "cruel attack" and thus made a service in the country. Decisive is not how long the perpetrator stays in detention, according to the CDU politician, but that a stop was prevented. "The protection of the state institutions has worked," said Laschet. The threat situation by terrorism is still there.

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  Bahrain's Jews worship in public for first time in decades For the first time in decades, Ebrahim Nonoo is leading prayer services in Manama's renovated synagogue, bringing Jewish traditions into plain view after decades of worship in private. "We have the ability to bring the Jews to the synagogue, and we want them to come on a regular basis."Bahrain's tiny Jewish community, about 50 people, have practised their faith behind closed doors since 1947, when the Gulf country's only synagogue was destroyed in disturbances at the start of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

from foreign intelligence services depending on

of the young people from Syria , which should have planned the attack, has requested adhesive test. The competent court will decide on it in a period of two weeks, said NRW Justice Minister Peter Biesenbach (CDU).

»We also remember these days as well as how much we hang on the drip friendly message services ," said NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU). "We do not have these skills and powers. We should see how we can improve the procurement procurement. "

Minister of Justice Biesenbach said the new central office for terrorism was excellent. Within times, the evidence in the case has been so far been hardened so far that the suspect had come in a custodial.

The defender of the adolescent, Ihsan Tanyolu, said the news agency dpa, he was still waiting for the acts of investigators in which he wants to take care.

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