World Gabby Petito Tipster Recalls Guy in Van ‘Acting Weird’ Near Camping Area Where Body Was Found

18:55  21 september  2021
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Mystery disappearance of US road-tripper grips nation

  Mystery disappearance of US road-tripper grips nation American authorities have launched a massive search for a 22-year-old woman who mysteriously vanished during a road trip with her boyfriend, now declared a "person of interest" in a case gripping the nation. "Two people went on a trip, one person returned and that person that returned isn't providing us any information."Gabrielle "Gabby" Petito quit her job and packed her life into a camper van for the cross-country adventure with Brian Laundrie, 23, documenting their journey in a stream of idyllic-seeming Instagram posts.

As authorities double down on search efforts Tuesday for the fiancé of 22-year-old YouTuber Gabby Petito, new details have emerged about what led the FBI to the body believed to be hers outside Grand Teton National Park.

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A graphic designer who was at the Bridger-Teton National Forest in late August may have been the key to authorities finding the body over the weekend. The grim discovery turned a high-profile missing-person’s case into a potential murder mystery, with a nomadic “van-life” couple at the center.

Jessica Schultz says she alerted the FBI about a strange man she says she had encountered driving a van in the area and “acting weird” days after Petito was last seen alive.

Everything You Need To Know About The Gabby Petito Case

  Everything You Need To Know About The Gabby Petito Case Gabby Petito was reported missing earlier this month, and now human remains have been discovered which could be hers. Read on for everything to know about the case. The whole world is in a standstill right now as we await news on Gabby Petito, the missing 22-year old woman from Florida. Gabby and he boyfriend Brian Laundrie were travelling the country together in a van, documenting their adventures in a Youtube series titled 'VAN LIFE.' Despite being heavily active on social media as an influencer and vlogger, Gabby has not posted in several days, with her last social media post coming from Grand Teton National Park.

The man, who Schultz described as “generic” looking in comments to The San Francisco Chronicle, was driving a white van very slowly down a narrow road in a camping area of the forest on Aug. 26.

“He was just acting weird,” Schultz told the Chronicle of the encounter. “You know, when you’re out in the middle of nowhere, your hackles go up when you see something that’s out of the ordinary.”

“He was very awkward and confused and it was just him, there was no Gabby,” Schultz said of the sighting on TikTok.

Schultz, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment, told the Chronicle she saw the van parked in the same area the next day, on Aug. 27—when she found it odd that the vehicle was there but not in a designated parking spot, and with no indications of anyone camping.

Park Ranger urged Gabby Petito to distance herself from 'toxic' relationship with Brian Laundrie, report says

  Park Ranger urged Gabby Petito to distance herself from 'toxic' relationship with Brian Laundrie, report says A U.S. park ranger in Utah reportedly urged Gabby Petito to distance herself from fiancé Brian Laundrie just weeks before the road-tripping New York native’s remains were believed to be found near Grand Teton National Park. Melissa Hulls, the ranger, was among several officers who responded to a 911 call reporting a possible domestic assault between downtown Moab and Arches National Park on Aug. 12. Fox News previously obtained bodycam video from one of the male officers interviewing Petito – who appeared distraught and on the verge of tears. Officers ultimately filed no charges and said they separated the couple.

The van was there for “several days and nights,” she said, but there were no “signs of actual life.”

The vehicle was still sitting there on Aug. 28, she said, but was gone by Aug. 29.

Schultz felt compelled to go to authorities, she said, after seeing footage that led her to the mind-blowing revelation that the “weird” guy she’d seen was Brian Laundrie, the man declared a “person of interest” in Petito’s disappearance. Bodycam footage of a domestic incident investigated by police in Moab, Utah, in early August, and released last week showed Petito crying in the couple’s van—and a familiar straw hat sitting on the dashboard, Schultz said.

“My friend texted me a picture of the hat on the dashboard and I just lost my s—,” Schultz told The Chronicle. “And that’s when I called the FBI (on Thursday) and said, ‘Guys, look at Spread Creek.’”

A body said to match the physical description of Petito was found in the Spread Creek camping area on Sunday.

Travel blogger who spotted Gabby Petito's van reacts to news of homicide: let's make her 'dreams come true'

  Travel blogger who spotted Gabby Petito's van reacts to news of homicide: let's make her 'dreams come true' Travel blogger Jenn Bethune, who identified Gabby Petito's van in video footage from a summer trip to Wyoming, on Tuesday reacted to news of the FBI confirming Gabby Petito's remains.The agency on Tuesday said Teton County coroner Brent Blue had identified remains located in the Bridger-Teton National Forest on Sunday as Gabby Petito's and that she had died of homicide.

The potential sighting of Laundrie in the camping area would have occurred just a few days before he returned to his home in Florida in Petito’s van, offering no explanation as to why she was not with him.

After reportedly refusing to cooperate with police when Petito’s family reported her missing on Sept. 11, Laundrie threw another wrench into the investigation when he himself vanished just before the discovery of a body.

Police in North Port, Florida, have been scouring an alligator-infested nature area where Laundrie’s parents say he told them he was going hiking last Tuesday, only to never return.

“Tuesday, we will once again continue our search efforts in the Carlton Reserve, where Brian reportedly visited a week ago today to go hiking,” North Port Police PIO Josh Taylor told local news station WFLA.

“A weekend ground search and aerial search Monday of the 25,000-acre preserve has yet to yield any answers, but we must press on,” Taylor said.

Police are also hoping to find digital evidence that could provide clues about Petito’s death after seizing an external hard drive from Laundrie’s home on Friday.

‘Didn’t Seem Right’: Witness Was Deeply Alarmed by Van-Life Couple’s Fight

  ‘Didn’t Seem Right’: Witness Was Deeply Alarmed by Van-Life Couple’s Fight A person who saw doomed “van-life” couple Gabby Petito and fiancé Brian Laundrie fighting in Moab, Utah, told cops that “something definitely didn’t seem right,” according to a witness statement released by authorities. Petito and Laundrie two set off in July to travel the U.S., visiting the country’s national parks and wilderness areas while living out of a converted 2012 Ford Transit Connect van. But although their online postings portrayed a blissful existence on the road, the couple’s relationship was in fact starting to fray by mid-August, a police report obtained by The Daily Beast revealed. On Sept.

A search warrant signed on Sept. 15 says police are also going through emails, text messages, internet browsing history, and other computer files.

The warrant also reveals the “odd” final text message sent from Petito’s phone: a bizarre plea to “help Stan,” her grandfather, that seemed so uncharacteristic and random that it left Petito’s mother “concerned that something was wrong with her daughter.”

Petito’s mother has said she last spoke to her daughter on Aug. 25, and while she received a couple of text messages before all communication “abruptly stopped,” she cannot be sure the subsequent messages came from Gabby.

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Death of Gabby Petito. What is known from Brian Laundrie, his fiancé always not found .
© Moab City Police Department / AFP Brian Laundrie, interviewed by the Utah police after an altercation with Gabby Petito, August 12, 2021. he is The number one suspect since the discovery of Gabby Petito's body. Aimed at an arrest warrant, Brian Laundrie, the fiancé of this young YouTubeuse whose death mutes the United States, remains not found. Suspicious number One of This case that holds the United States in breath, Brian Christopher Laundrie was still not found Saturday, September 25th.

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