World Pirelli boss Isola over rain-dilemma: "I have no solution"

15:15  25 september  2021
15:15  25 september  2021 Source:   motorsport-total.com

Nicholas brings flooding to Gulf Coast states still recovering from Hurricane Ida

  Nicholas brings flooding to Gulf Coast states still recovering from Hurricane Ida Nicholas, which made landfall in Texas on Tuesday as a hurricane, weakened to a tropical depression Wednesday as it shifted over southern Louisiana, bringing heavy rain and flooding to an already battered region. At 4 a.m. CT, the storm was located about 15 miles north-northeast of Port Arthur, Texas, and approximately 35 miles west of Lake Charles, Louisiana, according to the National Hurricane Center.

In Belgien wurde die Gischt zum großen Problem für die Fahrer © Motorsport Images In Belgium, the gisht became a big problem for the driver

since the " Farce " of Belgium discusses formula 1 again Rain race. Fia President Jean Todt, for example, requires that the cars in the future must be better in the rain . The big problem up-to-date: the Gischt . The drivers push the visibility problem , among other things, on the tires. But Pirelli sees little scope.

Pirelli Formula 1 Boss Mario Isola explains on the edge of the race weekend in Russia: "As far as the tires are concerned, we can do very little." Because the Pneus had been constructed so that a transition between rain tires and intermediates is guaranteed.

Sydney and Queensland's hot summer to get dampened by rain

  Sydney and Queensland's hot summer to get dampened by rain As Australians look forward to a lockdown-free summer of picnics and barbeques, meteorologists warn it could be a wash out with a La Nina season bringing high temperatures but more rain.A La Nina season is likely to develop and bring thunderstorms, rain, and flooding to NSW and cyclones in Queensland.

"Moving the design goal would not be ideal because thereby creating a gap." According to Isola, the basic problem is: the better the rain tires derive the water, the more gishes arises. By changing the dimensions four years ago (broader specification), the problem was only tightened.

Isola: "Do not solve the problem, but also reinforce"

also in Sochi, Formula 1 has again struggled with heavy water masses, which is why the third free training has been painted on Saturday . Whether qualifying can take place at 14 o'clock is still unclear. ( track the current events live in the Paddock score! )

"The tires have changed. The rain tires we had [2007] made it easier for us to drive in very wet conditions with plenty of water on the track ", Sebastian Vettel recalls the Chaotic Rain Race in Japan 2007 and confirms Isolas Thesis.

Erdogan says Taliban lacking ‘inclusive, encompassing leadership’

  Erdogan says Taliban lacking ‘inclusive, encompassing leadership’ Turkish president says Ankara is willing to work with Taliban if the armed group formed a more encompassing government.NATO member Turkey has been working with Qatar to operate Kabul airport for international travel after the Taliban took power and foreign countries withdrew from Afghanistan.

also Routinian Fernando Alonso recalls: "The rain tires were a bit stronger then. Maybe the size of the tires helped the aquaplaning." Of course, for everyone involved: "Nobody wants to see a spa where people are waiting for hours and nothing happens," says Isola.

At the same time, the Italian also gives them to: "We do not solve the problem, but also reinforce it. I do not know what to do in terms of tires." For 2017 broader tires were introduced, which significantly increased the spray of the cars.

"The old rain tires could displace 60 liters per second at 300 km / h, now we are up to 85 liters." This will whirled up more water. "If we do not find a way to prevent the spray, I really do not know what we can do. I honestly have no solution for that."

Isola notes that the route operators could modify the surfaces to reduce the gisht. However, that would mean that they would have to take a lot of money for tags in hand.

Isola notes: Also football is canceled in rain!

"With the knowledge we have today, it is likely to design an asphalt, which can avoid standing water, or to design stretches with a kind of elevation that keeps the water away from the route," he expresses his ideas .

"It's not easy, but he throws," because of course we can not ask for you to redesign or rehabilitate all routes. With the experiences we made at the last races, a lot can be done But if the amount of water is too big, then it is difficult. "

"And I think that's true for every sport outdoors. If it rains too much, any kind of competition will be aborted, whether it's football or other outdoor sports."

Weekend weather warnings: Parts of the UK to see 70mph winds and up to 40mm of rain .
Parts of the UK could see winds of up to 70mph and up to 40mm of rain during the weekend. © PA Parts of England and Scotland could see heavy rain and strong winds during the weekend The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for the east and south of England and for the north east of Scotland over Aberdeenshire, Orkney, and Shetland.A Met Office spokesperson said: "60-70mph gusts would be enough to cause some problems, delays to transport, some short loss of power possible, could be some spray on the coasts.

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