World A level of death "never reached" in Guyana since the beginning of the COVID-19

15:20  25 september  2021
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  Un niveau de décès « jamais atteint » en Guyane depuis le début de l’épidémie de Covid-19 © Copyright 2021, the Obs

"Never Guyana had not registered as many deaths and admissions into resuscitation" Since the beginning of the CIVID-19 epidemic, alerted Friday the public health epidemiological bulletin France.

In the last seven days, "21 Guyanais succumbed to COVID-19, a figure never reached," said the ARS on Friday, in his daily newsletter.

A rise in COVID hospitalization in pediatrics has been observed for 3 weeks, under 20 years of age account for 9% of hospitalizations, double their 3rd wave rate according to SPF.

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, on the other hand, if the number of Hospitalizations has reached the level of the peak of the 3rd wave last week As the previous one, it remains lower than the peak of 1st wave. The Delta Variant has been suspected in 99% of the positive tests screened last week.

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Risk of "sorting of patients"

under sharp tension of a portion of the population and caregivers opposed to mandatory vaccination, the directorates and heads of department of the three hospitals in the region, where are currently admitted 130 patients for COVID -19, of which 31 severe cases, warned Wednesday before the press against the widespread risk of "sorting patients".

Is COVID on the left?

at the Cayenne Hospital, according to its director Christophe Robert questioned Friday by AFP: "52.4% (staff) are vaccinated at least with the first dose, which allows them to be kept in office, including 96 , 1% for doctors and internal, 52% nurses, 40% caregivers, 23% for hospital agents ".

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  United Nations: Challenges grow but not the budget to meet them The UN is faced with doing more with less as international leadership gets tested in the COVID-19 era.As it kicks off its annual high-level General Assembly session in New York City on Tuesday, the 193-member organisation will try to unify an international community struck by a deadly coronavirus pandemic and a lopsided global economic recovery that is only worsening the divide between the world’s haves and have-nots.

"I'm trying to understand why people do not want to be vaccinated while we suffer waves of More and more serious "expressed Wednesday on Guyana the first Didier Guidoni, Director of the Saint-Laurent Hospital of Maroni on the suriname border, a sector where the incidence rate increased from 331 to 555 last week ( + 68%).

"not drawn from the business": Arnaud Fontanet warns of an epidemic recovery in the fall the lowest immunization coverage of the French regions

in this territory of 300,000 inhabitants, where one inhabitant over two and less than 25 years, Vaccination is always borne with "30.5%" of people with a complete vaccination schema among more than 12 years according to official data.

It is the lowest immunization coverage of the French regions, with Guadeloupe.

"30% of the major population is certain not to be vaccinated" indicated the last study of the Guyana Institute Pasteur, explaining this situation by the "lack of confidence in local authorities" and in "the vaccine", And by a sense of "protection" acquired during the previous waves of COVID-19.

Lawyer Forces Bogus Drug on Hospitals—and Drives Docs Crazy

  Lawyer Forces Bogus Drug on Hospitals—and Drives Docs Crazy Until this past January, Ralph Lorigo had never heard of ivermectin. But after getting a call from a former client seeking the dubious pandemic treatment—hailed by many on the far right as a COVID-19 wonder drug—for his sick mother, everything changed for the seasoned attorney with a small commercial law practice in upstate New York. Lorigo successfully argued for court-ordered treatment in that case, in which the man’s 80-year-old mother ultimately survived. Local news stories hailing the turn of events, and perhaps leading readers to conclude the drug made the difference, were written and shared widely.

The Minister of Overseas on the move

The Minister of Overseas, Sébastien Lecornu, arrived Friday afternoon in Guyana (time of Paris minus 5)

He will move Saturday at the Cayenne Hospital to see the situation and send a message to the attention of caregivers.

"It is hoped that it will be a moratorium for the establishment of mandatory vaccination because I do not see how we could supplement a wave of suspension of non-vaccinated caregivers, in any case the ARS does not answer this question" Declared Friday at AFP, Guyana Guy Frédéric, the first hour of the Walwari Local Party co-founded by Christiane Taubira.

President of an association advocating the right to health for all but opposed to the immunization obligation of caregivers, the person concerned disrupted with protesters a vaccination point organized by the Red Cross, Monday near an area of Squats, on the outskirts of Cayenne.

The authorities have been counting since the beginning of the pandemic more than 250 deaths related to CIVID-19 in Guyana, one quarter of which last 45 days.

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