World "Young driver Ahmen Marquez after" Ex-WSBK WorksPilot expresses violent criticism

14:30  26 september  2021
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Bonovo team sets: Jonas Folger, the BMW and the team do not form unity

 Bonovo team sets: Jonas Folger, the BMW and the team do not form unity © Bonovo Action / MGM Jonas Folger was neither wet nor in the dry competitive in front of the WSBK weekend in Barcelona were the hopes great that Jonas Folger and his Bonovo-BMW team finally make progress. But in any of the three races it made folgers in the points. The framework conditions played according to German in the cards. On Saturday it rained and on Sunday there were many failures in both races. The Superpole Race ( to the Racing Report ) finished folger on position 13.

War Marc Marquez mit seiner Fahrweise Inspiration für eine ganze Generation? © Lat was Marc Marquez with his driving way for a whole generation?

After the tragic accidental death of Supersport-300-Pilot Dean Berta Vinales, the mood has been pressed in the head of the Superbike World Cup. After all other races were painted on Saturday, it will continue on Sunday with a custom schedule ( more info ). Do not go to the start will be ex-WSBK workpilot Michel Fabrizio, which is finally adopted after the death of Vinales from racing.

"I will not drive from respect for a human life. In addition, I will completely withdraw. It's time to stop," says the four-time WSBK running winder. Fabrizio, who surprised this year in the SuperSport 600 World Cup with his comeback, wants to "put a clear sign of the protest" with his final resignation ".

Elon Musk’s problematic plan for “full self driving” Teslas

  Elon Musk’s problematic plan for “full self driving” Teslas Concerns about features like Autopilot aren’t going unnoticed in Washington.“Basic safety issues have to be addressed before they’re then expanding it to other city streets and other areas,” Jennifer Homendy, the head of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), told the Wall Street Journal after Elon Musk tweeted about the update. It’s worth pointing out that, much to Tesla owners’ frustration, Musk has made promises about a wider rollout of Full Self-Driving for years and continuously pushed back the date the feature would be available to anyone willing to pay for the upgrade to Autopilot, Tesla’s standard driver assistance technology.

"I've experienced a bad day, the loss of a driver who was only 15 years old. I have already seen so many races in this category. And every time one ended, there was a sigh of relief because it went well. But unfortunately it is not always good, "notes Fabrizio.

"I think of the beautiful moments that this sport brought me. But when I came back after six years, I saw that world had changed," says Fabrizio and criticizes the action of motorcycle world association FIM ..

Criticism of the FIM and the new driver generation

"I have detected a certain indifference from the international association: 42 children at the Yamaha Cup 2021 (fortunately everything went well) and another 42 in the SuperSport 300 World Cup too many, too Many drivers with little or no experience. And not only at the World Cup, but also with national championships, where everything is occupied to the last place to earn money, "criticizes the Routinian.

Chaz Davies announces resignation: "Would like to start the next chapter"

 Chaz Davies announces resignation: © Motorsport Images Chaz Davies ended his WSBK career after the current season Chaz Davies announced on Thursday in front of the WSBK event in Jerez, that his career after to finish the current season. The 34-year-old Welsh draws a final stroke after a season so far-grown for him. After the out of the Ducati work team Davies came under the Geeleven team last winter and made it on the podium in the past nine weekends.

With the aggressive driving style of the younger generation, Fabrizio does not agree: "Valentino Rossi was criticized years ago when Marquez came into the MotoGP, because he complained about Marquez's 'Unfair' maneuvers. But you have to agree with him. Marc is to be agreed. Become a reference point: These young riders hind his achievements, overtake too much on the limit, lean against their opponents and risk every centimeter. "

Michel Fabrizio demands rethinking of the FIM

"The rules need to be changed to protect human lives. The problem lies in the Moto3, the Talent Cup and the National Championships!", Says Fabrizio. "In addition, the outlet zones must be revised."

"That was seen in the accident of Valentino, in which he had almost died because of a poorly made track," reminiscent of Fabrizio at the brightness at the MotoGP run in Austria a year ago. "On the Red-Bull Ring, the drivers fall and stay in the middle of the route. All this is due to the FIM, which does not play a life-saving role, but just the business preferred!"

"It's time to intervene the politicians of each country! The first one sent a clear embassy was Ayrton Senna, who said that some routes were dangerous. Only after his death measures were taken. Today there are fewer Dead in Formula 1, but in motorcycle sports there has been a true massacre, "says Fabrizio with his channels in the social networks.

Mr. America: Marquez triumphed in Austin .
The former series world champion Marc Marquez has underpinned his status as a US expert of the motorcycle World Cup. © Provided by sport1.de Mr. America: Marquez triumphed in Austin The former series world champion Marc Marquez has underpinned its status as a US expert of the motorcycle World Cup. The Spaniard won on Sunday the race of the royal class MotoGP in Texan Austin, for Marquez it was even the second victory since his heavy fall almost 15 months ago.

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