World Fortuna Profi Hoffmann must be in quarantine

14:00  06 october  2021
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Dusseldorf. At Fortuna there is another corona case again. Center-back Andre Hoffmann has infected with the virus and has been in quarantine since yesterday. Further players and employees should not be affected by the measures, according to the second division.

Was man über Andre Hoffmann von Fortuna Düsseldorf wissen sollte... © Frederic Scheidemann What to know about Andre Hoffmann by Fortuna Düsseldorf ...

center-back Andre Hoffmann of Fortuna Düsseldorf was tested positively on Covid 19 and was offset in home quarantine on Tuesday.

The positive result of a PCR test that the player deposited on Tuesday revealed the confirmation of the infection. Other players or staff members of Fortuna are not affected by quarantine measures after consultation with the Health Office of the City of Dusseldorf.

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Uwe small, sports board: "We wish Andre Hoffmann a mild course of the disease as possible and hope to have him soon well with us. So unfortunate is, in connection with the infection is paying off, that we could reach a staff and our squad for almost a wholly owned vaccination rate. "

Folie 1 von 15: Was man über Andre Hoffmann von Fortuna Düsseldorf wissen sollte... 1/15 images © Frederic Scheidemann What to do about Andre Hoffmann from Fortuna Dusseldorf Knowledge should ... Folie 2 von 15: Wir stellen Ihnen Fußballprofi Andre Hoffmann vor. 2/15 images © Falk Janning We introduce you to FootballProfi Andre Hoffmann. Folie 3 von 15: Andre Hoffmann wurde am 28. Februar 1993 in Essen geboren. Mit dreieinhalb Jahren begann seine Karriere als Fußballer beim SuS Haarzopf, 2000 wechselte Hoffmann in die Jugend des SC Phönix Essen, bevor er 2002 zum MSV Duisburg weiterzog. 3/15 Pictures © Christoph Reichwein Andre Hoffmann was born on February 28, 1993 in Essen. With three and a half years his career began as a footballer at the Sus Harzauf, 2000 moved Hoffmann to the youth of the SC Phoenix food before moving to MSV Duisburg in 2002. Folie 4 von 15: 2010 wurde Hoffmann vom DFB in der Altersklasse U17 mit der Fritz-Walter-Medaille in Silber als einer der besten Nachwuchsspieler ausgezeichnet. 4/15 Pictures © Christoph Reichwein 2010 Hoffmann was awarded Hoffmann from the DFB in the age group U17 with the Fritz-Walter medal in silver as one of the best young players.   Fortuna-Profi Hoffmann muss in Quarantäne at HelloFresh is now a top offer: 60 € discount incl. Free delivery Display hellofresh The slideshow continues on the next slide in the season 2010/11 was called the defensive specialist in the professional The MSV, Hoffmann remained without use. He came to his professional debut on the 1st matchday 2011/12 against the Karlsruhe SC. Folie 5 von 15: In der Saison 2010/11 berief man den Defensivspezialisten in den Profikader des MSV, Hoffmann blieb aber ohne Einsatz. Zu seinem Profidebüt kam er am 1. Spieltag 2011/12 gegen den Karlsruher SC. 5/15 images © Archive In the winter break of the season 2012/13 moved Hoffmann, who had crossed all the U national teams in parallel, into the Bundesliga to Hannover 96. Folie 6 von 15: In der Winterpause der Saison 2012/13 wechselte Hoffmann, der parallel alle U-Nationalmannschaften durchlaufen hatte, in die Bundesliga zu Hannover 96. 6/15 images © DPA, NT NIC In June 2014, he moved into a cruciate ligament tear during the training and fell over a year. Folie 7 von 15: Im Juni 2014 zog er sich während des Trainings einen Kreuzbandriss zu und fiel über ein Jahr aus. 7/15 images © dpa, SKN Nic In Lower Saxony, Hoffmann did not come to the train as desired, injuries slowed down him. In January 2017, Fortuna Düsseldorf lives the defense man - including the purchase option. Folie 8 von 15: In Niedersachsen kam Hoffmann nicht mehr wie gewünscht zum Zug, Verletzungen bremsten ihn aus. Im Januar 2017 lieh Fortuna Düsseldorf den Abwehrmann aus – inklusive Kaufoption. 8/15 Images © Falk Janning In the 2017/18 season he rose to the Fortuna in the 1st League. He was used in 20 games. Folie 9 von 15: In der Saison 2017/18 stieg er mit der Fortuna dann in die 1. Liga auf. Er kam in 20 Spielen zum Einsatz. 9/15 Images © Falk Janning In the first league, the consequences of a brain shock Hoffmann in the season 2018/19 for 16 Games except battle.   Fortuna-Profi Hoffmann muss in Quarantäne I and my husband have tried Hellofresh and life was so much better display PopDust for HelloFresh The slideshow continues at the next slide On August 20, 2019 Fortuna announced the premature contract extension with Hoffmann. His contract is now up to 2023. Folie 10 von 15: In der Ersten Liga setzten die Folgen einer Gehirnerschütterung Hoffmann in der Saison 2018/19 für 16 Spiele außer Gefecht. 10/15 images © Falk JANNING Folie 11 von 15: Am 20. August 2019 gab Fortuna die vorzeitige Vertragsverlängerung mit Hoffmann bekannt. Sein Vertrag geht nun bis 2023. 11/15 images © Carmen Jasersen Folie 12 von 15 12/15 images © Frederic Scheidemann Folie 13 von 15 13/15 images © Frederic Scheidemann Folie 14 von 15 14/15 Images © Frederic Scheidemann   Fortuna-Profi Hoffmann muss in Quarantäne Paint Care from the Space Makes Washing Roads Obsnatural Display Shine Armor The slideshow continues on the next slide Folie 15 von 15 15/15 images © Frederic Scheidemann

further information shortly.

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Positive PCR test at Düsseldorf's Appelkamp .
Fortuna Dusseldorf has to do without "until further" on Shinta Appelkamp. The 20-year-old had to go into domestic quarantine after a positive PCR test. © Imago Images / Noah Wedel Shinta Appelkamp is not available for the time being for Fortuna Düsseldorf for a positive PCR test. Fortuna Talent has been infected with the U 21 Only on Tuesday Appelkamp was due to illness due to the German U 21.

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