World Polemic of the baguette in Paris: "Do not mix politics, religion and profession"

15:35  06 october  2021
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Tucker Carlson: Christianity is dying and being replaced by cult of coronavirus

  Tucker Carlson: Christianity is dying and being replaced by cult of coronavirus Tucker Carlson reveals that the obsession with the coronavirus has sprung a cult led by those in power.Socially distanced hymn singing outside. So what exactly was these people's crimes? The tape of that will be studied by future generations of historians to try and figure out what was going on. What did these people do wrong? Well, they publicly affirmed their belief in a power higher than government. That’s not allowed fewer and fewer Americans do that—or even think to. But that does not mean, and this is the critical point, that does not mean this has become a secular country. There are no secular countries, just as there are no secular people.

Makram Akrout, un boulanger du 12e arrondissement de Paris, devait fournir l'Elysée pendant un an. Mais la présidence a fait volte-face. En cause : des publications hostiles à la France que le boulanger aurait publiées sur son compte Facebook, que l'intéressé nie avoir posté. Invité de Dimitri Pavlenko mercredi, Dominique Anract, représentant de la profession, en appelle à ne © Europe 1 Makram Akrout, a baker of the 12th arrondissement of Paris, had to provide the Elysee for a year. But the presidency has flown-face. In cause: publications hostile to France that the baker would have published on his Facebook account, which the interested party has posted. Invited from Dimitri Pavlenko on Wednesday, Dominique Anract, representative of the profession, calls for not "not mixing everything".

Makram Akrout, a 12th arrondissement baker won the price of the best baguette in Paris. In accordance with tradition, the baker had to provide the elysee bread for one year. But posts hostile to France published on his Facebook page resurfaced, forcing the Elysee to turn around. The baker ensures that his account had been hacked and filed a complaint. Dominique ANRACT, the President of the National Bakery Bakery Construction, reacted Wednesday at Dimitri Pavlenko's microphone.

with open arms on M6: Why the film made contineion

 with open arms on M6: Why the film made contineion the comedy "with open arms", taken away by Christian keyboard and Ary Abbitan, has doubly polemic: because of its treatment of the Roma community, but also with a initial title not frankly appreciated. © SND with open arms on M6: Why the film has made polemical broadcast on Tuesday night on M6, the comedy with open arms , which stages the accommodation of a family of Roma by an intellectual of left, has doubly polemic.

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"The bakery is the sharing"

"it's unfortunate to have hateful comments Because the baker who is crowned in Paris goes up and will be known and he takes the entire profession with him, "said Dominique Anract, who does not pronounce on the responsibility or not of Makram Akrout. "It must be probative. But do not mix everything: politics, religion and this profession. The bakery, it is the sharing. Buddy, it comes from the word share the bread. The social bond we defend does not go with that ".

The representative of the profession also called on the young people to become a baker. A profession devalued wrongly and offers interesting careers, according to him.

Morrison’s political deeds must be seen through a godly lens .
Scott Morrison doesn't want us to think that he sees leading through a lens of evangelical Christianity. His choices in Parliament and the Lodge suggest differently.When it comes to the biggest moments of his personal and political life, Scott Morrison is clear about who he believes is calling the shots: God. At the same time, the prime minister asks us to believe his religion does not influence his policies.

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