World handball - league cup (H / rounds of final): Toulouse, Créteil and Nimes validate their ticket for the quarter-finals

02:05  07 october  2021
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Caen Fall Toulouse at Stadium

 Caen Fall Toulouse at Stadium © Provided by Sofoot Toulouse FC 2-3 SM Caen Goals: Van Den Boomen (14th, 17th) for TEF // Wadja (8e), CSC Diakity (39th), Deminguet ( 45E + 1) For Malherbe Toulouse is no longer undefeated this season. While no team of the top 4 had managed to win this weekend, the TFC, last undefeated Ligue 2, conceded its first defeat of the season this Monday at the Stadium against a valiant team of Caen (2-3). Everything went very quickly in this meeting, where the arrested kicks were decisive.

creteil chartres coupe de la ligue 20211006 © Panoramic CRETEIL Chartres Cup of the Ligue 20211006

Trombur of Cesson-Rennes, Toulouse S ' is qualified for the quarter-finals of the league cup just like Nîmes, who went to impose himself in Dunkirk. Créteil, for his part, had to wait for the shots to get rid of Chartres.

The quarter-final tray of the league cup is in full . While Aix, Nantes and Chambéry went to get their ticket outside this Tuesday, they were joined this Wednesday by Toulouse, Nîmes and Créteil. On the move on the parquet of Cesson-Rennes, the Fenix ​​went to pick up his qualification at the end of the game. If the Toulouse did the run in the first minutes, the teammates of Florian DeCroix (5 goals on 11 shots) reversed the trend but without ever coming clear before the last two minutes of the first act with Junior Tuzolana (1 Goal on 2 shots) who gave three goals in advance to the Bretons. But Maxime Gilbert (1 goal on 2 shots) and Edouard Kempf (9 goals on 9 shots) brought the Fenix ​​to a length at the break. The latter believed to have done the hardest when, nine minutes after the recovery, the Toulouse took three goals in turn. A gap erased by the cessonnais at ten minutes of the term of the meeting. Finally, Gonçalo Martins Vieira (5 goals on 7 shots) and Erwin Feuchtmann (1 goal on 5 shots) in the last minute offered victory to Toulouse (24-26). Nîmes, for his part, went to get his qualification in Dunkirk. The USDK, thanks to Josef Pujol (4 goals on 7 shots), Tom Pelayo (4 goals on 6 shots) and Théo Avelge Demouge (3 goals on 4 shots) started drum flying to conduct three goals after five minutes.

Handball: PSG must be content with NUL

 Handball: PSG must be content with NUL © supplied by Sports.co.uk Handball - Champions League (H): PSG held in check in Flensburg-Handwitt 60 ': it's over! What a game ! Bravo with both teams! More info to come! #flenspsg pic.twitter.com/i8oa7jmcan - PSG Handball (@psghand) 60 ': it's over! What a game ! Bravo with both teams! More info to come! #flenspsg pic.twitter.com/i8oa7jmcan - psg handball (@psghand) september 29, 2021 ? Ref_sc = twsrc% 5etfw "> september 29, 2021 a defeat, a victory, a draw.

Nîmes and Créteil maintained the suspense

an advantage that the northerners pushed to seven lengths to twelve minutes of the break. Relying on Mohammad Sanad (13 goals on 18 shots), USAM reduced the five-goal goal gap. If Edson Imare's teammates (8 goals on 10 shots) have long held on the score, they ended up seeing their defense crumbling with Nîmes who equalized ten minutes still to play. The two teams then dropped anything but Henrik Jakobsen (2 goals on 2 shots) offered the victory to the caretos at 18 seconds of the buzzer (29-30) . But it is to Créteil that the suspense was the most present. Faced with Chartres, Cristoliens had to use shots to the goal. The Chartrains took the best start with four goals ahead after eleven minutes thanks to Adrian Figueras (13 goals on 15 shots). Without getting outdled, Créteil was able to return to score ten minutes later via Yoann Gibelin (4 goals on 10 shots) but ended up with half-time goal. is 20 minutes of the term, the Cristoliens were able to take four lengths ahead but Chartres returned to height at the last ten minutes. Pablo Paredes Lapena (4 goals on 8 shots) thought he gave the victory in Créteil but Adrian Figueras equalized at the last second, sending the two teams in expellent. Ten minutes who have not changed nothing and Créteil ended up having the last word with the goal (34-34, 6-5 Tab).

first bankrupt! Kiel disappointed in Montpellier

 first bankrupt! Kiel disappointed in Montpellier The THW Kiel cashed in the Champions League the first season defeat - and surprisingly clear. © Provided by sport1.de first bankruptcy! Kiel disappointed in Montpellier Handball record champion THW Kiel has conceded the first season defeat in the Champions League - and that surprisingly clear.

Handball - League Cup (H) / Eighty Final

Video: The reaction of Bruno Genesio (Dailymotion)

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Limoges - Aix : 34-36

Istres - Nantes : 27 -33

Saint-Raphaël - Chambéry : 26-28

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Créteil - Chartres: 34-34 (6-5 Tab)

Cesson-Rennes - Toulouse : 24-26

Dunkerque - Nîmes : 29-30

The six qualified teams join the PSG and Montpellier in the quarterfinals.

Toulouse: weakened by a flood, a building of the city center entirely evacuated in emergency .
a huge leak in the basement has weakened a terracotta wall of the building on Wednesday night. Ten lives were evacuated © Fred Scheiber / 20 minutes a firefighter intervenes on a gas line in Toulouse. housing - a huge leak in the basement weakened a terracotta wall of the building on Wednesday night. Ten lives were evacuated Long Ballet of Gyrophares Wednesday evening Maury Street, in the city center of Toulouse .

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