World Michel Barnier: "We can not become President of the Republic without loving the trees"

01:00  14 october  2021
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"He is Bide in Bide!" Benjamin Castaldi pays out Michel Cymes in touch not to my post! (VIDEO)

 © Capture C8 "He is Bide in Bide!" Benjamin Castaldi pays out Michel Cymes in touch not to my post! (VIDEO) with key controllers in my position Open to all this Friday October 15, Benjamin Castaldi has not been tender with Michel Cymes, back on France 2 with a show entitled Vitamin C. He soarly descended L animator-doctor, as well as his friend Nagui. he took for his rank.

will he be the favorite of the Republican Congress that will take place from December 1st to 4th? At 70, Michel Barnier is the right candidate who enjoys the longest and the strongest political experience. Faced with Xavier Bertrand and Valérie Pécresse, he put on his reputation as serious and his art of compromise.

  Michel Barnier: © Alvaro Canovas

"Youth is a defect that is corrected every day more": Michel Barnier has long quoted Raymond Poincaré to forget his precocity. It was 22 years old the youngest General Adviser of France, at his first election in 1973, in Savoie, then the Benjamin of the deputies (three times) and, finally, the youngest president of a departmental assembly. At 70, the Dean of Candidates at the Congress of the Right sweeps what could be a handicap: "I do not think that having experience is a weakness ..." (...)

As expected, there are six right nomination candidates for the race at the Elysée

 As expected, there are six right nomination candidates for the race at the Elysée © Copyright 2021, Obs Six candidates have been stated in the race for the investiture of the right For the April 2022 presidential election, before The LR Congress which will designate its champion on 4 December, announced the party on Wednesday, October 13. Republicans are getting along, Holland returns ...

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it has never lost by universal vertex

video: Michel Barnier: "I am Patriot and European, always, and I will not change" (the point)

"I know how to bring together different people around the same table, look for a compromise without anyone being humiliated," he develops. A talent he wants to believe hereditary. (...) In 1995, when Chirac appointed Minister Delegate to European Affairs as he had just supported Balladur (who had the Minister of the Environment), he surprised. "You have never betrayed me," justifies the President of the Republic. "Fidelity, loyalty," says Michel Barnier. He did not leave his party even when there was a minority. "Of course, this argument will count," says the entourage of Laurent Wauquiez, who calls him from "great gentleman". Much of his troops joined the camp of the candidate who dreams of creating the surprise in December. "There are Sarkozysts, Fillonists, Juppéists, sovereignists, more right-wing people, others of the right center," says his Campaign Director, Marie-Claire Carrère-Gée, former Assistant Secretary of Jacques Chirac at the Elysee. "Michel is a mountainy," she adds. When he takes the path from the top, he knows where he is and how to reach it. " For four years, Michel Barnier sat at the European leaders' table and felt it in his place. He dreams of returning to it, another position: "We do not improvise candidate for the presidency. I am ready and I have no feverishness. "


to find inspiration, he likes to walk in the forests of Sologne; On the edge of the family ownership, stands an oak four times century. He says, "We can not do politics or become President of the Republic without loving trees. He rubbed by universal suffrage at thirteen times and never lost.

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