World Reconcilient tones after many stitches: Söder wants "new way of coexistence" from CDU and CSU

10:05  16 october  2021
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CSU boss Söder sees clear preliminary decision for traffic light coalition

 CSU boss Söder sees clear preliminary decision for traffic light coalition Berlin / Munich. CSU boss Markus Söder evaluates the decision of the Greens and the FDP to three calls with the SPD as "de-factto cancellation to Jamaica". At the Union, he urged to recognize reality now. © Michael Kappeler Markus Söder. CSU boss Markus Söder has rated the decision of Greens and FDP to three calls with the SPD as "de-factto cancellation on Jamaica", ie an alliance from Union, Greens and FDP. Söder spoke of a "clear preliminary decision".

A study from the University of Missouri in the United States reported that more and more couples are opting for this type of modality and the numbers have increased lately. The reasons can be quite diverse, from comfort, economic situations, etc., but in general the experts point towards one direction: the fear of commitment and the lack of availability to On average in Latin America 20% of married couples divorce, however, the increase is obviously higher in European countries such as Spain (61%), Portugal (68%) and Belgium (70%). What do you think of this new type of coexistence as a couple?

Our way of work and understanding of life, is based in the kinship, familiarity … Alchimia Solidaria wants to assist in different social areas, and we are open to cooperate in any project according with the content of our founding manifesto.

again and again the CSU boss put tips against Armin Lashet and the CDU. Now Söder speaks again of a narrower move.

CSU-Chef Markus Söder am 9.10.2021 bei der Landesversammlung der Jungen Union Bayern © Photo: DPA / Armin Weigel CSU Chief Markus Söder on 9.10.2021 at the national assembly of the young Union Bayern

after the historical Union disaster in the general election, CSU boss Markus Söder now pleads for a new with each other of the two sister parties CDU and CSU . "In style and content, we should come close together, instead of publicly talking about each other," said Söder of the "World on Sunday". "The CSU will therefore not give public advice, but - if it is desired - help to stabilize the Union."

leadership crisis at the CDU: Merz closes new combat candidacy around CDU presidency on party conference from

 leadership crisis at the CDU: Merz closes new combat candidacy around CDU presidency on party conference from After two unsuccessful applications, Merz does not want to run again for the CDU chair - at least not as before. For a member survey, however, he shows sympathy. © DPA Already twice the economic politician has not become CDU chairman. The former Union faction leader Friedrich Merz has not yet decided whether he runs again for the CDU party presidency. A renewed candidacy at a combat tuning on a federal party convention he closed on Thursday evening in the ZDF broadcast "Maybrit Illner".

The advantage of this book, and its most valuable contribution, comes from the desire to pro-. pose an analysis that arises from the intersection between sociological, humanistic and infor-. matics disciplines that appraise the potentialities of every approach to studying social reality. but rather, the authors attempt to derail original analytic possibilities that want to grasp the. scope of this phenomenon, assuming that everything today seems to be quantified (p. 13). The book can be conceived in four sections.

This new way of coexistence between couples, whether they are married or not. Couples who have a monogamous relationship but live in separate houses, that is, emotionally together but physically apart. Examples of these couples can be seen in Hollywood celebrities as Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Brad Falchuk have been living, they decided to live this way since each one has children from previous relationships and therefore, they only spend a few nights together. Originally this idea was born from the need of couples for working reasons…

One has "a common bourgeois idea," said the CSU boss. At the question of recent blame statements from the CSU direction CDU and Chancellor's Candidate Armin Lashet, Söder did not go directly - he emphasized: "We need a new way of coexion."

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"That was a unique election campaign, which we all will work up together," Söder said. "It is important that we will talk away from blame statements and again more." With a traffic light government, it could give a political erase change, so it is important that CDU and CSU showed a new unity. "We have to become the bulwark against a left slide in Germany," said Söder.

Upcoming Federal Executive Board meeting: Parteibase is intended to carry new CDU chairmen

 Upcoming Federal Executive Board meeting: Parteibase is intended to carry new CDU chairmen new party leader in the CDU have always been determined by functional. Leading Union politicians urge that this changes now. © dpa The co-chairman and deputy chairs were successfully sought on ambitions on the parliamentary chairman. The next party chairman of the CDU should be decisively determined by the members and not once again by the officials. Entering Union politicians. "We have to pull the teachings from the past.

I idealized so many boys through the lens of something that started out ordinary blossoming into a great love. I wanted something that would last, too- surrounded by tv shows and movies that portrayed “perfect” relationships growing up, shown multiple examples of loving relationships in my That brings us to a new set of issues-do people know what they want at all-and is this something that matters to you? How far are you willing to see “where it goes?” Love Always Outruns Us If We’re Chasing. I view a loving relationship as having enough in your life and finding someone to share your abundance with.

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Söder, who is repeatedly accused against lashing, had said last weekend at a national assembly of the Bavarian Young Union (JU): "It's just like that: In the end, the Germans wanted another Chancellor candidate as the CDU and CSU set up have. "He also went a lot of criticism, because he greeted the Ju federal chairman Tilman Kuban there with the words, he was for him" today almost of the CDU chairman ". Söder canceled a planned appearance at the Ju-Germany Day on this Saturday .

No fundamental blockade against the traffic light

Söder announced not to pursue any fundamental blockage against a federal government from SPD, Greens and FDP in the Bundesrat. "The Federal Council must not be used flatly as a blockade instrument. If it is good for the respective country and the entirety of the countries, it will give consent to reasonable laws as before. "However, the traffic lights are more likely to block the Bundesrat as vice versa. "Bavaria in the future is the only state in which neither green nor FDP or SPD in a state government sit. The traffic light can thus give away every initiative of the Bundesrat. "

In terms of content, Söder asked in the interview, among other things, a response of politics to inflation and increasing energy prices. "In the short term, we should respond to the exploding prizes with heating costs and energy tax cuts," he said. The ecological question should not become a new social question. He also demanded, "We need a true gas price brake for a cold winter."

on the question of whether the Union would choose Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Söder said, "At the Office of the Federal President should not be part of party politics." Steinmeier enjoyed as Federal President High reputation. "Me would be wondering if the traffic lights would suggest someone else than him." (DPA)

New Bundestag Presidium takes shape to .
Berlin. The new Bundestag Presidium will be predominantly female. The Union also sets up a candidate. The chairman of the group of women in the Union fraction, Yvonne Magwas (CDU), is intended to represent the CDU / CSU parliamentary group. Further points worry about the first meeting but for dispute. © Jörg Carstensen Yvonne Magwas (CDU / CSU) speaks at the plenary session of the German Bundestag. Photo: Jörg Carstensen / dpa.

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