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23:05  16 october  2021
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Kelly Osbourne 'splits from boyfriend'

  Kelly Osbourne 'splits from boyfriend' Kelly Osbourne has reportedly split from her boyfriend Erik Bragg, after over a year of dating.The 36-year-old TV star and her cinematographer partner Erik Bragg - who had been dating for over one year - have called time on their relationship, multiple sources told Us Weekly.

of the autumn invites you to arrange at home with all friends to drink a glass of wine, eat pizza and play games. Here are the best tips

So wird der Mädelsabend ein voller Erfolg ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto So the girls evening becomes a full success of iStockphoto

The next girls' evening is on and you want it to be a really successful evening? So that everyone gets amused and never bored, we have a few very great tips here:

1. Games

One to two good games are essential on an exuberant girls' evening! In addition to the classics like Uno or Tabu we recommend the new girlfriend card game! Here you get to know each other better. Therefore, it is especially recommended if new friends are or Which one who does not know each other yet. In the game, properties such as honesty, criticism and benevolence are in focus. It's about sharing worries, wishes and secret dreams. To show that one is there for each other. Curious, trusting, mindful. The game ensures a piece more in our lives. You are learning better through various questions and starts exciting conversations.

Kristen Stewart 'couldn't open her mouth' due to Spencer tension

  Kristen Stewart 'couldn't open her mouth' due to Spencer tension Kristen Stewart developed severe pain in her jaw before she started shooting 'Spencer'.The 31-year-old actress portrays Princess Diana in the new biographical drama film, but she admits it was a nerve-wracking experience, and the anxiousness actually led Kristen to develop a pain in her jaw.

2. Drinks

If the games are right, must also be provided for abundant drinks. The tastes are different. Either, they agree at the beginning or they serve two different drinks (+ the non-alcoholic variant), everyone can choose something. Above all, a fruity injection is done quickly. Then a few safes and evening can begin. Know z. B. already the simple recipe for our fruity favorite drink: orange-lillet spray?

3. Eat

drinks and games are planned. Missing the food. For a larger group, small and practical snacks like z. B. These filled tomatoes from Martha Stewart . If you are only three or fourth, you can also cook together! This is at the same time a nice employment. How about it z. B. with classic flame cake? He can be occupied super easy and fast and tastes guaranteed everyone! For variations you can also prove the tarte with zucchini, tomatoes, feta or mozzarella. Here are the imagination no limits.

4. SelfCare

For a correct girl evening, a good selfcare program must not be missing. A pair of beautiful face masks ( these can be for. B. Also Making Himself ), great nail polish colors and a nourishing Haarkur would be different ideas with which they can score points with their girlfriends.

Jackie Gillies was 'freaking out' about birth .
Jackie Gillies and her husband Ben welcomed twins over the weekend following a rough fertility journey. Now, the leading psychic and Real Housewives of Melbourne star has opened up to fans about the delivery and her first few days as a mum. Recording an episode of her Shine It Up podcast, Jackie shared her birth story with fans - describing the experience with her signature sense of humour and honesty. "This is the most exciting episode I think I'll ever record," Jackie said from her hospital bed.

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