World Dispute with Brussels: Poland raises EU "blackmail" deputy react

17:00  19 october  2021
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The struggle for a European Poland

 The struggle for a European Poland at the topic may also be the future of the European Union. Against the conservative forces in Warsaw and the judgment of the Constitutional Court, resistance - not only in Brussels. © Attila Husejnow / Zumapress / Picture Alliance More commonality as a separating? The flags of the EU and Poland According to the judgment of the Polish Constitutional Court on EU law , France and Germany have prompted the government in Warsaw to comply with EU rules.

in the dispute over the rule of law between Warsaw and Brussels has accused the Polish head of government Mateusz Morawiecki of the EU "blackmail". "I do not agree that politicians press Poland and threaten Poland," said Prime Minister on Tuesday before the EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

Der polnische Regierungschef Mateusz Morawiecki © AP The Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

EU Commission President of the Leyen, on the other hand, reaffirmed the EU "it does not allow our common values ​​to be set to play". From the Leyen, who spoke before Morawiecki in the EU Parliament, options included options that the EU Commission will be prepared in a possible approach to Poland. She named the application of the legal state mechanism that enables the EU to shorten EU funds in the case of legal states of Member States. In addition, the Leyen emphasized, Poland must explain what projects will spend the EU funds. "I acknowledge very much that we are in this situation," added the EU Commission President.

Mass protests in Poland amid EU law controversy

  Mass protests in Poland amid EU law controversy Demonstrations backing EU membership take place nationwide amid fears Poland could leave the bloc.On Thursday Poland's top court ruled that key articles of EU law were "incompatible" with the constitution.

controversial judgment of the Polish Constitutional Court

"I want to reject the language of the threats and blackmail," said Morawieci then before the deputies. This has become a method compared to some Member States added to the head of government.

background of the tightening dispute between Warsaw and Brussels is the controversial judgment of the Polish Constitutional Court of Yast Week. This had declared the EU contracts in parts for unconstitutional and denies the priority of the EU law against national law. The EU institutions threw the General Court to improperly intervene in Poland's internal affairs. This judgment was "the subject of a great misunderstanding," Morawiecki said in Strasbourg. "The Union law enters national law - in the area where the Union is responsible," said Polish head of government. The Polish Constitutional Court has said "that there is a very concrete interpretation that is not constitutional".

Will NI protocol talks lead to truce or trade war?

  Will NI protocol talks lead to truce or trade war? The EU is set to outline new proposals for the Northern Ireland Protocol, but tensions remain.It's not diplomats or politicians from any particular EU country who greet me like that these days. It's the reaction I get pretty much across the board.

in Brussels is expected that the dispute with Poland will also overshadow the EU summit on Thursday and Friday. On Monday, Morawiecki declared a letter to the heads of state and government of the other Member States to become the EU to a "centrally controlled organism" without democratic control.

Poland does not plan an EU leaving

in the EU, according to the fears that Poland from the EU strive, Morawiecki was looking for invalidating in Strasbourg. Poland adhere to the foundations of the Union and is ready for dialogue, he said to the end of his speech. Poland is a member of the EU.

"That Poland continues to be part of the European Union, at least hope that Warsaw is not looking for the ultimate conflict with the EU," explained the FDP European politician Nicola Beer. EPP faction leader Manfred Weber (CSU) suggested that the EU Parliament should be superior to "whether we do not put an action for action against the European Council". If the verdict of the Polish Constitutional Court is not revised, Poland is "very close to exit".

The Government in Warsaw has been crossing Brussels in rule of law for years. Especially because of the conversion of Polish judiciary, which was prompted by the National Conservative Government, Poland is accused of disregarding the constitutional principles that are binding on all EU Member States. (AFP)

Most Poles think Warsaw should give ground in EU dispute: Survey .
New poll suggests strong public disapproval of the stance the Polish government has taken in legal row with Brussels.Tuesday’s IBRiS poll for Poland’s Rzeczpospolita newspaper suggested there is widespread and strong disapproval of the stance the Polish government has taken in the acrimonious dispute.

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