World Capitol Attack: elected officials recommend prosecution of Trump's Ex-advisor Steve Bannon

06:45  20 october  2021
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The Lincoln Project Got Attention but These Never Trumpers Got Results

  The Lincoln Project Got Attention but These Never Trumpers Got Results The Lincoln Project doesn’t do subtle. The smashmouth, Never Trump super PAC, run by a renegade band of Republican strategists, produced some of the most scathing attacks on the forty-fifth president of the last four years. That’s not compared to just the other Never Trump political groups. That’s compared to all groups, of all political persuasions. The Lincoln Project spots were acutely personal and had little to do with any policy differences. Much the way Trump mercilessly assaulted his political opponents and other critics, the group’s ad makers put Trump’s character flaws under a microscope—and flayed him.

While Steve Bannon ignores the assessments to be compressed, it is the Minister of Justice that should be decided in this thorny file.

Steve Bannon avec Donald Trump, en 2017. (archives). © Evan VUCCI / AP / SIPA Steve Bannon with Donald Trump, in 2017. (Archives). United States - While Steve Bannon ignores the assessments to be compressed, it is the Minister of Justice who should be brought to decide in this thorny file

the arm of iron intensifies. A US Parliamentary Inquiry Commissioned Thursday in favor of prosecution for "hindrance to the work of the congress" against Steve Bannon, a former Councilor of Donald Trump which refuses to participate in the investigations on the assault against Capitol .

Stephanie Grisham is LYING about Jared and Ivanka meeting the Queen

  Stephanie Grisham is LYING about Jared and Ivanka meeting the Queen Therese Burch, a former White House staffer who arranged the meeting, tells DailyMail.com that Grisham's claims are false and the Trump family was invited to meet the Queen.I'll Take Your Questions Now is Grisham's new memoir of her time in Donald Trump's White House, packed with striking insights and scandalous revelations.

"Mr. Bannon will comply with our investigation, or he will face the consequences," said Democrat Bennie Thompson, who leads this commission derived by Donald Trump and his allies. "We can not allow anyone to stand in an obstacle to the work of the Special Commission while we are working to establish the facts. The stakes are simply too great, "he added before a unanimous vote of the nine members in favor of the prosecution.

Steve Bannon had been summoned on Thursday before this special commission of the House of Representatives investigating the role of the former Republican President in the attack of his followers against the headquarters of the Congress on January 6, at the moment when the elected officials certified the Victory of Joe Biden to the presidential election. But he did not appear before the elected officials.

The Minister of Justice in Arbitrator

January 6 panel moves to hold ex-Trump adviser Bannon in contempt

  January 6 panel moves to hold ex-Trump adviser Bannon in contempt Donald Trump’s former political adviser Steve Bannon refuses to comply with a subpoena to testify about Capitol riot.Bannon, who helped Trump win the White House in 2016, has refused to be interviewed or turn over documents subpoenaed by the US House of Representatives panel unless ordered to do so by a court.

This recommendation of the commission of inquiry must now be the subject of a plenary vote in the House, where the Democrats are the majority, with a view to transmitting to the Minister of Justice . Merrick Garland will decide whether to inculpate Steve Bannon, who theoretically incurs up to one year in prison.

Steve Bannon, 67, had been one of Donald Trump's victorious presidential campaign in 2016 before being pushed back to the Republican billionaire. In the last days of his mandate, the President granted him his clemency, putting an end to the diversion of funds.

Although there was no official function on January 6, it seems to have spoken of the manifestation of January 6 with the President in the days preceding the assault, according to the Commission. The Republican Liz Cheney, who voted in favor of Donald Trump's impeachment insisted: Steve Bannon's refusal "suggests that President Trump was directly involved in the organization and execution of January 6th.

Democrats Are Ready to Send Steve Bannon to Jail

  Democrats Are Ready to Send Steve Bannon to Jail If Democrats want answers, they’ll need to enforce their subpoenas in the face of Trump allies’ defiance. They say that’s just what they plan to do.What has Carville itching to put former President Donald Trump’s ex-adviser behind bars? Defiance. The special congressional committee charged with investigating the January 6 insurrection gave former Trump White House officials Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, Kash Patel, and Dan Scavino until the end of this week to comply with its subpoenas for testimony and records. Bannon has so far refused to cooperate.

https://twitter.com/veteranantiwar/status/1450625357850181632 Decision taken "In complete independence"

In addition to this advisor, four other relatives of Donald Trump received assignments from the Special Commission, requiring documents or their testimony. The former president asked them not to comply, invoking the executive law to keep certain secret information. But for the Democrats, this prerogative applies only to exercise president.

The legal debate should be traded before the courts and may slow the work of the Commission.

Friday, President Joe Biden stated that those who did not know the assignments of the Commission had to be continued. A spokesman for the Minister of Justice had, however, stated in the wake that the Department took "decisions independently in all prosecutions, based only on facts and law".

Reporter’s Notebook: Why subpoenas and ‘contempt of Congress’ threats don’t always last .
When it comes to subpoenas and “contempt of Congress,” Capitol Hill is kind of like a gym. Congress has these kettlebells the size of an engine block. Stacks of 45-pound plates. Rows of 100-pound barbells. There are thick, military-grade lifting belts, and there’s chalk sprinkled all over the floor. Walk around the Capitol Hill subpoena gym, and the members flex and pose like Jack LaLanne working out at Muscle Beach by the Santa Monica Pier. Their muscles pop and bulge like Popeye’s forearms just after downing a can of spinach. © Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images, File The U.S.

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