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17:05  22 october  2021
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Merkel wants chaos in Afghanistan prevent

 Merkel wants chaos in Afghanistan prevent Berlin / Rome. According to the digital G20 special summit to Afghanistan, Chancellor Angela Merkel appeals to the international society to prevent economic collapse. Around 18 million Afghans are dependent on humanitarian aid © Christoph Seder Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) informs in the Federal Chancellery about the virtual G20 special summit to the crisis in Afghanistan. Topic are the auxiliary efforts for the civilian population after the takeover of the Taliban.

with a standing applause, the heads of state and government of the European Union Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) passed its well-last EU summit. Council President Charles Michel let in his thank-on speech on Friday to the statement, a summit without Merkel be like "Rome without the Vatican or Paris without the Eiffel Tower".

Mit stehendem Applaus haben die Staats- und Regierungschefs der EU Bundeskanzlerin Merkel bei ihrem wohl letzten EU-Gipfel verabschiedet. Ratspräsident Michel sagte in einer Dankesrede, ein Gipfel ohne Merkel sei wie © John Thys With Standing Applause, the heads of state and government of the EU Chancellor Merkel adopted at its well-last EU summit. Council President Michel said in a thank-on speech, a summit without Merkel be like "Rome without the Vatican".

A total of 107 EU peaks with hard negotiations, night-long debates and probably some entertaining moments has experienced Merkel as a distance of the EU's entrepreneurship. At the next summit on the 16th and 17th of December, their possible successor Olaf Scholz (SPD) could already give his debut.

G20 Special Summit: EU announces a billion euros for humanitarian aid in Afghanistan to

 G20 Special Summit: EU announces a billion euros for humanitarian aid in Afghanistan to at a G20 Special Summit on the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, the European Union has promised additional help of one billion euros. The money should help to "avert a larger humanitarian and socio-economic collapse," said Commission Chef Ursula von der Leyen on Tuesday. © Picture Alliance / DPA Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) comes to a statement in the Federal Chancellery to inform about the Virtual G20 Special Summit on the crisis in Afghanistan.

as a smeary "compromise machine" the Luxembourg Government Chief Xavier Bettel appreciated the 67-year-old Merkel on Friday at the summit - and touched her work aptly. Because the Chancellor was considered good crisis manager. But she was also criticized to have given little impetus for the renewal of Europe.

also in Germany also threw a few Merkel to have left the ambitious French President Emmanuel Macron with his 2017 reform proposals in the rain.

Merkel with Jean-Claude Juncker, David Cameron or François Hollande - In the Brussels meeting building, pictures of 16 years were transferred again in permanent loop. A constant in almost all crises: their uniform blazers in all nuances of the color palette, most recently in aubergine - almost in the partner look with commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

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The summit was a highlight of Merkel a highlight of a multi-week farewell tour, which she had once again led to several countries at the end of its nearly 16-year-old government. At the same time, she was home to Order and other awards.

Your probably last summit then once again became a real force for Merkel: In the team with Macron, she was looking for in the highly complicated law dispute with Poland. Not a few politicians in Europe already warn against a "polexite" or a decay of the EU. Also in this question Merkel remained faithful and put on dialogue instead of sanctions.

also the increased energy prices and the refugee question demanded another Merkel's negotiation skills. The pragmatic to consensus tried attitude of Chancellor was estimated in Brussels of many, but often also criticized as a through-wife.

During the financial crisis From 2008, the Chancellor acquired the reputation of Europe's breeding champion, evil tongues, among other things, in Greece, they threw a savings "dictation". This image was launched only when she launched the 750 billion heavy Corona recursual funds towards the end of her term with Macron.

For enthusiasm in the Internet community, Merkel's gear caused the legendary Brussels Frittenbude "Maison Antoine". There she ordered in February 2017 in a summit break fries with a spicy sauce, after she and her colleagues had a night and a whole day in vain for keeping the United Kingdom in the EU.

farewell to Merkel now received an "artistic representation" of the Brussels conference building by Council President Michel: a transparent sculpture with an emblem, which should remind of the EU building.

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opinion: High time for the EU .
Already because of its own credibility, the EU should abolish the change of time that is reflected in the night of Sunday. After three years of advice and hollow promise is the time ripe, says Bernd Riegert. © Picture-Alliance / Viewing Angle / McPhoto / C. OHDE Provided by Deutsche Wave Chancellor Angela Merkel was praised on her departure from the European stage after 16 years seemingly permanent crisis management of almost all colleagues at the summit past week above the Green Clover.

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