World CIGEO PROJECT: The public inquiry into the landfill of radioactive waste ends

11:45  23 october  2021
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E-waste surges in 2021 as world sends goldmine to landfill

  E-waste surges in 2021 as world sends goldmine to landfill Less than one fifth of e-waste is effectively recycled, despite it containing anything from gold and silver to valuable glass and rare earth elements. Experts say a circular economy is the solution.Perhaps in part because of COVID-19 and increased reliance on technology for home offices and entertainment, the amount of dumped e-waste is expected to total 57.4 million tonnes in 2021, according to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Forum.

Le laboratoire souterrain de l’Andra, à 490 mètres de profondeur, est un outil de recherche et d’expérimentation pour préparer Cigéo, le projet de stockage géologique profond des déchets les plus radioactifs. © West-France The underground laboratory of the Andra, 490 meters deep, is a research and experimentation tool to prepare CIGEO , the deep geological storage project of the most radioactive waste.

More than 3,000 contributions were collected, mainly on the digital register, for this step prior to possible statement of public utility. The commission of inquiry should make its report in December 2021.

very little attendance at physical permanence. But more than 3,000 contributions on the Internet. The public inquiry, a step prior to a possible statement of public utility (DUP) of the CIGEO project, mobilized in whole France since September 15th. An "true satisfaction" for Claude Bastien, the president of the commission of inquiry.

Waste oyster shells getting a second life after being recycled to create artificial reefs

  Waste oyster shells getting a second life after being recycled to create artificial reefs Discarded oyster shells from restaurants destined for landfill are being recycled to create shellfish reefs in Queensland's Moreton Bay.It is the biggest community-driven reef restoration in Australia.

Especially since the procedure began on the background of protest, with a public meeting disrupted and canceled, the permanence made "in the presence of the gendarmes" ... The mobilization of associations and collectives opposite to Cigéo remains strong.

Report "No doubt in December" 2021

Positions very marked between favorable persons or not the project are also found in the paper and digital registers, open until Saturday, October 23, 2021, at 12:30. "Hide these Waste is to despise future generations, " denounces an inhabitant of the Marne. "Without reversibility or long-term control, CIGEO is not a solution", also estimates a Francilian, preferring an "subsurface storage".

Some point too "unknowns" by relaying a press release entitled "100 reasons for not building cigéo". It is "the worst solution" , add others, widening the risk "seismic", the impact "on the living environment" of the municipalities concerned, four of which have issued an adverse opinion to Dup's request. Many also share "uncertainties as to the impacts on the natural environment".

"waste: Recycling great lies" on M6 in France, cheating the great sorting of waste

 For "forbidden zone" Paul Labrosse reveals illegal practices of some industry players. An uplifting documentary. M6 - Sunday, October 17 - 23 M 10 - MAGAZINE In 2008, the EU set a target to recycle half of household waste by 2020 - when she was recycling 36%. On the outskirts of maturity, if progress is clear at the European Union, with 46.4% of household waste recycling (figures from 2015) at the national level, France is in mid-table with 42 , 9%, halfway of 67.6% in Germany and 6.4% in Malta

Conversely contributors judge this project "logic and necessary" . The "numerous and serious studies have shown its feasibility and safety". Once "buried, this waste will no longer move for millions of years", according to Alain, a Parisian.

On the surface, adds François,

"This waste is too sensitive in case of war, various upheavals". An opinion shared by a Breton: "Our generation must manage the waste responsibly by following the consensus to which scientists have reached.

The commission of inquiry will make its report

"probably in December" 2021. A recognition of public utility would allow Andra to acquire the remaining 120 hectares of field which are necessary, if necessary by expropriation. And launching procedures for preliminary adjustments: roads, strengthening water networks, etc.

The Agency will also deposit in 2022 an application for authorization to create, educated for three to five years by the nuclear safety authority. Could then start the construction of Cigéo, for commissioning in 2035.

Guernsey waste to continue to be sent to Sweden .
Waste bosses extend the contract with Geminor UK after payment negotiations.It follows a decision by Guernsey Waste, which manages the island's rubbish on behalf of the States, to extend its contract with Geminor UK.

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