World Nuclear: Macron boasts the central power

09:20  25 october  2021
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Macron in Marseille: "We expect the condition of the decisions", recalls Mayor Benoît Payan

 Macron in Marseille: © Ludovic Marin / AFP a month and a half after his presentation of the investment plan "Marseille en Grande", Emmanuel Macron has returned to the Phocéan city Friday. On site, the municipality expects specific ads, especially on the school renovation component. If his stay in the Phocéan city is brief, Emmanuel Macron is no less expected.

arrived at the Elysee by promising to continue the energy transition started by François Hollande, the President quickly submitted the nuclear to inject several million euros in the Faculty.

Emmanuel Macron sur le site de Framatome, au Creusot, le 8 décembre. © Laurent Cipriani Emmanuel Macron on the Framatome website, Cerusot, December 8th.

It is a nuclear engineer who speaks: "In the field of energy, there is no choice but to carry out a" at the same time "policy. And nuclear power, and renewable energies. Only the mix of both makes it possible to oppose fossil energies. Being an anti or the other does not make sense. " It turns out that the latter, Maud Bregeon, is also spokesman for LREM. And that it sums up perfectly the strategy of the majority in this area. "Macronism is a pragmatism. It adapts to the real and the evolutions of society, "develops an executive advisor. In recent times, however, the president's heart leans more for the atom that for wind, and he feels free to assume him, probably feeling that the French are willing to accept his preference. According to an IFOP study for the JDD published in early October, 51% of French people are in favor of building new nuclear reactors.

Does China’s hypersonic test signal a new arms race?

  Does China’s hypersonic test signal a new arms race? China's firing of a new nuclear-capable missile carried on a glider has raised questions about a US response.Twice in the summer, the Chinese military launched a rocket into space that circled the globe before speeding towards its target.

Back back. In 2011, Fukushima's disaster considerably reached the confidence of the French in nuclear power. François Hollande, elected in the stride, chooses instead to accompany this disaffection by voting in 2015, in the energy transition law, the decrease of 75 to 50% on the part of the nuclear power in the electricity by 2025, engaging especially the closure of Fessenheim. This is for the climate of distrust when Emmanuel Macron presents itself to the presidential election in 2017.

in Revolution, his programmatic book, the candidate on the move overall this issue, like all that related to the ecology, and summarizes his word Order in this case: it intends to show "lucid voluntarism", simply considering that "the state will be legitimate to accompany the diversification of our energy mix so as not to depend on a single technology". The former Minister of Economics, little by these issues, decides to promise that he will respect the commitments of François Hollande.

Iran agrees to restart nuclear talks as pressure grows

  Iran agrees to restart nuclear talks as pressure grows Iran said Wednesday it will resume talks with world powers in November on reviving a nuclear deal after a five-month gap in the face of mounting warnings that international patience was wearing thin. - Growing warnings - Iran said it needed time after the election of President Ebrahim Raisi, a hardliner who succeeded the more moderate Hassan Rouhani, who had negotiated the deal with Barack Obama's administration in hopes of easing Iran'sIran held six rounds of indirect negotiations in Vienna with President Joe Biden's administration on returning to the 2015 deal, but talks went on hiatus in June as a new hardline government took office in Tehran.

End of the joke

video: triggering nuclear power plant (dailymotion)

From November 2017, once elected president, he claims to his minister of Ecology Nicolas Hulot to announce that he will give up on a part of His promises. The former host of Ushuaia will eventually resign from the government and will tell Paris Match: "I was literally corrugated to announce that we were renouncing the goal of reducing the nuclear share from 50% by 2025. I was not opposed to the postponement, but announce it like that, dry, without consultation, without commitments for the future ... I was column, vexed, humiliated. " Fessenheim closed well in June 2020. But on December 8th, end of the joke. Emmanuel Macron is revealed during a move to Creusot, within the Framatome factory: "Our energy and ecological future goes through nuclear power," said very clearly the president, who has just illustrated it by injecting millions in This sector via the stimulus plan, as it does again in this fall 2021 via the "France 2030" investment plan.

As part of the presidential campaign that starts, Emmanuel Macron intends to make this tool of reindustrialisation a selling point of its project to reconquest the independence of France. While not abandoning his promise to develop the renewable. Taking, as usual, a little on the right, a little among the ecolos. A senior advisor ADMET: "It's a subject likely to create cleavages and fractures, because the whole question is: in which society does we want to live?" Still, Emmanuel Macron will also have to answer that question.

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